[If There Is One ‘constant' In The Structure And Theme Of The Wonder Tale, It Is Transformation.]

Author: Jack Zipes Quotes

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Michael LeBoeuf Quotes

"Treat your customers like lifetime partners."

Doris Lessing Quotes

"I write because Ive always written, cant stop. I am a writing animal. The way a silk worm is a silk-producing animal."

Mark Morford Quotes

"Ronnie James Dio died the other day, quietly succumbed to a relatively sudden onset of stomach cancer and up and left the planet in a blaze of stage fire, dragonsmoke and general metal awesomeness. Maybe you heard."

Michael Coorlim Quotes

"empty whiskey bottles strewn about like forgotten failures"

Ingrid Newkirk Quotes

"All tyranny, bigotry, aggression, and cruelty are wrong, and whenever we see it, we must never be silent."

Kaje Harper Quotes

"Mac blinked. That smile should be registered as a deadly weapon."

Stage Beauty Quotes

"Your old tutor did you a great disservice, Mr. Kynaston. He taught you how to speak, and swoon, and toss your head but he never taught you how to suffer like a woman, or love like a woman. He trapped a man in a womans form and left you there to die! I always hated you as Desdemona. You never fought! You just died, beautifully. No woman would die like that, no matter how much she loved him. A woman would fight!"

Gesine Schulz Quotes

"Karo kann sehr gut schießen. Sie trifft nur nicht immer."

Gale Gordon Quotes

"Ive worked with very few that I considered unpleasant. Dennis the Menace was a joy to work on."

Windhy Puspitadewi Quotes

"Dia yang harus membuat keputusan untuk dirinya, bukan Ibu, apalagi saya. Ini hidupnya. Jadi, tidak adil rasanya kalau orang lain yang memutuskan apa yang terbaik untuknya."

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Quotes About Monogamous

"Nonmonogamous folks are constantly engaged in their relationships: they negotiate and establish boundaries, respect them, test them, and, yes, even violate them. But the limits are not assumed or set by society; they are consciously chosen." - Author: Tristan Taormino

Quotes About Spots And Stripes

"Its easy to slide into believing youre the hypnotist here, the mirage master, the smart cookie who knows whats real and how all the tricks are done. The fact is youre still just another slack-jawed mark in the audience. No matter how good you are, this world is always going to be better at this game. Its more cunning than you are, its faster and its a whole lot more ruthless. All you can do is try to keep up, know your weak spots and never stop expecting the sucker punch." - Author: Tana French

Quotes About Secularity

"Secularity is a way of being dependent on the responses of our milieu. The secular or false self is the self which is fabricated, as Thomas Merton says, by social compulsions. Compulsive is indeed the best adjective for the false self. It points to the need for ongoing and increasing affirmation. Who am I? I am the one who is liked, praised, admired, disliked, hated or despised. Whether I am a pianist, a businessman or a minister, what matters is how I am perceived by my world. If being busy is a good thing, then I must be busy. If having money is a sign of real freedom, then I must claim my money. If knowing many people proves my importance, I will have to make the necessary contacts. The compulsion manifests itself in the lurking fear of failure and the steady urge to prevent this by gathering more of the same - more work, more money, more friends." - Author: Henri J.M. Nouwen

Quotes About Sailing Against The Wind

"Maybe youre getting into the rhythm of sailing life," says James. He looks out at the waves that are rolling in to lap against the dock. "You know, the tides going in and then out, the wind blowing east and then west, the high of a perfect day out on the water, the low of a thunderstorm or a wind that wont go your way." - Author: Melissa C. Walker

Quotes About Jousting

"I love the urgency of what we do. I like the battles that take place, the jousting." - Author: Mike Wallace

Quotes About Playing Bass Guitar

"Im starting to play all the melodies with kind of keyboard sound but playing it from the bass guitar." - Author: Tom Jenkinson

Quotes About Anarchist Freedom

"Freedom, or individual liberty, was a basic premise of the Spanish anarchist tradition. "Individual sovereignty" is a prime tenet of most anarchist writing; the free development of one s individual potential is one of the basic "rights" to which all humans are born. Yet Spanish anarchists were firmly rooted in the communalist-anarchist tradition. For them, freedom was fundamentally a social product: the fullest expression of individuality and of creativity can be achieved only in and through community. As Carmen Conde (a teacher who was also active in Mujeres Libres) wrote, describing the relationship of individuality and community: "I and my truth; I and my faith ... And I for you, but without ever ceasing to be me, so that you can always be you. Because I don t exist without your existence, but my existence is also indispensable to yours." - Author: Martha A. Ackelsberg

Quotes About Nots

"Working against my faith, there was in me a deeply ingrained pessimism… I had very definitely formed the opinion that the universe was, in the main, a rather regrettable institution…I am now inclined to think that the seeds of pessimism were sown before my mothers death. Ridiculous as it may sound, I believe that clumsiness of my hands was at the root of the matter... What they really bred in me was a deep (and, of course, inarticulate) sense of resistance or opposition on the part of inanimate things... Whatever you wanted to remain straight, would bend; whatever you tried to bend would fly back to the straight; all knots which you wished to be firm would come untied; all knots you wanted to untie would remain firm." - Author: C.S. Lewis

Quotes About Bird Baths

"Thats so cute! They have birdbaths in the church!" - Author: Hilary Duff

Quotes About Pencil Sketching

"Always the seer is a sayer. Somehow his dream is told; somehow he publishes it with solemn joy: sometimes with pencil on canvas, sometimes with chisel on stone, sometimes in towers and aisles of granite, his souls worship is builded; sometimes in anthems of indefinite music, but clearest and most permanent, in words." - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson