[I'm Only Really Interested In Taking A Part If It's Nothing Like Me.]

Author: Rupert Friend Quotes

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Ignacio Solares Quotes

"la experiencia de conversión, de cualquier clase que ella sea, tiene como común denominador un derrumbamiento total del ego."

Moby Quotes

"I think a lot of self-importance is a product of fear. And fear, living in sort of an un-self-examined fear-based life, tends to lead to narcissism and self-importance."

Rod Paige Quotes

"Character is one of most precious parts of you. You cant get involved in things that will damage your character."

Sharon Duerst Quotes

"In every day waits fortune like a seed ready to sprout."

Natalia Tena Quotes

"I have three things I really, really want to do. I want to do aerial trapeze, I want to do martial arts, and I want to learn Russian. And, because of my life, Im not able to do any of these."

Ivan Michurin Quotes

"We must not wait for favours from Nature; our task is to wrest them from her."

Rynosuke Akutagawa Quotes

"A man sometimes devotes his life to a desire which he is not sure will ever be fulfilled. Those who laugh at this folly are, after all, no more than mere spectators of life."

Bernard Marcus Quotes

"Im basically a dinosaur. I dont use e-mail. But I do recognize the importance of science and the resulting possibilities."

Vicki Hinze Quotes

"Our decisions define our lives. We are the people we choose to be in the ways that most matter. Choose wisely. You will live with the choices you make.The choices you make define your character. And your character defines how you feel about yourself. That image of you is projected in hundreds of ways to others."

Paul Westerberg Quotes

"Although, my experience when Ive been depressed, not only am I too depressed to sit down and write a song, Im too depressed to pick up my feet. So if you can at least write about it, youre halfway away from it."

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Quotes About Macho

"That teeters over the edge of macho crazy, Knight," I informed him."Yeah," he was completely not offended, "Heads up, babe, get used to that." - Author: Kristen Ashley

Quotes About Together

"Other sound than the owls voice there was none, save the falling of a fountain into its stone basin; for, it was one of those dark nights that hold their breath by the hour together, and then heave a long low sigh, and hold their breath again." - Author: Charles Dickens

Quotes About Gone

"Too many heroes in my life. All gone." - Author: Tatjana Soli

Quotes About Loser Girlfriends

"I like to do little obsessed losers, or people who are in over their head, or people who are trying to figure stuff out, or guys whose girlfriends leave them and they dont quite get it. Guys who just dont quite get it." - Author: Bruce McCulloch

Quotes About Missing Shots

"Stevie Wonder could make one of 23 shots." - On North Carolina missing 22 of its last 23 shots in losing to Georgetown in the NCAA tournament." - Author: Charles Barkley

Quotes About Black And White Shades Of Grey

"Theres no black and no white, just shades of grey...But the small betrayals lead to bigger ones, morality is eroded." - Author: Kate Mosse

Quotes About Hurdles In Life

"There are hurdles to overcome in sport and in life. Sport is a very valuable learning ground for how to live your life in the best possible way." - Author: Lynn Davies

Quotes About Going To Heaven

"My name is Pride. I am a cheater. I cheat you of your God-given destiny . . . because you demand your own way. I cheat you of contentment . . . because you "deserve better than this." I cheat you of knowledge . . . because you already know it all. I cheat you of healing . . . because youre too full of me to forgive. I cheat you of holiness . . . because you refuse to admit when youre wrong. I cheat you of vision . . . because youd rather look in the mirror than out a window. I cheat you of genuine friendship . . . because nobodys going to know the real you. I cheat you of love . . . because real romance demands sacrifice. I cheat you of greatness in heaven . . . because you refuse to wash anothers feet on earth. I cheat you of Gods glory . . . because I convince you to seek your own. My name is Pride. I am a cheater. You like me because you think Im always looking out for you. Untrue." - Author: Beth Moore

Quotes About Compact

"As an artist I have an even more abiding interest in the compact between the Arts and Government." - Author: Theodore Bikel

Quotes About Drink Driving

"Where did all the women come from? The supply was endless. Each one of them was individual, different. Their pussies were different, their kisses were different, their breasts were different, but no man could drink them all, there were too many of them, crossing their legs, driving men mad. What a feast!" - Author: Charles Bukowski