[I'm Not Sure He's Wrong About Automobiles," He Said. "With All Their Speed Forward They May Be A Step Backward In Civilization -- That Is, In Spiritual Civilization. It May Be That They Will Not Add To The Beauty Of The World, Nor To The Life Of Men's Souls.]

Author: Booth Tarkington Quotes

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Judy Nedry Quotes

"February is the cruelest month in western Oregon."

Charlie Dent Quotes

"Theres a need to reform Medicare, but not a need to cut a half trillion dollars out of Medicare."

Jakob Wassermann Quotes

"The way individuals live together. The truth of each individual is only the truth of his own narrow perspective. The entirety of mankind and of human qualities is always seen through a prisim, where its colours are broken. Observation is so utterly different from experinnce; there is no hope of fusing their contardictions, as the I and the not-I have been foes from the worlds beginning."

Casanova Quotes

"The man who seeks to educate himself must first read and then travel in order to correct what he has learned."

James Galvin Quotes

"Let us begin with a simple line,Drawn as a child would draw it, To indicate the horizon,More real than the real horizon,Which is less than line,Which is visible abstraction, a ratio.The line ravishes the page with implicationsOf white earth, white sky!"

Joan Reardon Quotes

"Im getting stale. I always do this time of year. I keep my nose to the grindestone and put in long hours and rustle up good meals and do all the chores and run errands and get along with people -- and have a fine time doing it and enjoy life. Then I realize, bang, that Im tired and I dont want to wait on my family for a while and I wish I could go away somewhere and have people wait on me hand and foot, and dress up and go to restaurants and the theater and act like a woman of the world. I feel as if Id been swallowed up whole by all these powerful DeVotos and Id like to be me for a while with somebody who never heard the name."

Helen Caldicott Quotes

"Sometimes its appropriate to scream at them."

Charlie Daniels Quotes

"I just thank God I can make a living doing something I enjoy as much as I do playing music."

Toby Forward Quotes

"Civilized nations build libraries; lands that have lost their soul close them down."

Rita Dove Quotes

"I think children have talent and insight, but it gets beaten out of them."

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"In the digital world, he who hesitates is abandoned. So you have to generate 3-D excitement with as many devices as you can find." - Author: Howard Stringer

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"There is a phantom that flies with the banshees. It strangles the throat, pierces the heart and consumes the body with pain that only time and tears can expel." - Author: Susan Denning

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"The term paradigm shift was introduced by Thomas Kuhn in his highly influential landmark book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Kuhn shows how almost every significant breakthrough in the field of scientific endeavor is first a break with tradition, with old ways of thinking, with old paradigms." - Author: Stephen R. Covey

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"There are no accidents in this world, that no living being is seduced into an entanglement that he did not invite with his innermost desires. Would you agree with my estimation?" - Author: Karen Essex

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"Wit was insulting each person as they stepped onto the island. "Brightness Marakal! What adisaster that hairstyle is; how brave of you to show it to the world. Brightlord Marakal, I wish youdwarned us you were going to attend; Id have forgone supper. I do so hate being sick after a full meal.Brightlord Cadilar! How good it is to see you. Your face reminds me of someone dear to me.""Really?" wizened Cadilar said, hesitating."Yes," Wit said, waving him on, "my horse. Ah, Brightlord Neteb, you smell unique today—did youattack a wet whitespine, or did one just sneeze on you? Lady Alami! No, please, dont speak—its mucheasier to maintain my illusions regarding your intelligence that way. And Brightlord Dalinar." Wit noddedto Dalinar as he passed. "Ah, my dear Brightlord Taselin. Still engaged in your experiment to prove amaximum threshold of human idiocy? Good for you! Very empirical of you." - Author: Brandon Sanderson

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"How foolish to yearn to ask the very person whod caused the pain to heal it" - Author: Judith McNaught

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"What I have told you is not completely true. You should beware, for often in this story, my words will be spoken out of bitterness, out of hate. The scream of the poor is not always just; but if you do not listen to it, then you will never understand justice." - Author: Erik Christian Haugaard