[If There Was One Overriding Element To Faraday's Character, It Was Humility. His 'conviction Of Deficiency,' As He Called It, Stemmed In Part From His Deep Religiosity And Affected Practically Every Facet Of His Life. Thus Faraday Approached Both His Science And His Everyday Conduct Unhampered By Ego, Envy, Or Negative Emotion. In His Work, He Assumed The Inevitability Of Error And Failure; Whenever Possible, He Harnessed These As Guides Toward Further Investigation. Faraday Adhered To No Particular School Of Scientific Thought. Nor Did He Flinch When A Favored Hypothesis Fell To The Rigors Of Experiment.]

Author: Alan Hirshfeld Quotes

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"But do I really want my vagina to heal over through lack of use either?"

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"Anti-depressants are just tools, one of many, which we use to try and ease the suffering, numb the pain and disperse the dark clouds in our mind in the hope that maybe, just maybe, a little sunlight will shine through."

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"when the life gives you lemon, simply sell them and buy something sweet like chocolate"

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"According to the rules of comedy, your suffering will be funny after an undetermined length of time. Maybe not while youre having your gangrenous leg sawed off, watching your home burn down or learning how to be intimate with your cellmate, but, in the big scheme of things, soon."

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"Its hot in here but thats just you, Michelle, for when I see you its like the sun comes out in my head. You are the reason for global warming but in a good way."

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"I think that I am willing to do anything. I like to collaborate. If my voice will be heard, than I will do some research and think about it."

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"My acting coach makes the impossible accessible."

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"The notion of religious liberty is that you cannot be forced to participate in a religious ceremony thats not of your choosing simply because youre out-voted."

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"On stage and in person, I think I am nice, thoughtful, and empathetic. But for some reason when Im online, I become super aggressive and unhinged. I should probably get off of Twitter and see a therapist."

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