[If We Ask For More And More Material For The Construction, I.e. More And More Choice, We're Likely To End Up With A Lot Of Combinations That Don't Do Much For Us Or Are Far More Complex Than They Need To Be.]

Author: Sheena Iyengar Quotes

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HAL Fisher Quotes

"Men wiser and more learned than I have discerned in history a plot, a rhythm, a predetermined pattern. These harmonies are concealed from me. I can see only one emergency following upon another as wave follows upon wave, only one great fact with respect to which, since it is unique, there can be no generalizations; only one safe rule for the historian: that he should recognize in the development of human destinies the play of the contingent and the unforeseen."

Fay Godwin Quotes

"After Land I wanted to continue exploring the theme but I needed a new challenge so turned to colour. I explored Bradford and produced a series of urban landscapes that I liked, but because Land had made such an impact on the general public my colour work wasnt reviewed."

Oliver Burkeman Quotes

"Who says you need to wait until you feel like doing something in order to start doing it? The problem, from this perspective, isnt that you dont feel motivated; its that you imagine you need to feel motivated. If you can regard your thoughts and emotions about whatever youre procrastinating on as passing weather, youll realise that your reluctance about working isnt something that needs to be eradicated or transformed into positivity. You can coexist with it. You can note the procrastinatory feelings and act anyway."

Dustin Milligan Quotes

"Ever since I was a little kid, I always dreamed of being a Big City kid, because I grew up in a very small town up north in Canada. I have to say I just love the city lights at night."

Eugene Cernan Quotes

"We leave as we came and, god willing, as we shall return, with peace, and hope for all mankind."

Sonia Gandhi Quotes

"An economy growing at 7 percent per year, can and must find the resources to improve the lives of its millions of poor."

John Rhys Davies Quotes

"The script of Shogun was so tight that you could not take a word out of a sentence, you could not take a sentence out of a scene, and you certainly couldnt take out a scene without putting ripples right through the back or the front of the overall story."

Frederick Lewis Allen Quotes

"Everything is more complicated than it looks to most people."

Philip E Berger Quotes

"The decision violates both the letter and spirit of the law."

Chad B Hanson Quotes

"A dream in the night is but an untold story begging to be written."

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"Unless and until our society recognizes cyber bullying for what it is, the suffering of thousands of silent victims will continue." - Author: Anna Maria Chavez

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"Dont ignore the love you DO have in your life by focusing on the love you DONT." - Author: Mandy Hale

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"My body is my own," I said. "I may choose to share it with someone, but its not for sale or for hire, nor is it a reward. Id rather starve to death than use it as such." - Author: Erica Dakin

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"¿Qué sucedería si las hijas de Eva descubrieran que llevan en el medio de las piernas las llaves del cielo y del infierno?" - Author: Federico Andahazi

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"By August 2008, we had left Voikovskaya and moved into a wooden dacha in the artists colony of Sokol in north-west Moscow. The house was a haven amid the madness of the city: lily of the valley grew near our front gate, Virginia creeper decked the green picket fence." - Author: Luke Harding

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"Quando se ama alguém, tem-se sempre tempo para essa pessoa. E se ela não vem ter conosco, nós esperamos. O verbo esperar torna-se tão imperativo como o verbo respirar. A vida transforma-se numa estação de comboios e o vento anuncia-nos a chegada antes do alcance do olhar. O amor na espera ensina-nos a ver o futuro, a desejá-lo, a organizar tudo para que ele seja possível. É mais fácil esperar do que desistir. É mais fácil desejar do que esquecer. É mais fácil sonhar do que perder. E para quem vive a sonhar, é muito mais fácil viver.- Diário da Tua ausência" - Author: Margarida Rebelo Pinto

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"I mean, Im willing to do anything with Chris Chulack - hes one of my favorite directors Ive ever worked with, and I just think hes a fantastic man, and a great creator, and a good friend." - Author: C. Thomas Howell

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"Well, another market is being created now out of Internet technology." - Author: Jim Barksdale

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"Time is a Jewel made of unexplained matter and the funny thing is that you cant destroy it until you do so." - Author: Jerril Thomas Abraham

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"We need to send our words out in the direction we want them to go. In other words, we need to start talking victory when were staring at defeat. We need to start talking healing when were feeling sick. We need to start blessing and prosperity when we dont have anything. We need to speak about marching when we feel like quitting." - Author: Jentezen Franklin