[If The Events Of September 11, 2001, Have Proven Anything, It's That The Terrorists Can Attack Us, But They Can't Take Away What Makes Us American -- Our Freedom, Our Liberty, Our Civil Rights. No, Only Attorney General John Ashcroft Can Do That.]

Author: Jon Stewart Quotes

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Connie Podesta Quotes

"Sometimes in our attempt to give children what we did not have, we forget to give our children what we did have."

Trent Shelton Quotes

"A relationship means you come together to make each other better. Its not all about you, and its not all about them. Its all about the relationship.Support them in their dreams/vision just as much as you would expect them to support you. Make each other better. Challenge each other to go beyond average. Pull out the greatness from within each other.Make sure they can find their biggest fan in you, and you can find yours in them."

Andy Partridge Quotes

"Its sort of what jazz would be if it stopped being snobby and what rock would be if it stopped being stupid."

Bernardo Atxaga Quotes

"I think of the memory as being rather like a dam," he said, after a pause for thought. "It irrigates and gives life to our whole spirit. But, like a dam, it needs overflow channels if its not to burst its banks. Because if it ever does overflow or burst, its waters will destroy everything in its path."

William Cameron Forbes Quotes

"It looks like business, and people are much pleased."

John Bradley West Quotes

"Fantasy fans are incredibly loyal and passionate. Other people dont want to be seen as passionate about things, they want to be cool and laconic. The great thing about fantasy fans is theyll really get behind a show."

Joanne McClean Quotes

"Reading feeds the soul, writing nourishes it!"

Will Thomas Quotes

"Does a bibliophile ever have enough room on his shelves? The answer is obvious: get more shelves."

Hiroko Sherwin Quotes

"He had a clear, lyrical voice and his songs remained in her ears long after the music had ended."

Andrew Morton Quotes

"They defined what was private and what was public and they would move it whenever they wished."

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Quotes About Gardens And Spring

"For you little gardener and lover of trees, I have only a small gift. Here is set G for Galadriel, but it may stand for garden in your tongue. In this box there is earth from my orchard, and such blessing as Galadriel has still to bestow is upon it. It will not keep you on your road, nor defend you against any peril; but if you keep it and see your home again at last, then perhaps it may reward you. Though you should find all barren and laid waste, there will be few gardens in Middle-earth that will bloom like your garden, if you sprinkle this earth there. Then you may remember Galadriel, and catch a glimpse far off of Lórien, that you have seen only in our winter. For our spring and our summer are gone by, and they will never be seen on earth again save in memory." - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Quotes About University Degrees

"If you look at the 9/11 highjackers, certainly they were educated, some even had university degrees, but nobody really checked their mothers, who were nearly all illiterate." - Author: Greg Mortenson

Quotes About Granuaile

"First we need to get a buttload of nails.‘A buttload? How much is that?‘Uh…Granuaile rescued me with her superior knowledge of indefinite units of measurement. ‘I believe thats slightly more than a shitload but much less than a fuckton." - Author: Kevin Hearne

Quotes About Composer Other Composers

"Composers dialogue - and obsessively, bitterly argue - with other composers, often over the span of several centuries." - Author: Brian Ferneyhough

Quotes About Smiles Through The Pain

"One picks ones way about through the glass and aluminum doors, the receptionists smiles, the lunches with too much alcohol, the openings with more, the mobs of people desperately trying to define good taste in such loud voices one can hardly hear oneself giggle, while the shebang is lit by flashes and flares through the paint-stained window, glimmers under the police-locked door, or, if one is taking a rare walk outside that day, by a light suffusing the whole sky, complex as the northern aurora." - Author: Samuel R. Delany

Quotes About Ostentation

"There, I said to myself, are the reasons for the silence and darkness that surround the library: it is the preserve of learning but can maintain this learning unsullied only if it prevents its reaching anyone at all, even the monks themselves. Learning is not like a coin, which remains whole even through the most infamous transactions; it is, rather, like a very handsome dress, which is worn out through use and ostentation. Is not a book like that, in fact?" - Author: Umberto Eco

Quotes About Latin Rage

"Everybody looked at Sully suspiciously. A rumor that he had burned up in the blaze had been circulating, and people had quickly adjusted to the idea of profound human tragedy. They were reluctant to give it up, Sully could tell. He smiled apologetically at the crowd." - Author: Richard Russo

Quotes About Imitating Me

"The closer they come to transcending technique and the memorization of lines--the closer to really beginning to act, in short--the more Chinese they begin to seem. Happy now approaches Miss Forsythe to pick her up in the restaurant with a wonderful formality, his back straight, head high, his hand-gestures even more precise and formal, but with a comic undertone that ironically comes closer to conveying the original American idea of the scene than when he was trying to be physically sloppy and "relaxed"--that is, imitating an American. I think that by some unplanned magic we may end up creating something not quite American or Chinese but a pure style springing from the heart of the play itself--the play as a nonnational event, that is, a human circumstance." - Author: Arthur Miller

Quotes About God Paradise Lost

"God isnt the son of Memory; Hes the son of Immediate Experience. You cant worship a spirit in spirit, unless you do it now. Wallowing in the past may be good literature. As wisdom, its hopeless. Time Regained is Paradise Lost, and Time Lost is Paradise Regained. Let the dead bury their dead. If you want to live at every moment as it presents itself, youve got to die to every other moment." - Author: Aldous Huxley

Quotes About Islam And Christianity

"One cannot, therefore, understand Arabic science without considering the extent to which Islam influenced scientific and philosophical thought. Arabic science was, throughout its golden age, inextricably linked to religion. Clearly, the scientific revolution of the Abbasids would not have taken place if it were not for Islam, incontrast to the spread of Christianity over the preceding centuries, which had nothink like the same effect in stimulation and encouraging original scientific thinking." - Author: Jim Al Khalili