[In 1970, I Had Begun Work On The Basic Pancreatic Trypsin Inhibitor Which Has Later Become The Model Compound For The Development Of Protein NMR, Molecular Dynamics, And Experimental Folding Studies In Other Laboratories.]

Author: Robert Huber Quotes

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Booker T Washington Quotes

"Success in life is founded upon attention to the small things rather than to the large things; to the every day things nearest to us rather than to the things that are remote and uncommon."

Eldonna Edwards Quotes

"...Having felt the piercing gash of grief and lived through it, having loved to the brink of brokenness, and having learned the difference between friendship and frivolity, one eventually takes a conscious step through the invisible membrane that separates hubris from humility..."

Tim Wu Quotes

"Nothing, save the hangmans noose, concentrates the mind like piles of cash."

Norman Mac Donald Quotes

"Do not imagine that the good you intend will balance the evil you perform"

Avery Williams Quotes

"Everything- even me, and one day even Charlotte- must come to end."

Michael W Ford Quotes

"Black Magick is the process of self-transformation through an antinomian initiatory structure, Black meaning the hidden wisdom, power of darkness, dreams and staging the reality you wish and Magick being the process to ascend, become immortal in spirit."

Allulaby Quotes

"Even you Spent a lots of time to find your lovers but you doesnt know that he is close by you and ready to touching you."

Amalie Howard Quotes

"Forgiveness is a choice. You control how you respond to something or someone. You cant change things that happened in the past, but you can decide how you let them affect you."

Hector Ruiz Quotes

"In this new world, with smartphones and tablets and cloud computing, things are moving around fast."

Susie Smith Quotes

"Writers are a superior breed. No one else can face so much rejection and still thrive."

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Quotes About Yellow Bones

"Where did love begin?What human being looked at another and saw in their face the forests and the sea? Was there a day, exhausted and weary,dragging home food, arms cut and scarred,that you saw yellow flowers, not knowing what you did, picked them because I love you? In the fossil record of our existence, there is no trace of love.You cannot find it held in the earths crust, waiting to be discovered. The long bones of our ancestors show nothing of their hearts." - Author: Jeanette Winterson

Quotes About Ernesto

"Stormy skies, says Ernesto. He grieved for them. Summer rain. Childhood." - Author: Marguerite Duras

Quotes About John Brown

"The attack of John Brown upon Harpers Ferry came upon Virginia like a clap of thunder out of a clear sky." - Author: John Sergeant Wise

Quotes About Invention Of Automobile

"But doesnt every precious era feel like fiction once its gone? After a while, certain vestigial sayings are all that remain. Decades after the invention of the automobile, for instance, we continue to warn each other not to put the cart before the horse. So, too, we do still have daydreams and nightmares, and the early-morning clock hours are still known colloquially (if increasing mysteriously) as the crack of dawn. Similarly, even as they grew apart, my parents never stopped calling each other sweetheart." - Author: Karen Thompson Walker

Quotes About Macondo

"Aureliano Secondo tornò nella casa coi suoi bauli, convinto che non soltanto Ursula, ma anche tutti gli abitanti di Macondo stavano aspettando che spiovesse per morire. Li aveva visti, passando, seduti nei salotti con lo sguardo assorto e le braccia incrociate, intenti a sentir trascorrere un tempo intero, un tempo non domato, perchè era inutile dividerlo in mesi e in anni, e i giorni in ore, se non si poteva far altro che contemplare la pioggia" - Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

Quotes About Giving Credit To Others

"We celebrate success by giving credit to others. To be successful, you need to share and give power freely. And you need to celebrate their successes." - Author: Wade Dokken

Quotes About Mourning A Grandmother

"My life might have been so different, had I not been known as the girl whose grandmother exploded." - Author: Helen Grant

Quotes About First Wedding Anniversary

"Korean audiences are amazing. The fans scream so loud, and that really surprises skaters when they first perform in my shows." - Author: Kim Yuna

Quotes About Life Going From Bad To Worse

"If you attempted, in either case, to suspend your whole intellectual and aesthetic activity, you would only succeed in substituting a worse cultural life for a better. You are not, in fact, going to read nothing, either in the Church or in the line; if you dont read good books, you will read bad ones. If you dont go on thinking rationally, you will think irrationally. If you reject aesthetic satisfactions, you will fall into sensual satisfactions." - Author: C.S. Lewis

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"Take the emptiness you hold in your armsAnd scatter it into the open spaces we breathe.Maybe the birds will feel how the air is thinner,And fly with more affection." - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke