[[I]n My Own Case At Least I Feel My Professional Need For Freedom Of Speech And Expression Prejudices Me Toward A Government Whose Constitution Guarantees It.]

Author: John Updike Quotes

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William Beveridge Quotes

"Ignorance is an evil weed, which dictators may cultivate among their dupes, but which no democracy can afford among its citizens."

Robert Wagner Quotes

"Jill and I arrange our lives to spend a lot of time together. That makes us both happy."

Kate Sherwood Quotes

"Well, Ive seen porn!" Evan defends and Dan just looks at him. "Okay, captain Pornie, walk me through it," Dan challenges. "Ill be the pizza guy, and Jeff can be the plumber. You can be... hey, why dont you be the high-powered young executive?" Evan grins at him with a glint in his eye. "Okay, fine." He laces his fingers together and flexes them in front of him as if hes warming up. He sits back in chair and his eyes focus on the eaves of Jeffs roof then begins. "The young executive come home after a hard day...[five pages of detailed porn]"...and all fall asleep together on the executives huge bed. The End." Evan is pretty clearly proud of himself, and Dan really blame him. After an appreciative silence, Dan says, "Okay, yeah, so maybe theres some merit to the whole threesome thing."

Joely Sue Burkhart Quotes

"Conn was a wickedly passionate, fiercely dominant man who loved her too much to ever really hurt her."

Rodney Richards Quotes

"Episodes is about discovery of ones psyche and true personality while being completely absorbed in ones one Mind and thoughts. A story of coping and finding an unsure contentment. Finding the Rational Soul in all of us."

Paul Guilfoyle Quotes

"Its exciting to think that something Im involved in is touching so many people in so many cultures."

Kerry Greenwood Quotes

"Phryne was getting out of the car. Dot closed her eyes. Miss Fisher was about to happen to someone again."

Vanna B Quotes

"You cant truly appreciate the top if youve never hit rock bottom."

Sally Painter Quotes

"How can you fly? I mean you have wings. Feathers. Did you know you have wings?"

Howard Staunton Quotes

"In Castling, the King must be moved first, or before the Rook is quitted. If the Rook be quitted before the King is touched, the opposing player may demand that the move of the Rook shall stand without the Castling being completed."

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Quotes About Things Happening Too Fast

"WAIT to finish my chores that mornin. I needed to sneak off to my favorite log along the crik bank and find myself some thinkin time. Too many things had been happening too fast; I was worried that my whole world was about to change. I didnt want it changed. I liked things jest the way they were, but if I" - Author: Janette Oke

Quotes About Personal Responsibility

"I look at modern life and I see people not taking responsibility for their lives. The temptation to blame, to find external causes to ones own issues is something that is particularly modern. I know that personally I find that sense of responsibility interesting." - Author: Edward Zwick

Quotes About Babbling Brooks

"Their roar is around me. I am on the brink Of the great waters—and their anthem voiceGoes up amid the rainbow and the mist.Their chorus shakes the ground. I feel the rocksOer which my feet hang idly—as they hungOer babbling brooks in boyhood—quiveringUnder the burst of music. Awful voice! And strong, triumphant waters! Do I standIndeed amid your shoutings! Is it mineTo shout on this gray summit, where the bird,The cloudy, monarch bird shrieks from his crag,Oer which hes wheeled for centuries? I lift upMy cry in echo; but no sound is there,And my shout seems but whisper. Extract from the poem "Niagara" by Grenville Mellen, 1839." - Author: Deborah L. Halliday

Quotes About Suara

"suara-suara itu tak bisa dipenjarakandi sana bersemayam kemerdekaanapabila engkau memaksa diamaku siapkan untukmu: pemberontakan!" - Author: Wiji Thukul

Quotes About Forming Friendships

"The firmest friendships have been formed in mutual adversity, as iron is most strongly united by the fiercest flame" - Author: Charles Caleb Colton

Quotes About Helter

"there is a vast yawning that opens within usit pulls us and claims us and calls us, "come home..."it beckons "come in..."where your teardrops are sacred, where silence is golden, and you are His own. slip deeper,and deeperbeneath all the churning let deepness engulf you let His will be done.for this is your country, your kingdom, your homeland,the place where you know you are never alone. yes, theres a vast yawning,a chasm within you an ache,and a hunger to know and be known "come inand be silent" it call from the stillness come in and allow Me to call you My own there is a vast yawning, a depth you cant fathom,a refuge,a quiet, a rest, and a home"come in and find comfort,come in and find shelter, come in and find peacein your heart thats His home." - Author: Kate Mullane Robertson

Quotes About Preach My Gospel

"The preaching of the gospel is not to persuade people to agree with me in my theological views. The preaching of the gospel so far as I am concerned, is to bring people into personal association with that person with whom I have fellowship." - Author: William Warren Prescott

Quotes About Bodybuilding Pain

"In the passenger seat, Nahil is all questions. Was Kabul safe? How was the food? Did he [Idris] get sick? Did he take pictures and videos of everything? He does his best. He describes for her the shell-blasted schools, the squatters living in roofless buildings, the beggars, the mud, the fickle electricity, but its like describing music. He cannot bring it to life. Kabuls vivid, arresting details--the bodybuilding gym amid the rubble, for instance, a painting of Schwarzenegger on the window. Such details escape him now, and his descriptions sound to him generic, insipid, like those of an ordinary AP story." - Author: Khaled Hosseini

Quotes About Obsession With Beauty

"Obsession with sanitation is a concern for sanitariums. A sane consumer makes decisions based on beauty alone, no matter how bad it smells." - Author: Bauvard

Quotes About Machetes

"...The typhoon of madness that swept through the country [of Rwanda] between April 7 and the third week of May accounted for 80 percent of the victims of the genocide.That means about eight hundred thousand people were murdered during those six weeks, making the daily killing rate at least five times that of the Nazi death camps. The simple peasants of Rwanda, with their machetes, clubs, and sticks with nails, had killed at a faster rate than the Nazi death machine with its gas chambers, mass ovens, and firing squads. In my opinion, the killing frenzy of the Rwandan genocide shared a vital common thread with the technological efficiency of the Nazi genocide--satanic hate in abundance was at the core of both." - Author: John Rucyahana