[If There Is Any Principle Of The Constitution That More Imperatively Calls For Attachment Than Any Other It Is The Principle Of Free Thought, Not Free Thought For Those Who Agree With Us But Freedom For The Thought That We Hate.]

Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Quotes

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Terry Murphy Quotes

"Its still all "ifs" "buts" and "maybes". ‘Maybe, I said. ‘But if what Im saying is correct …"

Tony Hawks Quotes

"One guy, seeing that I was hungry, insisted on buying me a huge lunch and when I thanked him for his kindness, he simply said, Pass it on. I liked this selfless concept - repay me by rewarding someone else entirely with a generous dollop of goodwill."

Gena Rowlands Quotes

"After you play a part, you think of it as your own."

Patty Berg Quotes

"Its not how fast you get there, but how long you stay."

Carlo Azeglio Ciampi Quotes

"The Destiny of every Nation is bound to the Destiny of all Others."

Peter Ojo Quotes

"To the rich, the really poor dont know that the level of comfort you experience exist at all, so you see, they dont need your sympathy, and you should not feel guilty, just teach them how to fish."

Nicole Scherzinger Quotes

"I love a man with a great sense of humor and who is intelligent - a man who has a great smile. He has to make me laugh. I like a man who is very ambitious and driven and who has a good heart and makes me feel safe. I like a man who is very strong and independent and confident - that is very sexy - but at the same time, hes very kind to people."

R Gay Quotes

"Ive had more difficulty accepting myself as bisexual than I ever did accepting that I was a lesbian. It felt traitorous. A few years ago, I admitted to myself that I was still interested in men in more than a "Brad Pitt is slick hot sexy" kind of way. But I worried whatmy friends, exes, and the Community would think. I never even broached the subject with my parents. Because what bothered me the most was that people would think that being a lesbian had been a phase for me, when that was so very not the case. What I feared was that I would no longer be part of a community, that I might be seen with my boyfriend and not be recognized as something not the same."

James Miller Quotes

"One small boy was all it took to upset the universe"

Maria Lima Quotes

"more money than the crooks at Enron and less taste than a drunk after a bottle of tequila"

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Quotes About Discipline For Students

"In short, we much struggle with the meaning of learning within our discipline and how best to cultivate and recognize it. For that task, we dont need routine experts who know all the right procedures but adaptive ones who can apply fundamental principles to all the situations and students they are likely to encounter, recognizing when invention is both possible and necessary and that there is no single best way to teach." - Author: Ken Bain

Quotes About When Something Feels Right

"God found me again. When something terrible happens, it feels like running from God is the right thing to do. We have the tendency to escape back into ourselves and mourn forever. But God keeps looking for us. I opened myself up and accepted that He found me." - Author: S.T. Rogers

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"Well lets face it, who on earth besides antique dealers and gay couples actually still give dinner parties?" - Author: Nigel Slater

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"For me, prayer is not so much me setting out a shopping list of requests for God to consider as it is a way of keeping company with God." - Author: Philip Yancey

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"Im currently between assignments and was looking for a change. I heard there was work in Nashville and it seemed like a good place to start over. So here I am stuck in the freezing cold with a…serial killer. Has the making for a great horror movie, huh? (Leta)" - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

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"Somebody better be dead or dying."He froze mid-step when he saw her. It might have been wishful thinking but she couldve sworn his face lit up."Or just sitting there looking pretty," he finished with a heart-stopping grin." - Author: Cherrie Lynn

Quotes About Continuing To Smile

"I looked into his eyes and then down at his mouth before continuing. "Have you ever noticed how pretty and beautiful words can be? How easy it is to say the things you think someone wants to hear. How you can affect a persons entire day with just a few measly sentences?"My slight smile dropped. "But when you dont follow them up with any action, theyre completely pointless. Theyre just sounds and syllables. But they mean absolutely nothing." My gaze glossed over as my mind wandered." - Author: J. Sterling

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"wisdom cannot be passed on. Wisdom which a wise man tries to pass on to someone always sounds like foolishness." - Author: Hermann Hesse

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"This cave within a cave, this paleolithic pussy, this decent into the deepest dark of fuck." - Author: Tom Robbins

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"She turned down her street once more, glaring at the garish lights someone had put up along their house. Might as well light the roof with "Santa Park Here". Sheesh. The closer she got to home, though, the lower her heart sank. The overly bright house looked suspiciously like... No. Oh, no. He wouldnt. He had. Light up animated animals were dotted all over her lawn. The circle of life has apparently found our power outlet. And why the fuck is there a Star of David on my roof? She wasnt exactly the most church-going member of the community, but youd think Simon would know what religion she was. After all, she knew exactly who was going to officiate at his funeral. She picked up her cell phone and called Emma. "Im going to kill him." - Author: Dana Marie Bell