[I'm Certainly Not Thrilled With Everything The Eagles Did, But There Are Some Things I'm Quite Proud Of.]

Author: Don Henley Quotes

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Ernesto Sabato Quotes

"Porque a medida que nos relacionamos de manera abstracta más nos alejamos del corazón de las cosas y una indiferencia metafísica se adueña de nosotros, [....] el hombre está perdiendo el diálogo con los demás y el reconocimiento del mundo que lo rodea siendo, que es allí donde se dan el encuentro, la posibilidad del amor, los gestos supremos de la vida."

PF Bresee Quotes

"We are debtors to every man to give him the gospel in the same measure in which we have received it."

Harvey Cushing Quotes

"Standardization of our educational systems is apt to stamp out individualism and defeat the very ends of education by leveling the product down rather than up."

Jerry L Lewis Quotes

"Small fruit is better than big words."

Andriy Shevchenko Quotes

"I would like to thank everyone who supported me to be fit for the Euros. I had some fitness problems before the tournament, but I am here now!"

Fiodor Mijailovich Dostoyevski Quotes

"You are really angry with me for not having appeared to you in a red glow, with thunder and lightning, with scorched wings"

Li Bai Quotes

"Green mountains rise to the north;white water rolls past the eastern city.Once it has been uprooted,the tumbleweed travels forever.Drifting clouds like a wanderers mind;sunset, like the heart of your old friend.We turn, pause, look back and wave,Even our ponies look back and whine."

Julie Connor Quotes

"Passion fuels dreams. Commitment fuels action. Get clear about what you want to do and why you want to do it. Take action. Your time is now!"

Victoria Hanley Quotes

"I have lived with you and loved you, and now you are gone. Gone where I cannot follow, until I have finished all of my days."

Alice James Quotes

"The paralytic on his couch can have if he wants them wider experiences than Stanley slaughtering the savages, the two roomed cottage may enclose an infinitely richer, sweeter domestic harmony than the palace; and the peaceful cotton-spinner win victories beside which those of the reverberating general are dust and ashes -- let us not waster the sacred fire and wear away the tissues in the vulgar pursuit of what others have and we have not; admitting defeat isnt the way to conquer and from every failure imperishable experience survives"

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Quotes About Everyday Learning

".....listening means learning to hear someones inner world and deepest feelings with far greater attention in order that we dont let our own assumptions get in the way. The dying may speak in images far more akin to dreamland than the world of everyday reality. In order to understand them we have to make adjustments to comprehend a poetic form of expression that is sometimes elusive but actually far more expressive than the world of facts." - Author: Robert L. Wise

Quotes About Dashing Look

"So thats what we did - rocketing down Sixth Avenue, dashing around the rest of the post-concert crowd, splashing our tracks until our ankles were soaked. You took the lead, and I started to lose my sprint. But then you looked back, stopped, and waited for me to catch up, for me to take your hand, for us to continue to run in the rain, drenched and enchanted, my words to Amanda no longer feeling like a requirement, but a foretelling." - Author: David Levithan

Quotes About Passed Away Grandfather

"Blaire, This was my grandmothers. My fathers mother. She came to visit me before she passed away. I have fond memories of her visits and when she passed on she left this ring to me. In her will I was told to give it to the woman who completes me. She said it was given to her by my grandfather who passed away when my dad was just a baby but that shed never loved another the way shed loved him. He was her heart. You are mine.This is your something old.I love you,Rush" - Author: Abbi Glines

Quotes About Falter

"The freedom to choose...means the freedom to make mistakes, to falter and fail, to come face-to-face with your own flaws and limitations and fears and secrets, to live with the terrible uncertainty that necessarily attends the construction of a self." - Author: Caroline Knapp

Quotes About Being A Teenager Today

"These days I must take the world in samll and carefully measured doses. It is a sort of homeopathic cure I am undergoing, though I am not certain what this cure is meant to mend. Perhaps I am learning to live amongst the living again. Practising, I mean. But no, that is not it. Being here is just a way of not being anywhere." - Author: John Banville

Quotes About Days Getting Better

"I could win you a goldfish.""I dont think thats be fair to the goldfish," Gemma said. "Ive had about a dozen of them, and they all seem to die within days of me getting them.""Oh, yeah." Alex smiled crookedly. "I remember you making your dad bury them out in the backyard.""They were my pets, and they deserved a proper burial.""I better be careful around you." Alex stepped back from her cautiously, giving her a wide berth. "Youre a goldfish mass murderer. I dont know what youre capable of.""Stop!" Gemma laughed. "I didnt kill them on purpose! I was little. I think I overfed them. Out of love, though.""Thats even scarier," he teased. "Do you plan to kill me with kindness?""Maybe." She narrowed her eyes at him and tried to look menacing, making him laugh." - Author: Amanda Hocking

Quotes About Eugene O Neill

"Nineteenth-century preacher Henry Ward Beechers last words were "Now comes the mystery." The poet Dylan Thomas, who liked a good drink at least as much as Alaska, said, "Ive had eighteen straight whiskeys. I do believe thats a record," before dying. Alaskas favorite was playwright Eugene ONeill: "Born in a hotel room, and--God damn it--died in a hotel room." Even car-accident victims sometimes have time for last words. Princess Diana said, "Oh God. Whats happened?" Movie star James Dean said, "Theyve got to see us," just before slamming his Porsche into another car. I know so many last words. But I will never know hers." - Author: John Green

Quotes About Spontaneously

"I was formerly so stuck into plans. I can now live more spontaneously. This I want not yet to give away." - Author: Gabriela Sabatini

Quotes About Smiles Tumblr

"I would laugh at all my provincial inmates, but Im too busy lusting. Im not usually interested in a guy with "take a number" on his forehead, but this guy doesnt have a forehead — its buried in messy blond hair. And hes not one of the twenty guys Ive known my entire pubescent life. he smiles like the Fourth of July. Whats a dumb girl to do but get in line with everyone else not in his league? I guess journalism just became my most beloved class." - Author: Kristen Chandler

Quotes About Doctor Appointments

"Understand that to achieve success in your efforts, you must try to be reliable and on time for everything -your job, dinner parties, doctor appointments- everything." - Author: Dianna DeLonzor