[In His Eyes I Could See The Same Love, The Same Longing. I Wanted To Kiss Him; I Wanted Him To Kiss Me, And I Could Feel His Longing So Clearly I Could Not Distinguish Between My Wanting And His. And In His Arms I Felt Safe, Warm, Alive.]

Author: Kailin Gow Quotes

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"I tried softball and soccer. I just didnt take as much of a liking to it as I did sitting in a movie theater and watching people recreate a story, and doing it myself, as well."

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"Great moments in science: Einstein discovers that time is actually money."

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"Im not jumping into anything fast. Im an actor that likes to choose my work and theres an element of good taste to my work."

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"We are all old-timers,each of us holds a locked razor."

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"I couldnt have gotten this far without my beautiful parents. Im also very lucky to have the best friends that I do."

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"When evil men destroy, good men must build and bind."

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"To augment their misery, a contagious disorder of a dangerous nature spread through the land; and, rendered more virulent by the uncleanness, the indifferent food, and the wretched lodging of the lower classes, swept off many whose fate the survivors were tempted to envy, as exempting them from the evils which were to come."

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"love doesnt change, people change..."

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"Rich people march on Washington every day."

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"Its not just dark in Scandinavia."

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