[If There Is Any Principle Of The Constitution That More Imperatively Calls For Attachment Than Any Other It Is The Principle Of Free Thought, Not Free Thought For Those Who Agree With Us But Freedom For The Thought That We Hate.]

Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Quotes

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"I was never meant to sit at home."

Jurgen Moltmann Quotes

"God weeps with us so that we may one day laugh with him."

Adrienne Kress Quotes

"There they go, my friend, right into the sunset. And even though it happens to be overcast at the moment, lets pretend it isnt, because its just that much nicer."

William Astbury Quotes

"We are at the dawn of a new era, the era of molecular biology as I like to call it, and there is an urgency about the need for more intensive application of physics and chemistry, and specially of structure analysis, that is still not sufficiently appreciated."

Nurilla Iryani Quotes

"Terkadang kita lebih baik melepas seseorang atau sesuatu yang kita cintai tapi belum tentu dapat membuat kita bahagia, untuk seseorang yang belum tentu kita cintai tapi dapat memberikan kita kebahagiaan."

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"Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music"

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"Anarchy loves theatre. Thats the whole point. People forget that. You have to laugh at the devil, not fight him. Theyll always have more guns, theyll always have more bombs that go off with a bigger bang. No matter how revolting you become theyll always be willing to be more revolting to you. Theyve had so much more practice."

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"Im not sure the word "sorry" does anything justice. Its such a loose word isnt it? I mean how can one puny word encompass all the stuff you did - But also the, all the things you didnt do? Its the inactions that keep people up at night. The actions, theyre done. Theyre done. Its the inactions that never go away. They just hang there. They ROT. How is sorry supposed to stretch across all that?"

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"Peaks and valleys. Thats what life comes down to, in the end. Fucking geography."

George Miller Quotes

"I was once fired as opening act for Seals and Crofts because I got loaded and introduced them as Arts and Crafts."

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"I found that the loudest fans in the world are in Istanbul." - Author: Roger Waters

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"Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away." - Author: Barbara De Angelis

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"So who gave him his name?" I asked."Kerrick," Belen answered.Not who Id expect. "Why Flea?"A full-out grin spread across Fleas face. "Cause Im fast and hard to catch.""Because hes a pest and hard to squash," Belen said."Because he jumps about three feet in the air when you scare him," Loren added."Because hes annoying and makes us itch with impatience," Quain said."Thanks, guys. I love you too." Flea made exaggerated kissing noises and patted his ass." - Author: Maria V. Snyder

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"Vae Victus -- suffering to the conquered. Ironic that now I was the one suffering. Not anything as pedestrian as physical pain. Rather the cruel jab of impotent anger -- the hunger for revenge. I didnt care if I was in Heaven or Hell -- all I wanted was to kill my assassins. Sometimes you get what you wish for. The Necromancer Mortanius offered me a chance for vengeance. And like a fool, I jumped at his offer without considering the cost. Nothing is free, not even revenge." - Author: Denis Dyack

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"Fairytales teach children that the world is fraught with danger, including life-threatening danger; but by being clever (always), honest (as a rule, but with common-sense exceptions), courteous (especially to the elderly, no matter their apparent social station), and kind (to anyone in obvious need), even a child can succeed where those who seem more qualified have failed.And this precisely what children most need to hear.To let them go on believing that the world is safe, that they will be provided for and achieve worthwhile things even if they remain stupid, shirk integrity, despise courtesy, and act only from self-interest, that they ought to rely on those stronger, smarter, and more able to solve their problems, would be the gravest disservice: to them, and to society as a whole.-On the Supposed Unsuitability of Fairytales for Children" - Author: J. Aleksandr Wootton

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"Parenthood involves massive sacrifice: money, attention, time and emotional energy." - Author: Jonathan Sacks

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"The birth of science as we know it arguably began with Isaac Newtons formulation of the laws of gravitation and motion. It is no exaggeration to say that physics was reborn in the early 20th-century with the twin revolutions of quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity." - Author: Paul Davies

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"Si un inglés se siente incómodo en una situación (es decir, en todas) prepara té. Es una regla universal: cuando no sepas qué hacer, pon la tetera en marcha. ¿Que van a amputarte una pierna? No pasa nada, hombre, tomate una taza de té y asunto arreglado. ¿Que tu novio te pone los cuernos? Dont worry, que voy a colocar la tetera al fuego. ¿Que empieza la Tercera Guerra Mundial? Que no cunda el pánico, hay té para todos." - Author: Rebeca Rus

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"Im thankful for all the things that this job has given me and my family. But probably the thing that I am most proud of throughout my career is that, not only myself, but my family and the people around me have just been regular people, which we are." - Author: Brett Favre

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"World was in the face of the beloved--,but suddenly it poured out and was gone:world is outside, world can not be grasped.Why didnt I, from the full, beloved faceas I raised it to my lips, why didnt I drinkworld, so near that I couldnt almost taste it?Ah, I drank. Insatiably I drank.But I was filled up also, with too muchworld, and, drinking, I myself ran over." - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke