[If Your Success Is Not On Your Own Terms, If It Looks Good To The World But Does Not Feel Good In Your Heart, It Is Not Success At All.]

Author: Anna Quindlen Quotes

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David Gyimah Boadi Quotes

"Nothing exceptional was ever accomplished without positive mental attitude,enthusiasm, hard work, perseverance and monitoring "."

Daniel Nayeri Quotes

"Do you know what makes someone beautiful? Confidence. You dont have to have this shape eyes or that shape lips. No one seems to be able to decide which shape is best anyway. You can have every kind of blemish. Its confidence that attracts people. Thats what everybodys looking for. Its what no potion can really give you. And believe me, Belle, youve got it. Youve got it if you want it."

Steven J Lawson Quotes

"If you please God, it does not matter whom you displease. And if you displease Him, it does not matter whom you please."

Thurman L Faison Quotes

"Let us keep in mind that we do not have to go to the scriptures inorder to approach God. We do not have to find the right scripture inorder to talk to God"."

Gloria Gaither Quotes

"Glorious wrappings sheath the gift of one day more.Breathless I unwrap the package. Never lived this day before."

Amunhotep El Bey Quotes

"In my book an erection constitutes personal growth."

Victoria Justice Quotes

"I do love getting dressed up, but sometimes its glam and edgy mixed together."

Matt LeBlanc Quotes

"The more cynical you become, the better off youll be."

Deborah Howe Quotes

"Today vegetables. Tomorrow...the world!"

Jeroen Dijsselbloem Quotes

"Banks should contribute to the real economy, make a positive contribution to economic growth."

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"There was movement along the fringe of Chaunceys vision, and he snapped his head to the left. At first glance what appeared to be a large angel topping a nearby monument rose to full height. Neither stone nor marble, the boy had arms and legs. His torso was naked, his feet were bare, and peasant trousers hung low on his waist. He hopped down from the monument, the ends of his hair dripping rain. It slid down his face, which was dark as a Spaniards." - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick

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"One other fact is significant: the domestic feasts and sacrifices of single families, which in Davids time must still have been general, gradually declined and lost their importance as social circles widened and life became more public." - Author: Julius Wellhausen

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"To boast wonder takes great courage. Being left speechless with joy is not for the weak. We forget to be surprised by everyday miracles, like toast springing up, the mesmerizing blue in the sky, or even simple friendships. To touch and remember this delicate sense of wonder, we travel. We deliberately let ourselves become tourists to welcome in this unique delight." - Author: Edmond Manning

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"Shoot for the biggest and boldest impact possible.If you need a full corporate makeover—do it. Moderation is just not going to cut it." - Author: Lorii Myers

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"Reth reached out and took my fingers in his own, his touch light but comforting. "Ive found that sacrifice is called that for a reason. We have all lost much of what we were or could have been because of the mistakes of my people. Well yet lose some things to set it right. But when you join eternity, you will not feel the sting of this life with such intensity.""You mean I wouldnt feel at all?""I feel, my love. Simply not in the same way you do. And thank heavens for that, because you are quite an embarrassment at times. Your inconsistent and flailing passions will no longer be a concern."Leave it to Reth to go from comforting me to insulting me in the course of one short conversation." - Author: Kiersten White

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