[If There Was One Overriding Element To Faraday's Character, It Was Humility. His 'conviction Of Deficiency,' As He Called It, Stemmed In Part From His Deep Religiosity And Affected Practically Every Facet Of His Life. Thus Faraday Approached Both His Science And His Everyday Conduct Unhampered By Ego, Envy, Or Negative Emotion. In His Work, He Assumed The Inevitability Of Error And Failure; Whenever Possible, He Harnessed These As Guides Toward Further Investigation. Faraday Adhered To No Particular School Of Scientific Thought. Nor Did He Flinch When A Favored Hypothesis Fell To The Rigors Of Experiment.]

Author: Alan Hirshfeld Quotes

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"Shes never really wanted to be the only person, shes never been such a fan of being alone."

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"Whenever man comes up with a better mousetrap, nature immediately comes up with a better mouse."

Rebecca Stott Quotes

"Its only when youve pieced together a story in several different ways that you realise where the holes are, discover the knowledge that is still missing, the questions you still need to ask."

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"It really is impossible not to like him. His success was his failure."

Cedric Go Quotes

"I would prefer to die than to be depressed for depression can hurt you everyday and itll last for a lifetime while on dying, you can only feel pain the moment youll die."

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"Vulgarity begins when imagination succumbs to the explicit."

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"NOTHING MAKES SENSE. Do not look for any sense in things. It is not there. It is you who ascribe it to what you live or get to know. A defeat or a victory is neither a message from the gods nor a trick of fate. Neither means anything — and, if they seem to, it is but an interpretation you yourself make of them —, inasmuch as things in themselves are only indifference and silence. So, do not waste your precious time in looking for signs everywhere around you. Try and interpret happenings, those which bleed and those which make you smile, as maturing experiences. Oh, yes, what is most important: live!"

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"Sadness and love and pain, theyre easy to feel- but not luck."

Edward Cline Quotes

"A boy adopts a hero for two reasons: because a hero captivates his soul and serves as a projection of his innermost self; and, because a hero seems to have solved many problems that may worry a boy, or at least demonstrates the capacity to solve them. The hero is an idealization of successful living, even though he may die in a story. The death may be gallant, brave, tragic, or perhaps even foolhardy. But living or dead, a hero is the stylistic embodiment of living on ones own terms – noble terms, grand terms, exciting terms – terms, in short, that complement any youths uncorrupted, untamed, unabridged projection of what is possible to him in life"

John Sharp Williams Quotes

"I may have grown cynical from long service, but this is a tendency I do not like, and I sometimes think Id rather be a dog and bay at the moon than stay in the Senate another six years and listen to it."

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"When I was growing up, it was the guys who were hardest at school who got the prettiest girls. Its a status thing." - Author: Martin Compston

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"There was a ripe mystery about it, a hint of bedrooms upstairs more beautiful and cool than other bedrooms, of gay and radiant activities taking place through its corridors and of romances that were not musty and laid away already in lavender but fresh and breathing and redolent of this years shining motor cars and of dances whose flowers were scarcely withered. It excited him too that many men had already loved Daisy--it increased her value in his eyes. He felt their presence all about the house, pervading the air with the shades and echoes of still vibrant emotions." - Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

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"The rather uncomfortable feeling most of us have when were around snakes is evidence of how this ancient experience continues to influence us today. Throughout the long prehistory of our species and those that preceded it, snakes were a mortal threat. And so we learned our lesson. Others didnt, but that had a nasty habit of dying. So natural selection did its work and the rule--beware of snakes--was ultimately hardwired into every human brain. Its universal. Go anywhere on the planet, examine any culture. People are wary of snakes. Even if--as in the Arctic--there are no snakes. Our primate cousins shared our long experience and they feel the same way: Even monkeys raised in laboratories who have never seen a snake will back away at the sight of one." - Author: Daniel Gardner

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"You, too!" it seemed to say, "you, too, shall taste of that peace and that unrest in a searching intimacy with your own self - obscure as we were and as supreme in the face of all the winds andall the seas, in an immensity that receives no impress, preservesno memories, and keeps no reckoning of lives." - Author: Joseph Conrad

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"I know why you picked that movie, he told her. Annie smiled and said, It fits our life in a few ways, I guess. Buster pointed at the screen, which was now blank. It shows you that you have to stay vigilant to find a missing person, even when people tell you not to, that its possible to bring them back from the dead. Annie shook her head. I picked it because it shows that after you bring someone back from the dead, you get to kill them yourself." - Author: Kevin Wilson

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"Day after day, more and more medications are prescribed for depression and addiction, assuming that these things run in our blood, when really they run in our patterns of awareness." - Author: Vironika Tugaleva

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"Reason excludes faith," Alessandro responded, watching the blood-red mite as it made a dash for the rim. "Its deliberately limited. It wont function with the materials of religion. You can come close to proving the existence of God by reason, but you cant do it absolutely. Thats because you cant do anything absolutely by reason. Thats because reason depends on postulates. Postulates defy proof and yet they are essential to reason. God is a postulate. I dont think God is interested in the verification of His existence, and, therefore, neither am I. Anyway, I have professional reasons to believe. Nature and art pivot faithfully around God. Even dogs know that." - Author: Mark Helprin

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"Jasmine is logical in her thinking. One step leading to another. Analyzing probabilities and discarding them.""You look surprised. Didnt you know that I was smart?" She pretends to be angry.Even though I know she is teasing me, I feel my face get red-hot. How can I tell her that I knew but I didnt know -- like seeing the sunset every evening but not seeing it." - Author: Francisco X. Stork

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"Shake those stars from your hair, pretty Moonchild. Its time to dance with the noonday sun!" - Author: Jaeda DeWalt