[I'm Still Agnostic. But In The Words Of Elton Richards, I'm Now A Reverant Agnostic. Which Isn't An Oxymoron, I Swear. I Now Believe That Whether Or Not There's A God, There Is Such A Thing As Sacredness. Life Is Sacred. The Sabbath Can Be A Sacred Day. Prayer Can Be A Sacred Ritual. There Is Something Transcendent, Beyond The Everyday. It's Possible That Humans Created This Sacredness Ourselves, But That Doesn't Take Away From Its Power Or Importance.]

Author: A.J. Jacobs Quotes

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Destin Bays Quotes

"When your child comes home to talk about life, what could be more important?"

Franklin Gillette Quotes

"A great way to get rid of stress is, every once in a while, do something totally different and unexpected without any prior planning."

Byron Paulus Quotes

"We dont think of ourselves as unforgiving or bitter- those words imply that we are somehow personally responsible. We prefer to talk about how deeply we have been hurt, implying that we are merely helpless victims. Are those who have been deeply wounded destined to live damaged lives? Or is there real healing for deep hurt? I say there is. . . .Weve also deceived ourselves into believing that we can love and serve God and be good Christians, while failing to forgive. When are we going to get honest?"

Nikolai Chernyshevsky Quotes

"But does it really help if a person doesnt realize what he lacks, or, if he does, he insists that he doesnt need it at all? Thats an illusion, a fantasy. Human nature is stifled by reason, circumstances, and pride. It keeps silent and doesnt make itself known to ones consciousness, all the while silently doing its work of undermining life."

Kshitij Gaur Quotes

"dont be so good in this bad world,dont be so shy in pointing the wrong one.life is given to us once,just clean all the shit of this world."

Kevin Costner Quotes

"You have to try to dismiss the loudness of cynicism. Its certainly going to come."

Anthony Hope Quotes

"God save the King!"Old Sapts mouth wrinkled into a smile."God save em both!" he whispered."

Michael Newdow Quotes

"My daughter is in the lawsuit because you need that for standing."

Jon S Lewis Quotes

"Oz had access to information the rest of the world didnt know existed. His dad was the director of an organization called CHAOS-Central Headquarters Against the Occult and Supernatural. They were a bit like the CIA or the FBI, but instead of going after drug cartels or spying on the Russians, they protected the world from nightmares like bioengineered monsters, alien life forms, and sparkling vampires."

Samuel Selvon Quotes

"Is one of those summer evenings, when it look like night would never come, a magnificent evening, a powerful evening, rent finish paying, rations in the cupboard, twenty pounds in the bank, and a nice piece of skin waiting under the big clock in Piccadilly Tube Station. The sky blue, sun shining, the girls aint have on no coats to hide the legs."Mummy, look at that black man!" A little child, holding on to the mother hand, look up at Sir Galahad. "You mustnt say that, dear!" The mother chide the child."

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