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Author: Ken Salazar Quotes

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Peter Trachtenberg Quotes

"The philosopher Berkley claimed that everything in the universeexists solely as a thought in the mind of God. In response to thisSamuel Johnson is supposed to have kicked a stone and said, "I refusehim thus!" Nowhere is it written that Johnson stubbed his toe when he kickedthat stone. But he probably did and it probably hurt."

Maeve Brennan Quotes

"Home is a place in the mind. When it is empty, it frets. It is fretful with memory, faces and places and times gone by. Beloved images rise up in disobedience and make a mirror for emptiness. Then what resentful wonder, and what half-aimless seeking. It is a silly state of affairs. It is a silly creature that tries to get a smile from even the most familiar and loving shadow. Comical and hopeless, the long gaze back is always turned inward."

Crackedcom Quotes

"In 1800s Paris, women were prohibited from studying the nude human form, because this wouldve ruined the wedding-night surprise. (Surprise! Its a penis.)"

Gianluca Frangella Quotes

"– Io non potrò mai darti quel genere di sensazioni, mi dispiace.– Ed io non le voglio … perché ho capito che è facile innamorarsi di un mito. Chi non sinnamorerebbe di un attore bello e famoso? Chi rifiuterebbe unattrice bella e famosa? Chi non resterebbe senza parole se qualcuno che ha carisma, ed è amato da tutti, decidesse di dargli attenzione?– Chi sa amarsi per quello che è e non per quello che vorrebbe essere."

Gustave Moreau Quotes

"No one could have less faith in the absolute and definitive importance of the work created by man, because I believe that this world is nothing but a dream."

Manjul Bajaj Quotes

"She will not believe me if I tell her love is all anyone ever needs. Everything else – the fast cars, the private aeroplanes, the mansions, the diamonds, the watches, the fancy clothes, the perfect bodies, the publicity, the awards, the applause – all are ways of filling the emptiness created by the lack of love."

RA Salvatore Quotes

"Cook another feast, Bruenor grumbled. Suren the elf has his eye fixed on another wedding."Drizzt let it go at that. Maybe there was a ring of truth in Bruenors words for some distant date. No longer did Drizzt limit his hopes and desires. He would see the world as he could and draw his choices from his wishes, not from limitations he might impose upon himself. For now, though, Drizzt had found something too personal to be shared.For the first time in his life, the drow had found peace."

Trevor Horn Quotes

"I hate having to read the manual."

Max Tegmark Quotes

"das Ding an sich."

Nick Cohen Quotes

"Antisemitism is unique among religious hatreds. It is a racist conspiracy theory fashioned for the needs of messianic and brutal rulers, as dictators from the Tsars to the Islamists via the Nazis have shown. Many other alleged religious hatreds are not hatreds in the true sense. If I criticise Islamic, Orthodox Jewish or Catholic attitudes towards women, for instance, and Im accused of being a bigot, I shrug and say it is not bigoted to oppose bigotry."

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Quotes About Old School Memories

"Wandering, ever wandering, Because life holds not anything so good As to be free of yesterday, and bound Towards a new to-morrow ; and they wend Into a world of unknown faces, where It may be there are faces waiting them, Faces of friendly strangers, not the long Intolerable monotony of friends. The joy of earth is yours, O wanderers, The only joy of the old earth, to wake, As each new dawn is patiently renewed, With foreheads fresh against a fresh young sky. To be a little further on the road, A little nearer somewhere, some few steps Advanced into the future, and removed By some few counted milestones from the past; God gives you this good gift, the only gift That God, being repentant, has to give. Wanderers, you have the sunrise and the stars; And we, beneath our comfortable roofs, Lamplight, and daily fire upon the hearth, And four walls of a prison, and sure food. But God has given you freedom, wanderers." - Author: Arthur Symons

Quotes About Don Drysdale

"But when I stopped facing Sandy, I had to face Don Drysdale. No one on my team wanted to face him." - Author: Juan Marichal

Quotes About Understated

"The window gave onto a view of dove-gray roofs and balconies, each containing the same cracked flowerpot and sleeping feline. It was as if the entire city of Paris had agreed to abide by a single understated taste. Each neighbor was doing his or her own to keep up with standards, which was difficult because the French ideal wasnt clearly delineated like the neatness and greenness of American lawns, but more of a picturesque disrepair. It took courage to let things fall apart to beautifully." - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides

Quotes About Bahama

"I managed to take a family trip to the Bahamas and it was quite lovely." - Author: Jackie Collins

Quotes About Rome Colosseum

"The machine will grind you down, but the machine is not bigger than the imagination. Rome fell in a day. We know this." - Author: Suheir Hammad

Quotes About Bullying

"Unless and until our society recognizes cyber bullying for what it is, the suffering of thousands of silent victims will continue." - Author: Anna Maria Chavez

Quotes About Elie Wiesels Faith In Night

"Were surrounded by people who dont make that distinction. If you say to them ‘theres a monster living in my closet, you cant see him, but you gotta have faith that hes there people would say ‘well thats ridiculous, youre out of youre mind, you should be locked up but the same thing does not apply to a guy living on a cloud... We suspend our powers of logic." - Author: Seth Mcfarlane

Quotes About Ohio State University

"The Ohio State University has a rich - if quiet - heritage of the arts." - Author: Gordon Gee

Quotes About Bearing

"I loathe him. He stands for everything I hate in Washington. The right schools, houses in Georgetown, farms in Virginia, quiet meetings at their clubs. Theyve got their tight little world and you dont break in--they run it all. The bastards. The superior, self-inflated gentry of Washington. They use other mens intellects, other mens work, wrapping it all into decisions bearing their imprimaturs. And if youre on the outside, you become part of that amorphous entity, a damn fine staff. (Alfred Gillette)" - Author: Robert Ludlum

Quotes About Succumbing

"dont sabotage your own greatness by succumbing to failure!" - Author: Terry McMillan