[I'm So Sorry. I Don't Think The Etiquette Manuals Cover This Sort Of Situation." He Leaned In Close, His Lips All But Grazing Her Neck, And Inhaled. "Mmm. You Smell Good, Too."She Nearly Choked. Took A Step Backwards, Until Her Back Met Cold Stone. "Th-thank You.""That's Better. May I Kiss You?" His Finger Dipped Into Her Shirt Collar, Stroking The Tender Nape Of Her Neck."I D-don't Th-think That's A Good Idea.""Why Not? We're Alone." His Hands Were At Her Waist.Her Lungs Felt Tight And Much Too Small. "Wh-what If Somebody Comes In?"He Considered For A Moment. "Well, I Suppose They'll Think I Fancy Grubby Little Boys.]

Author: Y.S. Lee Quotes

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