[In Many Of The Things That People Do, They Themselves Are The Centre Of Attention, But They Inscribe Some Other Name On Their Banner.]

Author: Abdolkarim Soroush Quotes

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Kristina Riggle Quotes

"We all have the best laid plans for our children, and they go and ruin it all by growing up any way they want to. What the hell was it all for, then? (Real Life and Liars)"

Erykah Badu Quotes

"I am not systematic at all when it comes to religion. I just love life. And Im not judgmental. And Im a vegetarian."

Marc Anthony Quotes

"I say it every day - Im the luckiest man on earth."

George C Williams Quotes

"Jobs avoidance of rebellion against God has nothing to do with God being good or wise or anything like that; its strictly because God is so powerful, and you dont fight something when you are so much weaker than that which you would fight."

Dr Watson Sherlock Holmes Quotes

"Si alguien había perdido esa noche un tesoro, yo, por lo menos, había ganado uno."

Jon Wakeham Quotes

"Life is like yoga; the only way you can enjoy it is by relaxing into any position you happen to find yourself in."

William Congreve Quotes

"You are a woman: you must never speak what you think; your words must contradict your thoughts, but your actions may contradict your words."

Chad Bowen Quotes

"Difficult situations create exploitable opportunities for those strong enough to persevere."

Francois Villon Quotes

"But where are the snows of yester year?"

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Quotes About Ama

"Returning his pen to its holder, he told us, I will have him gutted with that scythe. I will hang him by his own intestines. At this piece of dramatic exposition, I could not hep but roll my eyes. A length of intestines would not carry the weight of a child, much less a full grown man." - Author: Patrick deWitt

Quotes About Close Siblings

"Outside of football and training, I am somewhat of a homebody. Love hangin out with my siblings and close friends." - Author: Tim Tebow

Quotes About Abundance And Prosperity

"Never surrender your hopes and dreams to the fateful limitations others have placed on their own lives. The vision of your true destiny does not reside within the blinkered outlook of the naysayers and the doom prophets. Judge not by their words, but accept advice based on the evidence of actual results. Do not be surprised should you find a complete absence of anything mystical or miraculous in the manifested reality of those who are so eager to advise you. Friends and family who suffer the lack of abundance, joy, love, fulfillment and prosperity in their own lives really have no business imposing their self-limiting beliefs on your reality experience." - Author: Anthon St. Maarten

Quotes About Novum

"¿Por qué tan lejos de los dioses? Quizá por preguntarlo. ¿Y qué? El hombre es el animal que pregunta. El día en que verdaderamente sepamos preguntar, habrá diálogo. Por ahora las preguntas nos alejan vertiginosamente de las respuestas. ¿Qué epifanía podemos esperar si nos estamos ahogando en la más falsa de las libertades, la dialéctica judeocristiana? Nos hace falta un Novum Organum de verdad, hay que abrir de par en par todas las ventanas y tirar todo a la calle, pero sobre todo hay que tirar también la ventana, y nosotros con ella. Es la muerte, o salir volando. Hay que hacerlo, de alguna manera hay que hacerlo." - Author: Julio Cortázar

Quotes About Eterno

"Nós não pedimos para ser eternos, mas apenas para não ver os atos e as coisas perderem subitamente o seu sentido. O vazio que nos rodeia faz-se então sentir..." - Author: Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Quotes About Food Chains

"All around him people were eating their unfood wih, if not actual evidence of enjoyment, then with no more actual disgust than was to be found in burger chains all over the planet. He stood up, took his tray over to the PLEASE DISPOSE OF YOUR REFUSE WITH CARE receptacle, and dumped the whole thing. If you had told him that there were children starving in Africa he would have been flattered that youd noticed." - Author: Terry Pratchett

Quotes About Saddest Death

"What made Olive the saddest about the Gardners was that everyone wanted to be enshrined in someones memory. It was the only way of living on after death, really: in the minds of loved ones. Memories were the only things that made aging bearable, a way of reverting to better, simpler days." - Author: Andrea Lochen

Quotes About Kesederhanaan

"Jarang orang mau mengakui, kesederhanaan adalah kekayaan yang terbesar di dunia ini: suatu karunia alam. Dan yang terpenting diatas segala-galanya ialah keberaniannya. Kesederhaan adalah kejujuran, dan keberanian adalah ketulusan." - Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Quotes About Hutton

"[To] explain the phenomena of the mineral kingdom ... systems are usually reduced to two classes, according as they refer to the origin of terrestrial bodies to FIRE or to WATER; and ... their followers have of late been distinguished by the fanciful names of Vulcanists and Neptunists. To the former of these Dr HUTTON belongs much more than to the latter; though, as he employs the agency both of fire and water in his system, he cannot, in strict propriety, be arranged with either." - Author: HUTTON

Quotes About Being Grateful In Life

"This LIFE is NOT about a BIG house, VALUABLE things, a FULL bank account or a POWERFUL status. Its about having a BIG open mind and heart that respects and accepts differences. Its about VALUING your family, friends & being grateful for the little things.Its about FILLING your heart and soul full of love and laughter, making the best of each day while you can. Its about having the POWER to have a positive attitude and show kindness even when youre dealing with your own adversity. THATS what this LIFE is all about!" - Author: Comic Strip Mama