[If You Dream And You Believe, You Can Do It.]

Author: Sean Combs Quotes

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David Zaslav Quotes

"To this day, Im a slave to CNBC."

Gale Harold Quotes

"You have to like your character, because if you dont, no one else will either."

Thomas Wentworth Quotes

"Ambition devours gold and drinks blood and climbs so high by other mens heads, that at the length in the fall, it breaks its own neck; therefore, it is better to live in humble content than in high care and trouble."

Ian Spector Quotes

"Chuck Norriss tears cure cancer. Too bad hes never cried."

Marco Tempest Quotes

"One of the key qualities of all stories is that they are made to be shared."

Maxwell Quotes

"In your 20s, youre just a sketch of what you think youre trying to be."

Robert A Ward Quotes

"I wish you humor and a twinkle in the eye. I wish you glory and the strength to bear lifes burdens. I wish you sunshine on your path and the storms to season your journey."

GL Breedon Quotes

"Thats crazy," Gabriel said. "We must be seventy million years in the past.""Nearly a hundred and twenty-five million," Ohin said. "It seems far, but time is really interrelational. Every moment is just as far from every other."Right," Gabriel said. "Of course. That makes perfect sense." Sema was right. He was at a breaking point. And he broke right past it. His eyes rolled up in his head and he passed out, falling back into the mattress of the bed."

Dana Hussein Quotes

"Sports can unify the Iraqi people - no Sunnis, no Shiites, just sport for the country."

Eric Rofes Quotes

"You have to do to be."

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Quotes About Prayer And Meditation

"Think and mull and ponder and chew until you see God the way they see God—namely, as precious and valuable and beautiful and desirable. This is how the Word serves joy. Thus, even as the Spirit and the Word are inseparable in our lives, so prayer and meditation are inseparable. The fight for joy always involves both. Prayer without meditation on the Word of God will disintegrate into humanistic spirituality. It will simply reflect our own fallen ideas and feelings—not Gods." - Author: John Piper

Quotes About Slum

"Nestlé into the feathers of the ravens wings while it takes flight to deliver you safely past slumber & into your space of dreams." - Author: Truth Devour

Quotes About Obsession With Beauty

"Obsession with sanitation is a concern for sanitariums. A sane consumer makes decisions based on beauty alone, no matter how bad it smells." - Author: Bauvard

Quotes About Not Affected

"As the egalitarianism of Marxism is attractive to many, socialism could have attracted many followers in America, anyway. But there is no doubt that it could not possibly have affected us so widely and so deeply as it has, had it not been heavily financed." - Author: B. Carroll Reece

Quotes About Dysmorphia

"I feel like most actresses kind of have issues in body dysmorphia." - Author: Lindsay Sloane

Quotes About Current Life

"Unconscious bias influences our lives in exactly the same manner as that undercurrent that took me out so far that day. When undercurrents aid us … we are invariably unconscious of them. We never credit the undercurrent for carrying us so swiftly; we credit ourselves, our talents, our skills. I was completely sure that it was my swimming ability that was carrying me out so swiftly that day. It did not matter that I knew in my heart that I was a very average swimmer, it did not matter that I knew that I should have worn a life jacket and flippers. On the way out, the idea of humility never occurred to me. It was only at the moment I turned back, when I had to go against the current, that I even realized the current existed." - Author: Shankar Vedantam

Quotes About Bottlenecks

"As a species, weve somehow survived large and small ice ages, genetic bottlenecks, plagues, world wars and all manner of natural disasters, but I sometimes wonder if well survive our own ingenuity." - Author: Diane Ackerman

Quotes About Frightening

"I love him. (Artemis)How can you say that? You dont even understand what love means. Love isnt being ashamed to be seen with the one you care about. It isnt about punishment or hurt. Love is what gives you the strength you need to face anything no matter how brutal or frightening. Its what allowed Ash to be beaten rather than tell his father about you. Its what allowed him to be gutted on the floor at your feet rather than publicly shame you. And you spat on him for that love and tore him apart. For a goddess, youre pathetic. (Tory)" - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Quotes About Project X

"Desire! It carries us and crucifies us, delivers us every new day to a battlefield where, on the eve, the battle was lost; but in sunlight does it not look like a territory ripe for conquest, a place where - even though tomorrow we will die - we can build empires doomed to fade to dust, as if the knowledge we have of their imminent fall had absolutely no effect on our eagerness to build them now? We are filled with the energy of constantly wanting that which we cannot have, we are abandoned at dawn on a field littered with corpses, we are transported until our death by projects that are no sooner completed than they must be renewed. Yet how exhausting it is to be constantly desiring..." - Author: Muriel Barbery

Quotes About Wisdom Bible

"What is the most valuable thing on earth? Its not the Hope Diamond, or the National Treasury. Its not a Picasso collection, or the Microsoft fortune. It is the wisdom of God, seen in the pages of your Bible. Youve had access to it all along." - Author: Rachel Olsen