[In A Complex And Troubling World, Who Wouldn't Want To Simplify? Everybody Does. Everybody Wants To Simplify And Put Up A Picket Fence.]

Author: Gary Ross Quotes

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Thomas Mullen Quotes

"Maybe you could drive yourself crazy trying to chart backward all the causes and effects, all the ends and means, tracing everything to some original sin that may or may not have actually occurred but that people accepted as true, or true enough. Maybe staring into the eyes of all that history was a dangerous thing to do, as her mother had calmly warned her. Maybe you were supposed to move forward armed with just enough history to help you figure out the present without obsessing over the past. But how much was enough? Where was the gray area between ignorance and obsession?"

Javier Cercas Quotes

"All wars are full of stories that sound like fiction."

Lucie Brock Broido Quotes

"One lung, smaller, congested with rose smoke. The other, filled with a swarm of massive sentimentia."

Clark Gregg Quotes

"The Avengers is exciting on the level The Matrix or Indiana Jones was when I was kid. I think it will be timeless."

Kamil Ali Quotes

"Dawns Spawn:Cause and EffectCriticizing the next generation reflects on us. We hold the power to carve out good citizens who will take over the planet and wrest control from us. Step up with your hammer and chisel to create a defined character. Give up your cowardly position as friend and brave the battle of good parenting.Kamil Ali"

Sinead OConner Quotes

"Whatever it may bring, I will live by my own policies, I will sleep with a clear conscience, I will sleep in peace."

Allulaby Quotes

"Even you Spent a lots of time to find your lovers but you doesnt know that he is close by you and ready to touching you."

Earl B Russell Quotes

"When Uncle W. G. held out his hand to take my money, I dropped the dead mouse in his hand."

Ian Dury Quotes

"There aint half been some clever bastards"

CS Janey Quotes

"One specific, profound moment isnt what you are supposed to spend your life looking for Ellie. Your life should include a billion different instances; ones that include all the people who matter most to you and only you."He took a deep breath before continuing as a tear fell and slid down one of my cheeks. "Those moments should be the ones you etch into your mind and think about - not the ones where things were bad or didnt go the way you thought they should. The only moments that matter are those that you give importance too."

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Quotes About Duel

"The time of testing, and of playing, was over. This was the final duel for one of them. Now they were fighting for their lives--for the one life that would emerge from this elegant battle. . . . For the moment the two of them were evenly matched, arm against arm. Michael prayed that it would never stop, that there would always be this moment of utter mastery, beautiful and rare, and no conclusion ever be reached." - Author: Ellen Kushner

Quotes About Fotografia

"En un mundo donde el horror se vende como arte, donde el arte nace ya con la pretensión de ser fotografiado, donde convivir con las imágenes del sufrimiento no tiene relación con la conciencia ni con la compasión, las fotos de guerra no sirven para nada." - Author: Arturo Pérez Reverte

Quotes About Expiration Dates

"My theory about actors is were all walking milk cartons. Expirations dates everywhere." - Author: Dylan McDermott

Quotes About District 13

"If its true, why do they leave us to live like this? With the hunger and the killings and the Games?" And suddenly I hate this imaginary underground city of District 13 and those who sit by, watching us die. Theyre no better than the Capitol." - Author: Suzanne Collins

Quotes About Forget And Forgive

"The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget." - Author: Thomas Szasz

Quotes About Sound Design

"When the Grateful Dead needed a quality sound system to deliver our sonic payload, I learned electronics and speaker design." - Author: Mickey Hart

Quotes About Social Dynamics

"It is the responsibility of all the Sudanese, especially the political leaders and the media, to strengthen social cohesion through the proper understanding of the dynamics of unity, if they really want our country to remain united." - Author: Salva Kiir Mayardit

Quotes About Tayla

"Youre been out a few hours. E and I have been taking turns staying with you. Taylas here. And Gem. Luc. Kynan. Reaver. Our other brother, but hes in chains. Hes also a total dick. Youll like him." (Shade telling Wraith)" - Author: Larissa Ione

Quotes About Miserable Feelings

"I am glad you are no relation of mine. I will never call you aunt again as long as I live. I will never come to visit you when I am grown up; and if any one asks me how I liked you, and how you treated me, I will say the very thought of you makes me sick, and that you treated me with miserable cruelty. . . . You think I have no feelings, and that I can do without one bit of love or kindness; but I cannot live so: and you have no pity. I shall remember how you thrust me back . . . into the red-room. . . . And that punishment you made me suffer because your wicked boy struck me" - Author: Charlotte Bront

Quotes About Diminishing

"I get diminishing returns when I bore myself in an interview." - Author: Ben Harper