[I'm Interested In Russian Language, Culture, History... And I Lived There, For Four Years, As A Reporter For The Washington Post And Have Visited Many Times Since.]

Author: David Remnick Quotes

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Peter Yarrow Quotes

"When people sing together, community is created. Together we rejoice, we celebrate, we mourn and we comfort each other. Through music, we reach each others hearts and souls. Music allows us to find a connection. - Peter Yarrow"

Vasily Grossman Quotes

"He had lived without her before. He could get over it! In a year or so hed be able to walk straight past her without his heart so much as missing a beat. He needed her as much as a drunk needs a cork! But he understood all too quickly how vain these thoughts were. How can you tear something out of your heart? Your heart isnt made out of paper and your life isnt written down in ink. You cant erase the imprint of years."

Robert Ardrey Quotes

"Classic is our daring, classic our cowardice. Classic is our cruelty, classic our charity."

Edward Witten Quotes

"String theory is an attempt at a deeper description of nature by thinking of an elementary particle not as a little point but as a little loop of vibrating string."

J G Stedman Quotes

"During the crusades all were religious mad, and now all are mad for want of it."

Anthony Quinn Quotes

"I lost my father was I 10 years old, and I always looked for a father. I missed my father very much."

Jodie B Cooper Quotes

"Im waiting with baited breath to hear that silver tongue of yours."

Tima Maria Lacoba Quotes

"Are you baiting me, Miss Dantonville?""I wouldnt dream of it!""Oh, I believe you are! Thats a dangerous game to play with a vampire."

Neesha Meminger Quotes

"But the coconut is also a symbol of resilience, Samar. Even in the conditions where theres very little nourishment and even less nurturance, it flourishes, growing taller than most of the plants around it."

Paul Berg Quotes

"Looking back, I realize that nurturing curiosity and the instinct to seek solutions are perhaps the most important contributions education can make."

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Quotes About Thomas Putnam

"Maybe its true what Thomas Moore said: "It is only through mystery and madness that the soul is revealed." - Author: Susannah Cahalan

Quotes About Wellness

"While theyre in WWE, we absolutely have a health and wellness policy. Ill probably always say we, even though Ive resigned as the CEO. Its kind of hard to break a 30-year habit." - Author: Linda McMahon

Quotes About Percentage

"the larger the percentage of the national income taken by taxes the greater the deterrent to private production and employment. When the total tax burden grows beyond a bearable size, the problem of devising taxes that will not discourage and disrupt production becomes insoluble." - Author: Henry Hazlitt

Quotes About Clover Leaf

"I removed the freeway from its temporal context. Overpasses, cloverleafs, exit ramps took on the personality of Mayan ruins for me. Without destination, without cessation, my run was often silent and empty; there were no increments, no arbitrary graduations reducing time to functional units. I abstracted and purified." - Author: Tom Robbins

Quotes About Famous Boldness

"It is the noble races that have left behind them the concept barbarian wherever they have gone; even their highest culture betrays a consciousness of it and even a pride in it (for example, when Pericles says to the Athenians in his famous funeral oration our boldness has gained access to every land and sea, everywhere raising imperishable monuments to its goodness and wickedness"). This boldness of noble races, mad, absurd, and sudden in its expression, the incalculability, even incredibility of their undertakings—Pericles specially commends the rhathymia of the Athenians—their indifference to and contempt for security, body, life, comfort, their hair-raising cheerfulness and profound joy in all destruction, in all the voluptuousness of victory and cruelty—all this came together, in the minds of those who suffered from it, in the image of the barbarian, the evil enemy, perhaps as the Goths, the Vandals." - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche

Quotes About Sleeping In

"Carlos was probably somewhere warm, eating three meals a day, and sleeping in a real bed. That was the life" - Author: Susan Beth Pfeffer

Quotes About Protecting The Innocent

"So, there is a God protecting the innocent. Too bad, he didnt act sooner." - Author: Pepper Phillips

Quotes About Peoples Pettiness

"While the hardware of civilization - iron pots, blankets, guns - was welcomed by Native people, the software of Protestantism and Catholicism - original sin, universal damnation, atonement, and subligation - was not, and Europeans were perplexed, offended, and incensed that Native peoples had the temerity to take their goods and return their gods." - Author: Thomas King

Quotes About Relationships And Time

"Something snapped inside her. "Of course Im afraid! Relationships do bad things to me." He started to respond, but the pain had gone on long enough, and she didnt want to hear it. "You know what I want? I want peace. I want a good job and a decent place to live. I want to read books and listen to music and have time to make some female friendships that are going to last. When I wake up in the morning, I want to know that I have a decent shot at being happy. And heres whats really sad. Until I met you, I was almost there." - Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Quotes About First Meeting You

"This may be the final note and closure of a very special part of my coaching career. The last piece of the puzzle that I wanted to see complete from our first meeting has been delivered. I gained incredible satisfaction from your race at the weekend. No, not from the race performance--that didnt interest me--- but to see you in full happiness in the arms of your man, looking up with all the admiration one can summon in a most happy and fulfilling time." - Author: Chrissie Wellington