[I'm Fortunate That I've Been In This Business Long Enough That I've Earned The Right To Be Left Alone By My Record Company.]

Author: Don Henley Quotes

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Mark Gatiss Quotes

"Im an actor and a writer, thats how I think of myself. Sometimes my time is divided equally, sometimes less equally, but thats what I do."

Andrea M Ghez Quotes

"The Keck telescope, which is the largest in the world, had opened just before I began my faculty position at UCLA."

Steven Dietz Quotes

"Beware the ridiculous. It will one day rule you."

Darren Criss Quotes

"I dont shave when Im not working."

David A Stewart Quotes

"I was a manic and eccentric kid. In my head I was very busy, so I must have seemed weird."

Jane Costello Quotes

"Hes wearing my favourite shirt – otherwise known as The Sexiest Shirt Known to Man, an item of clothing that emphasises every contour of his torso. When he smiles tonight, his whole face is luminous – quite an achievement, given its so dark I nearly asked if they had the cocktail menu in Braille."

Genevieve Gorder Quotes

"But instead of that stuff you get relationships with people and neighbors that you would never get in a city. People in small towns are a lot more open."

David Anthony Durham Quotes

"What sense does it make that one god would create all? Why would he create … rabbits. Soft and cuddly, yes? And then create foxes that hunt them down and tear them to shreds? Why do that? That god is no god to the rabbits. He is a demon that favors their enemies. But nor does that god honor the fox, for he creates other animals bigger than it. Creates wolves. Creates you Acacians. Even you, Rialus, could kill a fox if you were lucky and had the right weapon." "And if the creature was lame or old," Jàfith added."

Inez Kelley Quotes

"Uhm, let go of that bossy vine, Tarzan, this Jane dont swing that way. I said Im notgoing."

Chris Marker Quotes

"I will have spent my life trying to understand the function of remembering, which is not the opposite of forgetting, but rather its lining. We do not remember. We rewrite memory much as history is rewritten. How can one remember thirst?"

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Quotes About Comienzos

"Aún estaba embadurnada con la sangre delparto y los comienzos acuosos de sus heces de lactante. La llevó a la puerta y la puso bajo la lluvia tibia. Cuando estuvo limpia, vio que eraverde." - Author: Gregory Maguire

Quotes About Spir

"[On the eve of the French Revolution:]It is impossible to imagine a more disorderly Assembly. They neither reason, examine, nor discuss. They clap those whom they approve and hiss those whom they disapprove. . . .Everything almost is elective, and consequently no one obeys. It is an anarchy beyond conception, and they will be obliged to take back their chains for some time to come at least. And so much for that licentious spirit which they dignify with the name of "Love of Liberty." Their Literati, whose heads are turned by romantic notions picked up in books, and who are too lofty to look down upon that kind of man which really exists, and too wise to heed the dictates of common-sense and experience, have turned the heads of their countrymen, and they have run-a-muck at a Don Quixote constitution such as you are blessed with in Pennsylvania. I need say no more. You will judge of the effects of such a constitution upon people supremely depraved." - Author: Gouverneur Morris

Quotes About Suffering In Silence

"Your voice has haunted every inch of my soul since the last time I heard it…my world had been so dark, void of sound and then I heard you sing again—and it exploded. Everything came crashing down on me that Id been holding in, and then I was just a mess. But I wasnt suffering in silence anymore. I was suffering from the impenetrable sound of your voice on repeat in my head." - Author: Cassandra Giovanni

Quotes About Pitying You

"Sooner or later, fate puts us together with all the people, one by one, who show us what we could, and shouldnt, let ourselves become. Sooner or later we meet the drunkard, the waster, the betrayer, the ruthless mind, and the hate-filled heart. But fate loads the dice, of course, because we usually find ourselves loving or pitying almost all of those people. And its impossible to despise someone you honestly pity, and to shun someone you truly love." - Author: Gregory David Roberts

Quotes About Family History

"My mom started an air-freight company; my grandmother built a golf course. I have a certain degree of entrepreneurial risk-taking in my family history. Maybe that eventually rubbed off on me a little bit." - Author: Brian Acton

Quotes About Funny Skulls

"How he died hadnt been funny, Newt thought. "Its all right, though," Augustus said. "Its mostly bones were riding over anyway. Why, think of all the buffalo that have died on these plains. Buffalo and other critters too. And the Indians have been here forever; their bones are down there in the earth. Im told that over in the Old Country you cant dig six feet without uncovering skulls and leg bones and such. People have been living there since the beginning, and their bones have kinda filled up the ground. Its interesting to think about, all the bones in the ground. But its just fellow creatures, its nothing to shy from." - Author: Larry McMurtry

Quotes About Alexander Wang

"I love all Helmut Lang. I love Alexander Wang and Alice+Olivia." - Author: Addison Timlin

Quotes About Burning The Bridge

"The Cutter leaned toward me, resting his forehead against mine. Fool me once, he whispered, shame on you. He pressed the bridge of his nose against mine, his breath burning the back of my throat. His voice was rough and furious. Fool me twice, and I will cut out your fucking throat." - Author: Brenna Yovanoff

Quotes About Elderly Care

"The more we rely on the market, the more hooked we become on its promises: Do you need a tidier closet? A nicer family picture album? Elderly parents who are truly well cared for? Children who have an edge in school, on tests, in college and beyond? If we can afford the services involved, many if not most of us are prone to say, Sure, why not?" - Author: Arlie Russell Hochschild

Quotes About Pipe

"Piper, I want another chance. Ill make it right, I swear. Youll never be sorry if you give me another chance to love you the way you deserve. I wont be the fool this time. Ill be there, no matter what the cost. I swear it." - Author: Alexia Purdy