[I'm So Sorry. I Don't Think The Etiquette Manuals Cover This Sort Of Situation." He Leaned In Close, His Lips All But Grazing Her Neck, And Inhaled. "Mmm. You Smell Good, Too."She Nearly Choked. Took A Step Backwards, Until Her Back Met Cold Stone. "Th-thank You.""That's Better. May I Kiss You?" His Finger Dipped Into Her Shirt Collar, Stroking The Tender Nape Of Her Neck."I D-don't Th-think That's A Good Idea.""Why Not? We're Alone." His Hands Were At Her Waist.Her Lungs Felt Tight And Much Too Small. "Wh-what If Somebody Comes In?"He Considered For A Moment. "Well, I Suppose They'll Think I Fancy Grubby Little Boys.]

Author: Y.S. Lee Quotes

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"I had the feeling she was going to say something big. One of us had to say it. What happened to us? Where are we going? It was like this silence between us was frozen and we were both feeling our way around it. How is it that two people can need each other so absolutely and then, in moments, not even know how to be next to each other and just be quiet?"

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"I didnt choose you, my heart did."

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"I was two and a half and my folks would put it on the record player and I would run around the house screaming, but I havent been that hip since."

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"Our strategy in dealing with patents in Mono is the same strategy that any other software developer would take. In the event of a patent claim, we will try to find prior art to the claim of the patent."

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"The patient is the one with the disease"

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"I do favor guest workers, H1B visas and student visas."

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"But I dont really see myself as a role model. Im not a dictator, or someone who wants to be adored!"

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"That it ought to be known I was born this way,With indiscriminate tendencies."

Erin Moran Quotes

"I am still being recognized as Joanie and probably will as long as Happy Days is playing on TV and remembered by Happy Days fans. It has and will always be a pleasure and a honor for me to be a part of it."

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"As long as you doubt your sanity, you cant be insane."

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"The need is not really for more brains, the need is now for a gentler, a more tolerant people than those who won for us against the ice, the tiger and the bear. The hand that hefted the ax, out of some old blind allegiance to the past fondles the machine gun as lovingly. It is a habit man will have to break to survive, but the roots go very deep." - Author: Loren Eiseley

Quotes About Christian Godliness

"When the Bible is understood in its literary and historical context; errors, contradictions, and inconsistencies pose no threat to spirituality, whether that spirituality is theistic, non-theistic, or even explicitly Jesus-centered. The graver threat to what Christians call godliness may be fundamentalism - religion that flows from literalism and fear, religion based on anachronism and law. Fundamentalism teachers, in effect, that the tattered musings of our ancestors, those human words that so poorly represent the content of human thinking, somehow adequately describe God. Fundamentalism offers identity, security, and simplicity, but at a price: by binding believers to the moral imitations and cultural trappings of the Ancients, it precludes a deeper embrace of goodness, love, and truth - in other words, of Divinity." - Author: Valerie Tarico

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"morning had started in a thrillingly delicious manner. He had abducted the lady of his choice and was set on marrying her willy-nilly. He had truly" - Author: Claudy Conn

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"Vin," he said flatly, "did you just suggest that we attend a ball being held in the middle of a city were besieging?""You think its a good idea," Vin said, smiling impishly."Its a crazy idea," Elend said. "Im emperor—I shouldnt be sneaking into the enemy city so I can go to a party."Vin narrowed her eyes, staring at him."I will admit, however," Elend said, "that the concept does have considerable charm." - Author: Brandon Sanderson

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"Its never the miles of traveling that counts,its what you have done along the way" - Author: Narjit Singh

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"The frontispiece of Mr. Lyells book is enough to throw a Wernerian into fits." - Author: Lyell

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"Jeanne, I fell asleep among the paintings, where I could sit for many days worshipping your portrait. I fell in love with your portrait, Jeanne, because it will never change. I have such a fear of seeing you grow old, Jeanne, I fell in love with an unchanging you that will never be taken away from me. I was wishing you would die, so that no one could take you away from me, and I would love the painting of you as you would look eternally." - Author: Anaïs Nin

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"I have a 13-year-old daughter who rents these bloody horror movies, and I cant even walk into the room when shes watching them with her friends." - Author: Brad Dourif

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"Im generally pessimistic about the dumbing down of America - especially with summer movies." - Author: Elmer Bernstein

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"She perks up and smiles. "Are you asking me out on a real, live date?"I nod my head."Well, you suck at it, you know. You always have. Sometimes girls like to be asked and not told."Shes trying to play hard to get, which is pointless. Ive already got her…but I play her game anyway. I kneel down on the floor in front of her and look into her eyes. "Lake, will you do me the honor of accompanying me on a date tomorrow night? "She leans back into the couch and looks away. "I dont know, Im sort of busy," she says. "Ill check my schedule and let you know." She tries to look put out, but a smile breaks out on her face. She leans forward and hugs me, but I lose my balance and we end up in the floor. I roll her onto her back and she stares up at me and laughs. "Fine. Pick me up at seven." - Author: Colleen Hoover