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Author: Alexander Siddig Quotes

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Rachel Blanchard Quotes

"Winston Churchill was not entirely British. His mother was American, making Sir Winston part Iroquois Indian."

Bianca Lawson Quotes

"My dad and I used to do movie marathons when I was a kid at the Chinese Theatre, and I just remember thinking, One day I want to have a movie here And then later on, when Save The Last Dance premiered there, that was definitely a full circle moment."

Matt Sharp Quotes

"Im kind of a one-note at a time, one finger keyboard player."

Philip S Skell Quotes

"I recently asked more than seventy eminent researchers if they would have done I their work differently if they had thought Darwins theory was wrong. The responses were all the same: no. I also examined the outstanding biodiscoveries of the past century: the discovery of the double helix; the characterization of the ribosome: the mapping of genomes; research on medications and drug reactions: improvements in food production and sanitation; the development of new surgeries; and others. I even queried biologists working in areas where one would expect the Darwinian paradigm to have most benefited research, such as the emergence of resistance to antibiotics and pesticides. Here, as elsewhere, I found that Darwins theory had provided no discernible guidance, but was brought in, after the breakthroughs, as an interesting narrative gloss."

Ammaar Shaukat Reshi Quotes

"It can be argued that the computer is humanitys attempt to replicate the human brain. This is perhaps an unattainable goal. However, unattainable goals often lead to outstanding accomplishment."

George Pataki Quotes

"We have a reliable computerized network devoted to counterterrorist activities."

Allan Pinkerton Quotes

"Vice may triumph for a time, crime may flaunt its victories in the face of honest toilers, but in the end the law will follow the wrong-doer to a bitter fate, and dishonor and punishment will be the portion of those who sin."

James Redfield Quotes

"I try not to recommend too many books, frankly, because I think theres a certain synchronicity that happens when people discover books."

Jamie Sives Quotes

"I secretly liked acting, but I wanted to play football. It was an enormous dream."

Vilayanur S Ramachandran Quotes

"If we knew about the real facts and statistics of mortality, wed be terrified."

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Quotes About Rimorso

"Contrariamente ai riti proposti da unintera comunità, quelli individuali sono caratterizzati da un senso ci colpa e rimorso." - Author: Erich Fromm

Quotes About Pompei

"It is the things we cant afford to lose that make us fight until we win."~ Shrouded in Pompei" - Author: Lisa Fantino

Quotes About Vigorous

"She had not made a lot of money, but she had not made a loss, and she had been happy and entertained. That counted for infinitely more than a vigorously healthy balance sheet. In fact, she thought, annual accounts should include an item specifically headed Happiness, alongside expenses and receipts and the like." - Author: Alexander McCall Smith

Quotes About Unexpected Love

"Lord have mercy! Pardon and help us!" he repeated the words that suddenly and unexpectedly sprang to his lips. And he, an unbeliever, repeated those words not with his lips only. At that instant he knew that neither his doubts nor the impossibility of believing with his reason- of which he was conscious- all prevented his appealing to God. It all flew off like dust. To whom should he appeal, if not to Him in whose hands he felt himself, his soul, and his love, to be?" - Author: Leo Tolstoy

Quotes About Sewage Water

"The probable reason that nobody at Mikimoto wanted a writer to go to the pearl farms of Ago…was because something terrible was happening in that bay. Since the 1990s, pollution has been pouring into the water, partly as a result of careless husbandry but also from untreated sewage from all the hotels that bring people in to enjoy the ‘unspoiled wilderness. No wonder the Japanese farmers were pulling out their oysters after just nine months: any longer than that and they risked losing most of their stock to the effluent in the water—it was killing the akoya oysters… Similar things are happening in Lake Biwa… Thanks to the pollution in the area, production at Lake Biwa has now declined almost to the point of nonexistence." - Author: Victoria Finlay

Quotes About Creating A Legacy

"He tried to calm his thoughts, but everything came back to what hed almost done. Because he hadnt done anything, for years or ever, he had almost done this. Because he had no stories of valor, he had almost done this. Because the efforts hed made towards creating something like a legacy had failed, he had almost done this." - Author: Dave Eggers

Quotes About Aimlessness

"We need sometimes to escape into open solitudes, into aimlessness, into the moral holiday of running some pure hazard in order to sharpen the edge of life, to taste hardship, and to be compelled to work desperately for a moment at no matter what." - Author: George Santayana

Quotes About Jerry Brown

"You know, we - if, for example, Jerry Brown can withstand, you know, what will probably end up being $200 million of spending by his opponent and get elected governor of California, that will be a big victory in the nations largest state." - Author: David Axelrod

Quotes About Increases

"The next step in the process is to measure the impact that these increases in reach have on your number of new transacting customers. The secret to a companys reach strategy lies in the programs ability not only to acquire fans, followers, subscribers and connections, but to convert them through its use of social media into transacting customers." - Author: Olivier J. Blanchard

Quotes About Rapping Love

"I was the kind of kid who loved singing. I loved rapping; I loved attention. But for me, it was more about chasing the dream of being a superstar because of the town I was from and because of what Id seen." - Author: Trey Songz