[If There Was One Overriding Element To Faraday's Character, It Was Humility. His 'conviction Of Deficiency,' As He Called It, Stemmed In Part From His Deep Religiosity And Affected Practically Every Facet Of His Life. Thus Faraday Approached Both His Science And His Everyday Conduct Unhampered By Ego, Envy, Or Negative Emotion. In His Work, He Assumed The Inevitability Of Error And Failure; Whenever Possible, He Harnessed These As Guides Toward Further Investigation. Faraday Adhered To No Particular School Of Scientific Thought. Nor Did He Flinch When A Favored Hypothesis Fell To The Rigors Of Experiment.]

Author: Alan Hirshfeld Quotes

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"Every life is a story make your life a best seller."

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"The uncreative will always waste their energies on the impossible. Be unable to recognize the boundaries, how much of the spiritual the objects can bear and assume."

William Christopher Handy Quotes

"With a guitar I would be able to express the things I felt in sounds."

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"To me it was plain silly. It is so obvious that life works in terms of species rather than individuals. The individual just has to be born, to develop to the point at which it can procreate, and then to fall away into death to make way for its successors, and humans are no exception whatever they may fancy."

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"I feel myself floating without the weight of him on my body."

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"Live your dreams."

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"Mister hit Josephine with the palm of his hand across her left cheek and it was then she knew she would run."

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"they says he was not good for you.i said"whenever i suffer from stomach ache i eat noodles.when i have toothache i eat chocolates.when i have throat pain,i drink pretty cold icy drink.it is also not good for me,but i am alive"

Paul Getty Quotes

"I can afford to say what I wish."

David Kelley Quotes

"Consciously or not, we feel and internalize what the space tells us about how to work. When you walk into most offices, the space tells you that its meant for a group of people to work alone. Closed-off desks sprout off of lonely hallways, and in a few obligatory conference rooms a huge table ensures that people are safely separated from one another."

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"It doesnt do Costco any good if nobody can afford to buy anything." - Author: James Sinegal

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"They werent like us and for that reason deserved to be ruled." - Author: Edward W. Said

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"As Peret asserts, the value of such stories resides in the fact that they respond to direct social necessity but in a way that is not obvious in a society dominated by what is utilitarian and functional. Rather they represent a natural surplus of imaginative abundance that may confound or reinforce the way we perceive the world, but which never does so in a simple way. Even though they may have no direct social use, they nonetheless embody the actual state of real relations between people." - Author: Michael Richardson

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"Wherever God may keep you at any time, from there itself must you undertake the pilgrimage to God-realization. In all forms, in action and non-action is He, the One Himself. While attending to your work with your hands, keep yourself bound to Him by sustaining japa, the constant remembrance of Him in your heart and mind. In Gods empire, it is forgetfulness of Him that is detrimental. The way to Peace lies in the remembrance of Him and of Him alone." - Author: Anandamayi Ma

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"Auras tell a lot, Rose, and Im very good at reading them. Much better than you friends probably are. A spirit dream wraps you own aura in gold, which is how I knew. Your personal aura is unique to you, though it fluctuates with your feelings and soul. When people are in love, it shows. Their auras shine. When you were dreaming, yours was bright. The colors were bright...but not what expected from a boyfriend. Of course, not every relationship is the same. People are at different stages. I wouldve brushed it off, except..." "Except what?" "Except, when youre with Dimitri, your auras like the sun. So is his." - Author: Richelle Mead

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