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Author: Helena Christensen Quotes

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Merle Shain Quotes

"The act is unjustifiable that either begs for a blessing, or, having succeeded gives no thanksgiving."

Hannah Wilke Quotes

"Beware of fascist feminism."

Adolf Hitler Quotes

"The Whites have carried to these (colonial) people the worst that they could carry: the plagues of the world: materialism, fanaticism, alcoholism, and syphilis. Moreover, since what these people possessed on their own was superior to anything we could give them, they have remained themselves... The sole result of the activity of the colonizers is: they have everywhere aroused hatred."

Ansel Elgort Quotes

"Im starting to get a following on Twitter. Thats a really awesome power to have. It gives me the opportunity to make any kind of art I want."

Walter Bower Quotes

"The wolf was sick, he vowed a monk to be - But when he got well, a wolf once more was he"

David Leslie Quotes

"I would like to become champion, but Im realistic about it."

SC Parris Quotes

"Westley stared at him carefully. "Victor…I understand how you must feel but the rules Dracula upheld—""Were the same very rules that allowed the Dark World to fall," he finished coldly."

Timbaland Quotes

"An artist dont make you bigger than life - being that person that can break artists can make you bigger than life."

Yasmeen Khair Quotes

"I had to stay weak, and stay silent, because if i say one logical thing I shallbe teased until the last breath."

Juan Mascaro Quotes

"This is the great adventure and the great discovery. No one can do it for us. Until we have reached the top of the mountain we cannot see in full glory the view that lies beyond; but glimpses of light illumine our path to the mountain."

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Quotes About Sand Dollars

"And we invested three hundred thousand dollars, became the lead investor and I became Chairman of the Board of Scientific Data Systems, as I was at Intel for a while." - Author: Arthur Rock

Quotes About Compress

"The bigness of the world is redemption. Despair compresses you into a small space, and a depression is literally a hollow in the ground. To dig deeper into the self, to go underground, is sometimes necessary, but so is the other route of getting out of yourself, into the larger world, into the openness in which you need not clutch your story and your troubles so tightly to your chest." - Author: Rebecca Solnit

Quotes About Pets And Family

"Religious teachings say that animals dont have souls, but I dont believe that. Our pets cherish our every move, and wait patiently for us to return home from a days work. Our pets would give their lives for us in a heartbeat and not ask for anything in return. How can man live without companionship when we were meant to live in a family unit, just like our canine friends? So, I ask you: How could a dog not have a soul?" - Author: Blake OConnor

Quotes About Making An Impact

"Never be complacent about the current steps; dont agree and follow the status quo. Be determined that you are making an indelible impact with great change. Now, dress up and go to make it happen!" - Author: Israelmore Ayivor

Quotes About Alfre

"Alfred Nobel was much concerned, as are we all, with the tangible benefits we hope for and expect from physiological and medical research, and the Faculty of the Caroline Institute has ever been alert to recognize practical benefits." - Author: Haldan Keffer Hartline

Quotes About Veela

"Shes a veela!" he said hoarsely to Harry."Of course she isnt!" said Hermione tartly. "I dont see anyone else gaping at her like an idiot!" - Author: J.K. Rowling

Quotes About Tani

"Slušaj - kažem joj - govorim ozbiljno: Hajde da se vjenčamo. Nećeš mnogo dobiti. Šašav sam, nesrećan, često neprijatan, u životu sigurno neću daleko dotjerati, ali ću te voljeti! Ako ti je to dovoljno, pristani." - Author: Meša Selimović

Quotes About Alias

"It felt like an eternity before he gingerly lifted himself from the table and staggered backwards. Glass shards protruded from chest to groin. The guy looked like a bloody porcupine. A cute, tall bloody porcupine. Im tall too. Five foot ten. But he had at least four inches on me, even with my thick-heeled boots."Whats your name?" he slurred. While visions of reckless homicide charges danced in my head, I contemplated using an alias. Finally, I said my real name, "Sam.""Nice to meet you, Sammers. Im Jake," he said." - Author: Betsy Cook Speer

Quotes About Transformation Of Personality

"I adore women, and the one thing I want to do more than anything is to see a transformation of personality when someone puts on one of my dresses." - Author: Alber Elbaz

Quotes About Snuggles

"I would have told you earlier, but as it was your birthday . . . What do you give the man who has everything? I thought Id give you . . . me."He puts the keychain down on the bedside table and snuggles in beside me, pulling me into his arms against his chest so that were spooning."Its perfect. Like you." - Author: E.L. James