[If The Events Of September 11, 2001, Have Proven Anything, It's That The Terrorists Can Attack Us, But They Can't Take Away What Makes Us American -- Our Freedom, Our Liberty, Our Civil Rights. No, Only Attorney General John Ashcroft Can Do That.]

Author: Jon Stewart Quotes

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Isabel Allende Quotes

"Long before the Europeans arrived in Africa, the blacks were enslaving each other. They still do," said Valmorain. "Just as whites are enslaving each other, monsieur," the physician countered. "Not all Negroes are slaves, nor all slaves black. Africa is a continent of free people. Millions of Africans are subjected to slavery but many more are free. Slavery is not their destiny, just as is also the case with thousands of whites who are slaves."

David Kynaston Quotes

"Its nice to watch television but its even nicer when youve got a drink in your hand, Gregory Ratcliffe, a Birmingham shopkeeper, told Reynolds News. Makes it more intimate somehow. Gives you the feeling that youre in a posh cabaret."

Shane Kuhn Quotes

"Clarity equals victory. Look at successful people. Do you really think they have seven effective habits? Fuck no. Whos got time for that? They have one effective habit: DOING. When you are a ‘doer you lap the rest of the rats in the race."

Bei Maejor Quotes

"You shouldnt never regret something that made you smile"

Maeve Brennan Quotes

"Home is a place in the mind. When it is empty, it frets. It is fretful with memory, faces and places and times gone by. Beloved images rise up in disobedience and make a mirror for emptiness. Then what resentful wonder, and what half-aimless seeking. It is a silly state of affairs. It is a silly creature that tries to get a smile from even the most familiar and loving shadow. Comical and hopeless, the long gaze back is always turned inward."

AG Starling Quotes

"Well, with that filly in my line of vision blushing like a virgin, something in me was bound to stand at attention. And my walking legs were occupied."

Dalene Matthee Quotes

"But memories got left behind while you kept walking on; every time you had to retrace your steps further to return to your memories, and sometimes it was better not to turn back at all."

Nancy Rawles Quotes

"Your mama coming back. Just cause you cant sees a person aint mean nothing. They still there. You worry you never gonna find your mama but she gonna come to you. Close your eyes. I bets you see her good."

Steven Levitan Quotes

"What about the accusation that Hollywood is trying to advance its liberal agenda? Well, the fact is, while the creative community admittedly leans left, Hollywood has become a corporate town."

Sarah Brightman Quotes

"I do quite a lot of flying in my concerts."

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Quotes About Paradise Lost Eden

"But this I do know that since you have told me that ten years have elapsed since I departed from this earth I have lost all respect for time—I am commencing to doubt that such a thing exists other than in the weak, finite mind of man." - Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs

Quotes About Winning Hearts And Minds

"In carrying out a peacekeeping mission where the grand strategy is to maintain peace and order by persuading armed parties or other hostile elements to back away from aggressive activities, military strength is not a definite measure of success; neither could material contribution alone guarantees the "winning of the hearts and minds" of the people. What appears to be important is the day-to-day conduct of the peacekeepers on the ground; those who uphold the principles of neutrality and impartiality, as well as those who are able to carry all aspects of its operational duties exceptionally." - Author: Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono

Quotes About Passed Away

"My dad passed away before my freshman year, and it altered how I thought. I was depressed - I didnt hang out with my friends. I worked through it by dancing." - Author: Heather Morris

Quotes About Reasonable Man

"He is a very reasonable person,Mr. Redmond. I know for a fact that he would like to find a suitable compromise between your position and his.""With all due respect, Mrs. Rayne," Damon said stiffly, "I didnt have that impression yesterday.""I am certain that many people think of him as being very..progressive-""Very tactfully put-""Perhaps too progressive." - Author: Lisa Kleypas

Quotes About His Love

"Youve heard tales of beauty and the beast. How a fair maid falls in love with a monster and sees the beauty of his soul beneath the hideous visage. But youve never heard the tale of the handsome man falling for the monstrous woman and finding joy in her love, because it doesnt happen, not even in a story-tellers tale." - Author: Karen Maitland

Quotes About Prussic

"I would rather, he said, give a healthy boy or a healthy girl a phial of prussic acid than this novel. (And here let me pause to make Mr. Douglas a sporting offer. I will provide a healthy boy, a phial of prussic acid, and a copy of The Well of Loneliness, and if he keeps his word and gives the boy the prussic acid I undertake to pay all expenses of his defense at the ensuing murder trial and to erect a monument to his memory after he has been hanged.)" - Author: Aldous Huxley

Quotes About Kabataan

"Hindi ba mas tama na sa halip na maliitin ang kabataan dahil sa binabasa nilang manunulat ay purihin sila sa pagbabasa, at saka samantalahin ang pagkakataon para hikayatin sila at ipakilala sa iba pang makabuluhang libro? O masyadong malaking abala yon sa inyo?" - Author: Bob Ong

Quotes About Pizza

"Abstinence is perfectly reasonable in theory," Gregory said, "It just doesnt work in practice. Its like dieting. You can go a day or two, maybe even a week. But eventually that pizza just smells too good." - Author: Tom Perrotta

Quotes About Power And Greed

"The Master Speed No speed of wind or water rushing bybut you have speed far greater. You can climbback up a stream of radiance to the sky,and back through history up the stream of time.And you were given this swiftness, not for hastenor chiefly that you may go where you will,but in the rush of everything to waste,that you may have the power of standing still--off any still or moving thing you say.Two such as you with such a master speedFrom one another once you are agreedthat life is only life forevermoretogether wing to wing and oar to oar." - Author: Robert Frost

Quotes About Funny Graffiti

"Your last letter made me laugh so much, Em, but you should still get out of there because while its good for gags its definitely bad for your soul. You cant throw years of your life away because it makes a funny anecdote." - Author: David Nicholls