[In My Down Time, I'm A Homebody. I Like To Do A Walkabout. I Like My Alone Time.]

Author: Cassie Steele Quotes

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Adyashanti Quotes

"If you prefer smoke over firethen get up now and leave.For I do not intend to perfumeyour minds clothingwith more sooty knowledge.No, I have something else in mind.Today I hold a flame in my left handand a sword in my right.There will be no damage control today.For God is in a moodto plunder your riches andfling you nakedlyinto such breathtaking povertythat all that will be left of youwill be a tendency to shine.So dont just sit around this flamechoking on your mind.For this is no campfire songto mindlessly mantra yourself to sleep with.Jump now into the spacebetween thoughtsand exit this dreambefore I burn the damn place down."

Diane Wood Quotes

"It is time... to end the long-standing and unproductive methodological debate over originalism versus dynamism or evolution and focus instead on how, as a substantive matter, we should interpret the Constitution in the twenty-first century, and what it has to say on questions unimaginable to our eighteenth-century Framers."

George M Whitesides Quotes

"Nanoengineering is learning how to make devices as small as 10 to 100 atoms in width. Much of the work is going on in the electronics industry, where there is great demand to pack more components onto computer chips."

Antonio Alatorre Quotes

"Puedo deleitarme con el paladeo de las partes que han constituido un momento."

Claire Ray Quotes

"I rewrapped the scarf around my neck, and thought about how excited Jake had been that first winter he was here. Maybe it was just as simple as this: that hed been up here enough to know that there wasnt anything special about Willow Hill. Including me."

William Safire Quotes

"A reader ought to be able to hold it and become familiar with its organized contents and make it a minds manageable companion."

Scott Kim Quotes

"What I always want is to have several little aha moments where your brain is very happy."

Paul Sarbanes Quotes

"Americas Older Americans add great value to our Nation."

Heather Schuck Quotes

"Our children want more than presents, that want our PRESENCE."

Ray Dolby Quotes

"I think a lot of developments start with the desire of the developer to get what he really wants so that he can use it. Its not just the technical fascination or the business opportunity."

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Quotes About Racism And Love

"I love Canadians because I dont see very much racism in Canada." - Author: Patti LaBelle

Quotes About Friends Not Bothering

"You should be out stirring up trouble with your friends, not bothering with all them books you read. You know its them books what make you talk funny." - Author: Lauren Myracle

Quotes About Care And Love

"Care for us! True, indeed! They neer cared for us yet: suffer us to famish, and their storehouses crammed with grain; make edicts for usury, to support usurers; repeal daily any wholesome act established against the rich, and provide more piercing statutes daily to chain up and restrain the poor. If the wars eat us not up, they will; and theres all the love they bear us." - Author: William Shakespeare

Quotes About Fugu

"She sank with an enormous sigh that carried all rigidity like a mythical fluid from her, down next to him; so weak she couldnt help him undress her; it took him 20 minutes, rolling, arranging her this way and that, as if she thought, he were some scaled-up, short-haired, poker-faced little girl with a Barbie doll. She may have fallen asleep once or twice. She awoke at last to find herself getting laid; shed come in on a sexual crescendo in progress, like a cut to a scene where the cameras already moving. Outside a fugue of guitars had begun, and she counted each electronic voice as it came in, till she reached six or so and recalled only three of the Paranoids played guitars; so others must be plugging in." - Author: Thomas Pynchon

Quotes About Galadriel

"He did not know it, but Arwen Undómiel was also there, dwelling again for a time with the kin of her mother. She was little changed, for the mortal years had passed her by, yet her face was more grave, and her laughter now seldom was heard. But Aragorn was grown to full stature of body and mind, and Galadriel bade him cast aside his wayworn raiment, and she clothed him in silver and white, with a cloak of elven-grey and a bright gem on his brow. Then more than any kind of Men he appeared, and seemed rather an Elf-lord from the Isles of the West. And thus it was that Arwen first beheld him again after their long parting; and as he came walking towards her under the trees of Caras Galadhon laden with flowers of gold, her choice was made and her doom appointed." - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Quotes About Tanaman

"Alam akan baik pada kita jika kita pelihara kebersihan dan keindahan. Sayangi tanaman, pepohonan, alam dan makhluk hidup." - Author: SBYudhoyono

Quotes About Selfishness And Family

"All witches are selfish, the Queen had said. But Tiffanys Third Thoughts said: Then turn selfishness into a weapon! Make all things yours! Make other lives and dreams and hopes yours! Protect them! Save them! Bring them into the sheepfold! Walk the gale for them! Keep away the wolf! My dreams! My brother! My family! My land! My world! How dare you try to take these things, because they are mine!I have a duty!" - Author: Terry Pratchett

Quotes About Divorcing Parents

"At school, the news that Pia Kolvenbach was moving to England and that her parents were divorcing had circulated with lightening speed. Suddenly I was no longer ostracized for being the Potentially Exploding Girl, but the new attention was worse. I could tell that the girls who sidled up to me and asked with faux-sympathetic smiles whether it was true were doing it on the basis of discussions they had heard between their own parents, to who they would report back like scouts. Soon there would be nothing left of me at all, nothing real: I would be a walking piece of gossip, alternatively tragic and appalling and, worse of all, a poor thing." - Author: Helen Grant

Quotes About Without Hope

"Bilbo almost stopped breathing, and went stiff himself. He was desperate. He must get away, out of this horrible darkness, while he had any strength left. He must fight. He must stab the foul thing, put its eyes out, kill it. It meant to kill him. No, not a fair fight. He was invisible now. Gollum had no sword. Gollum had not actually threatened to kill him, or tried yet. And he was miserable, alone, lost. A sudden understanding, a pity mixed with horror, welled up in Bilbos heart: a glimpse of endless unmarked days without light or hope of betterment, hard stone, cold fish, sneaking and whispering." - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Quotes About Trust Instincts

"Be willing to trust your instincts, especially if you cannot find answers elsewhere." - Author: Brian Koslow