[In Fact We Do Not Try To Picture The Afterlife, Nor Is It Our Selves In Our Nervous Tics And Optical Flecks That We Wish To Perpetuate; It Is The Self As The Window On The World That We Can't Bear To Thinkof Shutting. My Mind When I Was A Boy Of Ten Or Eleven Sent Up Its Silent Scream At The Thought Of Future Aeons -- At The Thought Of The Cosmic Party Going On Without Me. The Yearning For An Afterlife Is The Opposite Of Selfish: It Is Love And Praise Of The World That We Are Privileged, In This Complex Interval Of Light, To Witness And Experience.]

Author: John Updike Quotes

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Joyce Kilmer Quotes

"The only reason a road is good as every wanderer knowsIs just because of the homes, the homes, the homes to which one goes"

Mohandas K Gandhi Quotes

"To say or write a distasteful word is surely not violent especially when the speaker or writer believes it to be true. The essence of violence is that there must be a violent intention behind a thought, word, or act, i.e., an intention to do harm to the opponent so-called.False notions of propriety or fear of wounding susceptibilities often deter people from saying what they mean and ultimately land them on the shores of hypocrisy. But if non-violence of thought is to be evolved in individuals or societies or nations, truth has to be told, however harsh or unpopular it may appear to be for the moment."

Corinne Meier Quotes

"In passion we trust, for passion finds infinity and says that is how many ways I can exist."

Suzan Lori Parks Quotes

"My father was in the Army and we moved around a lot, and one of my favorite places was the library."

Susan Waterwyk Quotes

"Nothing haunts the world more than the words of the dead."

Annie Jump Cannon Quotes

"Teaching man his relatively small sphere in the creation, it also encourages him by its lessons of the unity of Nature and shows him that his power of comprehension allies him with the great intelligence over-reaching all."

Meredith Whitney Quotes

"Every day things get better because politicians are addressing the fiscal challenges more aggressively."

Will Kymlicka Quotes

"The state does not oppose the freedom of people to express their particular cultural attachments, but nor does it nurture such expression—rather [...] it responds with benign neglect [....] The members of ethnic and national groups are protected against discrimination and prejudice, and they are free to maintain whatever part of their ethnic heritage or identity they wish, consistent with the rights of others. But their efforts are purely private, and it is not the place of public agencies to attach legal identities or disabilities to cultural membership or ethnic identity. This separation of state and ethnicity precludes any legal or governmental recognition of ethnic groups, or any use of ethnic criteria in the distribution of rights, resources, and duties."

Mayank Kumar Louteriya Quotes

"When all happens good ill start doubting on myself ??"

Aaron Copland Quotes

"Listening to the Fifth Symphony of Ralph Vaughan Williams is like staring at a cow for 45 minutes."

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Quotes About Image And Reputation

"Obama has built his public image around his ability to bridge divisions - racial, ideological or generational. And that was his reputation, even at Harvard Law School, where he was the first black president of the Law Review." - Author: Mara Liasson

Quotes About Horza

"Dont you have a religion?" Dorolow asked Horza."Yes," he replied, not taking his eyes away from the screen on the wall above the end of the main mess-room table. "My survival.""So... your religion dies with you. How sad," Dorolow said, looking back from Horza to the screen. The Changer let the remark pass." - Author: Iain Banks

Quotes About Fading Smiles

"Later, the child climbs down from her mothers knee and clambers up onto Tom. He holds her wordlessly, trying to imprint everything about her: the smell of her hair, the softness of her skin, the shape of her tiny fingers, the sound of her breath as she puts her face so close to his.The island swims away from them, fading into an ever more miniature version of itself, until it is just a flash of memory, held differently, imperfectly by each passenger. Tom watches Isabel, waits for her to return his glance, longs for her to give him one of the old smiles that used to remind him of Janus Light – a fixed, reliable point in the world, which meant he was never lost. But the flame has gone out – her face seems uninhabited now." - Author: M. L. Stedman

Quotes About Housegirl

"Mother said, havent you seen older boys of your age, that you should take your rotten hands and play with my sons penis? I held my mouth, and i really stiffled a giggle. Now i understood the bloody vexation and the reckless act performed by our housegirl. She was fondling my infant part, and i knew she was horny and lost in the act." - Author: Michael Bassey Johnson

Quotes About Guitar And Life

"Im never really comfortable at parties. Maybe Im just not the partying type....I think its because Im never sure what to do with myself.I mean, therere drinks, but I dont like being drunk.... Theres music, but I never really learned to dance to anything that involved an electric guitar. There are people to talk to...but once you put all the stupid things I do aside, Im really not that interesting. I like reading, staying home, going on walks with my dog.... Who wants to hear about that? Especially when I would have to scream it over music to which no one dances.So Im there but not drinking, listening to music but not dancing, and trying to have conversations with near-strangers about anything other than my own stupid life.... Leads to a lot of awkward pauses. And then I start wondering why I showed up in the first place."-- Cold Days (The Dresden Files Book 14), pg. 33" - Author: Jim Butcher

Quotes About Being Hurt By Your Father

"Ordinary father-daughter love had a charge to it that generally was both permitted and indulged. There was just something so beautiful about the big father complementing the tiny girl. Bigness and tininess together at last – yet the bigness would never hurt the tininess! It respected it. In a world in which big always crushes tiny, you wanted to cry at the beauty of big being kind of and worshipful of and being humbled by tiny. You couldnt help but think of your own father as you saw your little girl with hers." - Author: Meg Wolitzer

Quotes About Bill Evans

"Im not Bill Evans. Im not Keith Jarrett. Im basically a singer who plays along with his voice." - Author: Burton Cummings

Quotes About Weather Changing

"In a feast of fame and talks,Scandal flashing, raising tongue and brows.In a blast of bombing and power play,Fear and death dig more revenge.In a forgotten continent,Famine and drought devour lives.In an unfortunate eye of a rebelling weather,Crashing homes, leaving many in devastation and desperation.In a country shaking with violence,Innocent victims cry for justice and peace.In a home shaking with turmoil, Humble patient, hiding voice wants to be heard.In a tick of a second,A new breathe of life beats!To belong in this world.Constantly changing, decaying or improving?In a snap of innovation:Life goes big leap!Regression somewhere unseen,But felt in a slow, long run." - Author: Angelica Hopes

Quotes About Scottish Independence

"The Russian action in Chechnya could be likened to the British Army reducing Edinburgh to rubble and expelling a couple of million Scottish people in response to a unilateral declaration of independence by Scotland" - Author: Amjad M. Jaimoukha

Quotes About Artificial Flowers

"he would now have comprehended that work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do, and that play consists of whaterver a body is not obliged to do. And this would help him to understand why construcing artificial flowers or performing on a tread-mill, is work, whilst rolling nine-pins or climbing Mont Blanc is only amusement. There are wealthy gentlemen in England who drive four-horse passenger-coaches twenty or thirty miles on a daily line, in the summer, because the privilege costs them considerable money; but if they were offered wages for the service that would turn it into work, then they would resign." - Author: Mark Twain