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Author: Warren Cuccurullo Quotes

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DJ Molles Quotes

"It was the first and only fight of his childhood, but it had taught him a valuable lesson about human nature, how people were just another species of animal, and like any animal, from the biggest predators, to the smallest scavengers, most human beings could only be pushed so far before they lashed out."

Dorothea Tanning Quotes

"Art has always been the raft onto which we climb to save our sanity. I dont see a different purpose for it now."

Apolo Ohno Quotes

"The world was watching, kids especially were watching, and it is so important to handle yourself-no matter the situation-with class and grace. It is more important to be a champion off the field than on; thats what resonates with me."

Jim George Quotes

"If you make anything a higher priority than God, you are worshiping it and not God."

William Booth Quotes

"Go straight for souls, and go for the worst."

Suzanne Selfors Quotes

"Surely there were others like me, born without an inkling of direction. The wanderers, the amblers, the dabblers, united by our purposeless mantra-I have no idea what to do with my life."

Mark Addy Quotes

"Its nice to have material things but theyre very superficial arent they?"

Leonard Tourney Quotes

"Why, could the good man not impose his will, control his wife? asked Mrs. Carew, who always made much of masculine authority in her talk with friends but ruled the roost at home."

Nicolette Day Quotes

"The next three hours went by in a mind-numbing haze. By the time the cab pulled up to the airport terminal, she was pissed. Not at him though. She wanted to be-shed fallen back in love with him, and he couldnt even stick around to have a waffle and say good-bye?-but she couldnt."

Michael Hureaux Perez Quotes

"All the mega corporations on the planet make their obscene profits off the labor and suffering of others, with complete disregard for the effects on the workers, environment, and future generations. As with the banking sector, they play games with the lives of millions, hysterically reject any kind of government intervention when the profits are rolling in, but are quick to pass the bill for the cleanup and the far-reaching consequences of these avoidable tragedies to the public when things go wrong. We have a straightforward proposal: if they want public money, we want public control. Its that simple."

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Quotes About Extinguish

"a single word even may be a spark of inextinguishable thought" - Author: Percy Bysshe Shelley

Quotes About Sweet Revenge

"Sweet to the miser are his glittering heaps,Sweet to the father is his first-borns birth,Sweet is revenge--especially to women" - Author: George Gordon Byron

Quotes About Intentions And Motives

"I thank you, Walton," he said, "for your kind intentions towards to miserable a wretch; but when you speak of new ties and fresh affections think you that any can replace those who are gone? Can any man be to me as Clerval was, or any woman another Elizabeth? Even where the affections are not strongly moved by any superior excellence, the companions of our childhood always possess a certain power over our minds which hardly any later friend can obtain. They know our infantine dispositions, which, however they may be afterwards modified, are never eradicated; and they can judge of our actions with more certain conclusions as to the integrity of our motives." -- Victor Frankenstein; Frankenstein" - Author: Mary Shelley

Quotes About Setting Goals

"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible." - Author: Tony Robbins

Quotes About Hmong

"The Hmong never had any interest in ruling over the Chinese or anyone else; they wanted merely to be left alone, which, as their later history was also to illustrate, may be the most difficult request any minority can make of a majority culture." - Author: Anne Fadiman

Quotes About Bible Vindictiveness

"A man may study because his brain is hungry for knowledge, even Bible knowledge. But he prays because his soul is hungry for God." - Author: Leonard Ravenhill

Quotes About Farming During The Great Depression

"The gate is perfectly simple," Temeraire said. "There is only a bar across the fence, which one can lift very easily, and then it swings open; Nitidus could do it best, for his forehands are the smallest. Though it is difficult to keep the animals inside the pen, and the first time I learned how to open it, they all ran away," he added. "Maximus and I had to chase after them for hours and hours--it was not funny at all," he said, ruffled, sitting back on his haunches and contemplating Laurence with great indignation." - Author: Naomi Novik

Quotes About Non Veg Food

"Man, naturally, should be a vegetarian because the whole body is made for vegetarian food. Even scientists concede to the fact that the whole structure of the human body shows that man should not be a nonvegetarian. Man comes from the monkeys and monkeys are vegetarians – absolute vegetarians. If Darwin is correct, then man should be a vegetarian. Now, there are ways to judge whether a certain species of animal is vegetarian or nonvegetarian: it depends on the length of the intestine. Nonvegetarian animals have a very small intestine. Tigers and lions have a very small intestine because meat is already a digested food. It does not need a long intestine to digest it. The work of digestion has been done by the animal and now you are eating the animals meat. It is already digested; a long intestine is not needed. Man has one of the longest intestines – that means man is a vegetarian. A long digestion is needed and there will be much excreta which has to be thrown out." - Author: Osho

Quotes About Enemigo

"Uf, "tu verás", "allá tú", no entiendo que nadie pueda decir eso. Una vez me contaron que eso es loq ue decían los semáforos en ámbar: "Allá tú, allá tú, allá tú, allá tú". Yo no le diría eso a nadie que me importe. Ni siquiera a un enemigo se lo diría. Es mejor decirle a alguien que quieres que le parta un rayo, porque a pesar de todo estás con esa persona, aunque sea justo en el extremo opuesto, pero allá tú es como dejar solo a alguien, completamente solo. Allá tú: si te atropellan, a miq ue me registren. Así que me dio el punto, no sé, vale, tenía un día triste, supongo, llrón y no estaba dispuesta a llorar. Me fui. Igual que antes me había ido a mi cuarto, esta vez me fui a la calle." - Author: Belén Gopegui

Quotes About Overcoming Fear

"Identifying and overcoming natural fear is one of the pleasing struggles intrinsic to climbing." - Author: Alex Lowe