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Author: Alexander Siddig Quotes

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John Jeremiah Sullivan Quotes

"Century after century, we have prosecuted our insane conflicts from atop their backs, resting on their sturdy necks when we grew weary, eating their flesh when we were starving, disemboweling them and crawling inside their bodies when we were freezing."

Annette Lu Quotes

"In 2005, I founded the Democratic Pacific Union, an international organization of 28 democratic countries to promote democracy, peace and prosperity in the Pacific region."

George Farquhar Quotes

"Money is the sinews of love, as of war."

Mae Jemison Quotes

"Some of the most fun people I know are scientists."

Brian McBride Quotes

"I want to be involved in soccer some way."

Tessa Dare Quotes

"Katie, I want you. I cant make it poetry. I cant make it sound anything other than crude, because it is. I want you in my bed. I want you under me, holding me. I want to bury my cock so deep inside you."

AL Jackson Quotes

"It slammed into me so hard it nearly knocked me from my feet. At the same time, it felt completely natural. Inevitable. Simple. I loved her. My eyes dropped closed, savoring the truth soaking my body, my nerves thrilling in excitement while my heat beat with a steady content. I loved her."

David Chipperfield Quotes

"Im suspicious of the idea of architects acting like business executives, brand managers, or purveyors of luxury goods."

George Lopez Quotes

"I never realized I could love people as much as I do now."

Erin Hunter Quotes

"My name is Squirrelpaw, but I never thought Id wish I was one!"

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Quotes About Dox

"When some years ago, knowing ten words of English and using them all wrong, I applied for a translators job, my would-be employer (or would-be-not-employer) softly remarked: ‘I am afraid your English is somewhat unorthodox. This translated into any continental language would mean: EMPLOYER (to the commissionaire): ‘Jean, kick this gentleman down the steps!" - Author: George Mikes

Quotes About Bali

"One of the striking features of the form of globalisation that has now been established is that it is based on the premise that goods and even capital should be free to roam but labour must remain imprisoned within the nation state." - Author: Roberto Unger

Quotes About Nepotism

"The Syrian army is tired of corruption. It is tired of party nepotism. It is becoming very angry with those it blames for the war." - Author: Robert Fisk

Quotes About Blank Stares

"Through the damp fabric of my coverall, bundled in my blanket, I feel naked. Raw. He sees more than I want, more than I can bear. Its like standing before him ... while he stares at my scars, pitiless and unmoved." - Author: Ann Aguirre

Quotes About Hurting Someone

"Women have curious ways of hurting someone else. They hurt themselves instead; or else they do it so the guy doesnt even know hes been hurt until much later. Then he finds out. Then his dick falls off." - Author: Margaret Atwood

Quotes About Writing To Inspire

"I was successful and I enjoyed modeling, but it got to a point where I felt like I had been there, done that. I wanted something that would inspire me and challenge me. I needed something that required more creativity. I started writing and I started auditioning. Simply posing in front of the camera was no longer enough." - Author: Julia Voth

Quotes About Catching Snowflakes

"After a time, it seemed that the world inside the books became my world. So when I thought of my childhood, it was dandelion wine and ice cream on a summer porch, like Ray Bradbury, and catching catfish with Huck Finn. My own memories receded and the book memories became the real memories, far more than the outside, far more even than in here." - Author: Rene Denfeld

Quotes About Not Given Importance

"What advice do you have for writers working on their first novels?If you feel called to write a book, consider it a gift. Look around you. What assistance is the universe offering you as support? I was given an amazing mentor, a poet, Eleanor Drewry Dolan, who taught me the importance of every word. To my utter amazement, there were times she found it necessary to consult three dictionaries to evaluate one word." - Author: Kathleen Grissom

Quotes About Bartender

"Lady bartenders live a tougher life than anybody knows. -- Dancing Bear" - Author: James Crumley

Quotes About Steel

"Olen tutkinut asiaa useamman vuoden, ja havaintojeni perusteella uskon vakaasti, että ihmiset eivät ole tasa-arvoisia, jotkut ovat typeryksiä ja toiset eivät ja että sen määrää luonto eivätkä kulttuuriset tekijät." - Author: Carlo M. Cipolla