[If You Prefer Smoke Over Firethen Get Up Now And Leave.For I Do Not Intend To Perfumeyour Mind's Clothingwith More Sooty Knowledge.No, I Have Something Else In Mind.Today I Hold A Flame In My Left Handand A Sword In My Right.There Will Be No Damage Control Today.For God Is In A Moodto Plunder Your Riches Andfling You Nakedlyinto Such Breathtaking Povertythat All That Will Be Left Of Youwill Be A Tendency To Shine.So Don't Just Sit Around This Flamechoking On Your Mind.For This Is No Campfire Songto Mindlessly Mantra Yourself To Sleep With.Jump Now Into The Spacebetween Thoughtsand Exit This Dreambefore I Burn The Damn Place Down.]

Author: Adyashanti Quotes

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Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey Quotes

"Time is a cruel thief to rob us of our former selves. We lose as much to life as we do to death."

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"Hank: As unbelievable as you may find this, Scott, we can do some things without your guidance.Warren: Youre right, Hank! Why, did you know I went to the bathroom this morning-Hank: Not without Scott!Warren: Yes!"

Peter Stuyvesant Quotes

"It is not the least anxiety that we have so little powder and lead on hand."


"What was I, then? I hadntbecome a European either, not in France and certainly not inEngland. So what were you, Ricardito? Maybe what Mrs. Richardsoncalled me in her fits of temper: a little pissant, nothing but aninterpreter, somebody, as my colleague Salomon Toledano liked todefine us, who is only when he isnt, a hominid who exists when hestops being what he is so that what other people think and say canpass through him more easily."

Elyn Saks Quotes

"Occupying my mind with complex problems has been my best and most powerful and most reliable defense against my mental illness."

Anne EG Nydam Quotes

"Why is it considered so glorious to kill an enemy, when it is not considered contemptible to create one?"

AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupda Quotes

"First-class religion teaches one how to love God without any motive. If I serve God for some profit, that is business-not love."

Mike Huckabee Quotes

"It will be like having an extreme close-up in high definition to examine each freckle, while failing to notice whether the person is even wearing pants."

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"Im loving We Are Young, by Fun. Really gets the morning rockin to a great start."

Jasper Rules Quotes

"Luck is a light bulb that is switched on only once, after it switches off, it leaves a gap of regret and powerlessness"

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"When theyd first come out in the morning, a single flounder lay flapping and puffing in the breezeway, one sad, swollen eye looking back toward the sea." - Author: Dennis Lehane

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"For their entire lives, even before they met you, your mother and father held their love for you inside their hearts like an acorn holds an oak tree." - Author: Anthony Marra

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"La fe es medible. Se basa en lo que piensas y consideras sobre una verdad espiritual. (...) Hay leyes naturales, como la gravedad, y hay leyes espirituales, como ésta. Puedes tener lo que dices si crees que lo tienes antes de que tú en realidad veas que lo tienes. Eso es fe.-Zacharel" - Author: Gena Showalter

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"Here is your law enforcement and media question of the day: Was the TV show COPS real or BS?It might have been real incidents, but it wasnt really all that real. They edited the episodes to make it appear as if black people were committing fewer crimes. That is what the show creator John Langley said in a 2009 interview in response to people who were unhappy his long-running reality show, COPS, was showing too many black people getting arrested. What irritates me sometimes is critics still watch and say, Oh look, they misrepresent people of color. Thats absolutely not true. To the contrary, I show more white people than statistically what the truth is in terms of street crime..Its just the reverse. And I do that intentionally, because I do not want to contribute to negative stereotypes, said Langley, the shows producer, in 2009." - Author: Colin Flaherty

Quotes About True Love Relationships

"I dont feel that it is necessary to know exactly what I am. The main interest in life and work is to become someone else that you were not in the beginning. If you knew when you began a book what you would say at the end, do you think that you would have the courage to write it?What is true for writing and for love relationships is true also for life. The game is worthwhile insofar as we dont know where it will end." - Author: Michel Foucault

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"All stories are about wolves. All worth repeating, that is. Anything else is sentimental drivel.All of them?Sure, he says. Think about it. Theres escaping from the wolves, fighting the wolves, capturing the wolves, taming the wolves. Being thrown to the wolves, or throwing others to the wolves so the wolves will eat them instead of you. Running with the wolf pack. Turning into a wolf. Best of all, turning into the head wolf. No other decent stories exist." - Author: Margaret Atwood

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