[If You Live What You Believe, You Will Always Have The Respect Of Others.]

Author: Dale Murphy Quotes

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Marcel Pagnol Quotes

"Das ist die Schwäche der Vernunft: wir bedienen uns ihrer meist nur zur Rechtfertigung unseres Glaubens."

Edward Babinski Quotes

"Dont creationists ever wonder about the fact that the paleontologists found ape-like skulls with the human leg and foot bones, rather than the other way around, i.e., human skulls with ape leg and foot bones? . . . Come on, creationists, think about it! Did God hide the human skulls, only leaving behind leg and foot bones belonging to human midgets with misshapen feet, and mix such bones only with the skulls of ape-like creatures with larger cranial capacities than living apes? What a kidder the creationists God must be."

Mia Wasikowska Quotes

"Fame is useful in certain ways, because it helps you get more roles."

Robert Dale Owen Quotes

"Can you look forward to the future of our country and imagine any state of things in which, with slavery still existing, we should be assured of permanent peace? I cannot."

Isabel Wilkerson Quotes

"...they speak like melted butter and their children speak like footsteps on pavement..."

John Carey Quotes

"Dickens plots are his most discardable properties, and often have to be pushed aside to let the strange poetry of his imagination emerge."

Audrey Meadows Quotes

"Everyone in show business has had the experience of the fan who is so excited at recognizing their favorite star, they say, Oh my gosh, youre my biggest fan!"

Jeffrey Panzer Quotes

"Even in forgetting there is an aspect of recollection, a faded few moments of wispy consciousness clung like webs in high-vaulted chambers, moving ever so lightly with the draft."

Shay Hunter Quotes

"Dont come for me!.... I didnt send for you!"

A A Milne Quotes

"You will be better advised to watch what we do instead of what we say."

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Quotes About Prevailing Through Hard Times

"Coulda fuckin told me, little sister," he said quietly. "Would never let you go through all this shit by yourself."Grabbing my hand, he threaded his large fingers through mine and squeezed. "This is what big brothers are fuckin here for … To pick their little sisters up when they fall the fuck down." - Author: Madeline Sheehan

Quotes About Melancholics

"As a confirmed melancholic, I can testify that the best and maybe only antidote for melancholia is action. However, like most melancholics, I suffer also from sloth." - Author: Edward Abbey

Quotes About Needed Change

"Since Obama has expressed admiration for the portrait of Abraham Lincoln that Doris Kearns Goodwin paints in Team of Rivals, he could do the 16th president one better: He should name Hillary Clinton as his running mate in 2012. That would be both needed change and audacious." - Author: Douglas Wilder

Quotes About Halleck

"Honorius Hatchard had been old Miss Hatchards great-uncle; though she would undoubtedly have reversed the phrase, and put forward, as her only claim to distinction, the fact that she was his great-niece. For Honorius Hatchard, in the early years of the nineteenth century, had enjoyed a modest celebrity. As the marble tablet in the interior of the library informed its infrequent visitors, he had possessed marked literary gifts, written a series of papers called "The Recluse of Eagle Range," enjoyed the acquaintance of Washington Irving and Fitz-Greene Halleck, and been cut off in his flower by a fever contracted in Italy. Such had been the sole link between North Dormer and literature, a link piously commemorated by the erection of the monument where Charity Royall, every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, sat at her desk under a freckled steel engraving of the deceased author, and wondered if he felt any deader in his grave than she did in his library." - Author: Edith Wharton

Quotes About Seeing Things For The First Time

"Then you came along," he muttered, touching my wet cheeks, "and suddenly...I dont know. It was like I was seeing things for the first time again. When I saw you with Puck, the day you came to the Nevernever..."-Ash" - Author: Julie Kagawa

Quotes About Nome

"Exploding is a perfectly normal medical phenomenon." - Author: Graham Chapman

Quotes About Glutons

"Apparently they died from overfeeding. Apparently I overfed them. Apparently fish are terrible glutons with absolutely no self-control who just dont know when theyve had enough and will stuff themselves to death with those innocuous little beige flakes imaginatively labeled fish food." - Author: Steve Toltz

Quotes About Mechanisms

"To subject to scrutiny the mechanisms which render life painful, even untenable, is not to neutralize them; to bring to light contradictions is not to resolve them. But, as skeptical as one might be about the efficacy of the sociological message, we cannot dismiss the effect it can have by allowing sufferers to discover the possible social causes of their suffering and, thus, to be relieved of blame." - Author: Pierre Bourdieu

Quotes About Gabriela

"Para que explicar? Nada desejo explicar. Explicar é limitar. É impossível limitarGabriela, dissecar sua alma." - Author: Jorge Amado

Quotes About Standardized

"CEOs hate variance. Its the enemy. Variance in customer service is bad. Variance in quality is bad. CEOs love processes that are standardized, routinized, predictable. Stamping out variance makes a complex job a bit less complex." - Author: Marcus Buckingham