[I'm Sorry I Never Really Believed," I Said. "Not The Way Jack Did.""It Doesn't Make Any Difference," My Mother Replied. Her Eyes Focused On The Beanstalk For A Moment, Then Returned To Mine. "You Believe Now. Be Safe And Smart Up There, My Gen. Be Yourself."Before I Could Answer, My Mother Turned Away And Walked Quickly Toward The House. I Turned To Face The Beanstalk.There Is No Going Back Now, I Thought.For Better Or Worse, There Was Only Going Forward. There Was Only Going Up. Seizing The Trunk Of The Beanstalk With Both Hands, I Pushed Off From The World Below And Began To Climb.]

Author: Cameron Dokey Quotes

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"Los libros me ayudaron a no perder la cabeza por completo."

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"The dog growled again, long and ferocious. The hair on my neck tingled.And just when I knew he would attack, a horrible scream split the air, and Darlene passed out and fell over on her side."

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"If you ask an Irishman for directions, he might be quick to answer, Well if I were going there, I would not start here."

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"Remember: dont let uncertainty about your future paralyze your present."

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"My Miracle, living through a Traumatic brain Injury"

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"Lets make some funny pictures."

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"The suns glow had given way to a brilliant twilight that colored the great mountains with violet and orange rivers."

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"He didnt ask - of course he didnt ask - but he did show up at the captains quarters one evening after dinner looking sheepish."

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