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Author: James Hetfield Quotes

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Marta Acosta Quotes

"I took one look at his composed face and know he doesnt understand,because if he did understand, he would be weeping, too, for this boy who loved a world that never loved him."

Brandon Kelly Quotes

"Whats humorous to me about using "bitch" as an insult is that it clearly illustrates just how marginalized women really are; for this singular insult stands to throw us out of the human species altogether, and quite literally, to the dogs."

Mark Oliphant Quotes

"I worked with him for ten years until he died and it was the most wonderful time of my life."

Carry Nation Quotes

"I felt invincible. My strength was that of a giant. God was certainly standing by me. I smashed five saloons with rocks before I ever took a hatchet."

Lynn Povich Quotes

"Newsweek never hired women as writers and only one or two female staffers were promoted to that rank no matter how talented they were...Any aspiring journalist who was interviewed for a job was told, "If you want to be a writer, go somewhere else--women dont write at Newsweek."

Heraclitus Quotes

"Couples are wholes and not wholes, what agrees disagrees, the concordant is discordant. From all things one and from one all things."

Hafsah Laziaf Quotes

"... But my voice is too soft. The wind picks up my words and swallows them whole."

Steven Seagal Quotes

"I think the more diversity that one has in his life, the happier he can be, as long as he is able to do whatever he chooses to do at that given time well."

Gilbert Murray Quotes

"It is doubtless one of Aristotles great services that he conceived so clearly the truth that literature is a thing that grows and has a history."

Rebecca De Mornay Quotes

"I may be an optimist."

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Quotes About Cherishing Loved Ones

"Im a fan of horrors. I love the ones that make you jump. My girlfriend hates it. Ive been dating her for one-and-a-half years and Im crazy about her, but shes terrified of horror films. Not the cute Will you hold me? way, but shes weeping. With House of Wax, well be sleeping and Ill go to the bathroom and shes sitting up waiting for me." - Author: Jared Padalecki

Quotes About Summa

"If you ask me to summarise our mission, I would put it this way: We were a military regime that sought to lay the foundations for freedom and liberty in a complex society." - Author: Ibrahim Babangida

Quotes About Well Laid Plans

"Our destinies are riddled with challenges that have a tendency to ruin well laid plans. Many have attempted to take fate into their own hands and have been unsuccessful in changing it.Others find that their paths differ from what they have dreamed for themselves. We must be aware that our choices may come back to haunt us later in life, but to trust that is is all part of fates desing." - Author: Peter Koevari

Quotes About The Chrysalids Petra

"So you love me," said Petra softly when the kiss ended.Im a raging mass of hormones thet Im too young to understand," said Bean. "Youre a female of a closely related species. According to all the best primatologists, I really have no choice."Thats nice," she said..." - Author: Orson Scott Card

Quotes About Satanic

"The human placenta is filled with nutritious benefits, one of which is creating a fertile environment. At my age, Im going to need all the help I can to have a baby, and if having a placenta smoothie or two helps - I wont count it out.""Thats like some pretty satanic shit." Ethan is quick to observe. "Like voodoo or something." - Author: Addison Moore

Quotes About Shaky

"Meaning is a shaky edifice we build out of scraps, dogmas, childhood injuries, newspaper articles, chance remarks, old fillms, small victories, people hated, people loved; perhaps it is because our sense of what is the case is constructed from such inadequate materials that we defend it so fiercely, even to death." - Author: Salman Rushdie

Quotes About Free Will

"Now, feel free to call me what I am-call me a corpse, call me dead, call me a killer if you want. Ive killed people in battle, Ill admit. But dont call me what Im not. I am not a freak, and I am not a cannibal, and-"I would have adeed, Im not a monster, if it hadnt at that moment hit me that I was going all self-righteous on a girl whose world I had just turned upside down.Smooth, Bram. When will you learn to shut up?" - Author: Lia Habel

Quotes About Weirdos

"I think definitely people know me from playing creeps and weirdos, and Im definitely looking to expand my range." - Author: Rainn Wilson

Quotes About Oneself Change

"By seeing the multitude of people around it, by being busied with all sorts of worldly affairs, by being wise to the ways of the world, such a person forgets himself, in a divine sense forgets his own name, dares not believe in himself, finds being himself too risky, finds it much easier and safer to be like the others, to become a copy, a number, along with the crowd. Now this form of despair goes practically unnoticed in the world. Precisely by losing oneself in this way, such a person gains all that is required for a flawless performance in everyday life, yes, for making a great success out of life. Here there is no dragging of the feet, no difficulty with his self and its infinitizing, he is ground smooth as a pebble, as exchangeable as a coin of the realm. Far from anyone thinking him to be in despair, he is just what a human being ought to be. Naturally, the world has generally no understanding of what is truly horrifying." - Author: Søren Kierkegaard

Quotes About Alyosha

"Rebellion? I dont like hearing such a word from you," Ivan said with feeling. "One cannot live by rebellion, and I want to live. Tell me straight out, I call on you--answer me: imagine that you yourself are building the edifice of human destiny with the object of making people happy in the finale, of giving them peace and rest at last, but for that you must inevitably and unavoidably torture just one tiny creature, that same child who was beating her chest with her little fist, and raise your edifice on the foundation of her unrequited tears--would you agree to be the architect on such conditions? Tell me the truth.""No, I would not agree," Alyosha said softly."And can you admit the idea that the people for whom you are building would agree to accept their happiness on the unjustified blood of a tortured child, and having accepted it, to remain forever happy?""No, I cannot admit it." - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky