[If Some Woman Tells Me How She Feels About Something, My Immediate Assumption Is That She Wants An Answer, Or That She Wants Me To Solve Her Problem. In Fact, All She Wants To Do Is Share, Or Show How She Feels.]

Author: Fred Ward Quotes

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Puspita Praptiningsih Quotes

"bukan ambisi yang membawa diri mu pada kesuksesan tapi kesungguhanmu meraih kesuksesan itu dengan keikhlasan"

Dave Attell Quotes

"Once you get offstage youre just like everyone else, and everyone else can get into a fight."

Phil Baker Quotes

"If i had it all to do again there would be more bodies."

Markelle Grabo Quotes

"I was all too aware of his hands resting on my lower back, their imprints like sweet flames that seemed to go through the thin fabric of my dress and onto my skin."

Robert Atkins Quotes

"Well, I would never do a study because Im a practicing physician. I mean, all I do is treat people."

Jonathan Mayhew Quotes

"All civil rulers, as such, are the ordinance and ministers of God; and they are all, by the nature of their office, and in their respective spheres and stations, bound to consult the public welfare."

Rizqiyyah Yasmin Quotes

"Mereka sedang dalam perjalanan menggapai mimpinya ... tampaknya sebentar lagi sampai .. sementara ini aku masih duduk termenung menunggu bus yang dapat membawaku menuju impian itu, inginnya sih naik pesawat jet ... tapi dalam menggapai mimpi tidak ada yang instan butuh perjuangan , kalau begitu sembari menantinya datang bagaimana kalau kamu tetap melangkah dengan kedua kakimu sekarang? walaupun jauh tapi setidaknya kamu tetap mencoba hingga waktu itu pun tiba ... percayalah, bersabarlah dan melangkahlah :)"

Bernard E Rollin Quotes

"Immorality sanctified by tradition is still immorality."

BV Taylor Quotes

"I dont expect you to like me. But I hope you can tolerate me"

Shreve Stockton Quotes

"Between the head and the heart is the voice, and our voice reflects our choices: the way we reconcile what we think and what we feel; what we know and what we desire. Our voice reaches the world through the manner in which we live - sound is unnecessary; we show others who we are by the way we go through life, and touch everyone we meet with who we are in that moment."

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"You worry just as much about great performance as you do about underperformance." - Author: Mary Callahan Erdoes

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"The Conservatives over the years have done a great deal, from Sir John A, to Diefenbaker, and others." - Author: Brian Mulroney

Quotes About Possiblities

"Philosophy, though unable to tell us with certainty what is the true answer to the doubts which it raises, is able to suggest many possiblities which enlarge our thoughts and free them from the tyranny of custom. Thus, while diminishing our feeling of certainty as to what things are, it greatly increases our knowledge as to what the may be; it removes the somewhat arrogant dogmatism of those who have never travelled into the region of liberating doubt, and it keeps alive our sense of wonder by showing familar things in an unfamilar aspect" - Author: Bertrand Russell

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"But the real secret to total gorgeousness is to believe in yourself, have self confindence, and try to be secure in your decisions and thoughts." - Author: Kirsten Dunst

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"PLAINVILLE WAS A QUAINT picturesque town. Northern Californias version of Andy Griffiths Mayberry. Bucolic enough to provide cinematic contrast for any low-budget stalk-and-slash film. Juxtaposition played just as important a role in still photography as it did in cinematography. Maybe thats why Natalie Jones had picked Plainville for her final descent into darkness. The climactic scene in a comedic tragedy. Cast of one. Audience of one. Curtain closed." - Author: Virna DePaul

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"Matematika je religija za ljude s mozgom, zato ima tako malo pristaša." - Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón

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"Enlighten me, Lord Blackmoor, how should I be wooed, as you put it? I am intrigued by your obvious expertise."He was quick to respond, "Youre too vibrant for them. Too strong. You have a sharp mind and an exciting personality and an unexpected sense of humor. If these men were half the man you deserve, they would have already recognized all those things and they would be romancing you accordingly. They would be working to intrigue and amuse and inspire you -- just as you do them. And they would know that only when they have won your mind will they even have a chance at winning your heart."The room felt much warmer all of a sudden, and Alex resisted the urge to fan herself, trying to ignore the rapid increase in her pulse as color flooded her cheeks. In the silence that followed his impassioned speech, Gavin stood and walked over to her. A cocky grin spread across his face. "Thats how I write to the women I hope to interest, Alex." - Author: Sarah MacLean

Quotes About Apoplectic

"Look at the kind of people who most object to the childishness and cheapness of celebrity culture. Does one really want to side with such apoplectic and bombastic bores? I should know, I often catch myself being one, and it isnt pretty. I will defend the absolute value of Mozart over Miley Cyrus, of course I will, but we should be wary of false dichotomies. You do not have to choose between one or the other. You can have both. The human cultural jungle should be as varied and plural as the Amazonian rainforest. We are all richer for biodiversity. We may decide that a puma is worth more to us than a caterpillar, but surely we can agree that the habitat is all the better for being able to sustain each. Monocultures are uninhabitably dull and end as deserts." - Author: Stephen Fry

Quotes About What You Mean To Me

"She fit her hand around the curve of his whiskered jaw. "Im sorry. But I knew you would not leave otherwise—""Damn right I would not have left," he said gruffly. "Dont you understand what you mean to me? You are everything. Never doubt that. My place is with you, only you." - Author: Monica McCarty

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"The few surviving Armenians no longer ask to go home. They do not ask for restitution. They ask simply to have the memory of their obliteration acknowledged. It is a moral obsession, the lonely legacy passed onto the third and fourth generation who no longer speak Armenian but who carry within them the seeds of resentment that will not be quashed." - Author: Chris Hedges