[If Some Woman Tells Me How She Feels About Something, My Immediate Assumption Is That She Wants An Answer, Or That She Wants Me To Solve Her Problem. In Fact, All She Wants To Do Is Share, Or Show How She Feels.]

Author: Fred Ward Quotes

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Fred Ward Quotes

"Its a major part of world history that men are trying to kill each other. Its just one slaughter after the other. We talk about it, but no ones really listening."

Jane Evershed Quotes

"To read is to empower,To empower is to write,To write is to influence,To influence is to change,To change is to live"."

Hazel Scott Quotes

"Theres a time when you have to explain to your children why theyre born, and its a marvelous thing if you know the reason by then."

Hansrajvir Quotes


Ezra Cornell Quotes

"I was glad to hear of that determination as I detest the practice of cousins marrying or any marriage between persons in which there can be traced the most distant relationship. I go for the improvement instead of the deterioration of our race."

Michael Simpson Quotes

"Water belongs to us all. Nature did not make the sun one persons property, nor air, nor water, cool and clear."

Alessandro DAvenia Quotes

"Le persone sono un po simili alle stelle: magari brillano lontane, ma brillano, e hanno sempre qualcosa di interessante da raccontare...però ci vuole tempo, a volte tanto tempo, perchè le storie arrivino al nostro cuore, come la luce agli occhi."

Kim Novak Quotes

"So, Hitchcock wouldnt say anything about my work in the movie but, on the other hand, he wouldnt complain, either."

Sherwood Boehlert Quotes

"Craft brewers are committed to promoting the safe and moderate consumption of their beverage, and work closely with their communities to prevent underage drinking and alcohol abuse."

Jodi Picoult Quotes

"As a child, what I was missing was so much bigger to me than what I had. My mother-mythic, imaginary-was a deity and a superhero and a comfort all at once. If only Id had her, surely, she would have been the answer to every problem; if only Id had her , she would have been the cure for everything that ever had gone wrong in my life."

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"Look, dude, youve sampled your life, mixed those sounds with a funk precedent, and established a sixteen-bar system of government for the entire rhythm nation. Set the Dj up as the executive, the legislative, and judicial branches. I mean, after listening to your beat, anything Ive heard on the pop radio in the last five years feels like a violation of my civil rights." - Author: Paul Beatty

Quotes About Dreaded

"He knew himself a villain—but he deemdThe rest no better than the thing he seemd;And scornd the best as hypocrites who hidThose deeds the bolder spirit plainly did.He knew himself detested, but he knewThe hearts that loathd him, crouchd and dreaded too.Lone, wild, and strange, he stood alike exemptFrom all affection and from all contempt" - Author: George Gordon Byron

Quotes About Character Counts

"The theory Im putting forward here is that storytelling is a genetic characteristic in the sense that early human hunters who were able to organize events into stories were more successful than hunters who werent—and this success translated directly into reproductive success. In other words, hunters who were storytellers tended to be better represented in the gene pool than hunters who werent, which (incidentally) accounts for the fact that storytelling isnt just found here and there among human cultures, its found universally." - Author: Daniel Quinn

Quotes About Being Secretive In Love

"I was modest--they accused me of being crafty: I became secretive. I felt deeply good and evil--nobody caressed me, everybody offended me: I became rancorous. I was gloomy--other children were merry and talkative. I felt myself superior to them--but was considered inferior: I became envious. I was ready to love the whole world--none understood me: and I learned to hate." - Author: Mikhail Lermontov

Quotes About Leveling The Playing Field

"I grew up in libraries, and I hope Ive learned never to take them for granted. A thriving library is the heart of its community, providing access to information and educational opportunities, bringing people together, leveling the playing field, and archiving our history." - Author: Josie Brown

Quotes About Husbands Love

"Husbands are chiefly good as lovers when they are betraying their wives." - Author: Marilyn Monroe

Quotes About Generalized Anxiety Disorder

"People who are diagnosed as having "generalized anxiety disorder" are afflicted by three major problems that many of us experience to a lesser extent from time to time. First and foremost, says Rapgay, the natural human inclination to focus on threats and bad news is strongly amplified in them, so that even significant positive events get suppressed. An inflexible mentality and tendency toward excessive verbalizing make therapeutic intervention a further challenge." - Author: Winifred Gallagher

Quotes About Erotism

"Querendo ou não, iremos todos envelhecer. As pernas irão pesar, a coluna doer, o colesterol aumentar. A imagem no espelho irá se alterar gradativamente e perderemos estatura, lábios e cabelos. A boa notícia é que a alma pode permanecer com o humor dos dez, o viço dos vinte e o erotismo dos trinta anos.Erótica é a alma que se diverte, que se perdoa, que ri de si mesma e faz as pazes com sua história. Que usa a espontaneidade pra ser sensual, que se despe de preconceitos, intolerâncias, desafetos. Erótica é a alma que aceita a passagem do tempo com leveza e conserva o bom humor apesar dos vincos em torno dos olhos e o código de barras acima dos lábios; erótica é a alma que não esconde seus defeitos, que não se culpa pela passagem do tempo. Erótica é a alma que aceita suas dores, atravessa seu deserto e ama sem pudores. #BOMDIA!!!!["Erótica é a alma", por Fabíola Simões- blog "A soma de todos os afetos"]" - Author: Fabíola Simões

Quotes About Estilo

"Descubrí que mi obsesión de que cada cosa estuviera en su puesto, cada asunto en su tiempo, cada palabra en su estilo, no era el premio merecido de una mente en orden, sino al contrario, todo un sistema de simulación inventado por mí para ocultar el desorden de mi naturaleza. Descubrí que no soy disciplinado por virtud, sino como reacción contra mi negligencia; que parezco generoso por encubrir mi mezquindad, que me paso de prudente por mal pensado, que soy conciliador para no sucumbir a mis cóleras reprimidas, que sólo soy puntual para que no se sepa cuan poco me importa el tiempo ajeno. Descubrí, en fin, que el amor no es un estado del alma sino un signo del zodíaco." - Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

Quotes About Nuca

"—Ni siquiera sé por qué vine—dijo ahora con furia después de mirarme intensamente —Simplemente sé que cuando lo supe, tú eras la única persona en la que podía pensar, la primera persona que apareció en mi mente.—Aquí estoy para ti, nunca olvides eso, yo jamás te voy a dejar.—¿Por qué? No deberías hacerlo, yo solo te he hecho sufrir, no me merezco que me apoyes, deberías echarme, odiarme, burlarte de mí desgracia.—Porque yo nuca podría dejarte, ni burlarme de ti, te amo y no importa lo que hagas no voy a dejar de hacerlo.—Lo lamento, pero yo no puedo." - Author: Lolo Mayaya