[In Normal Times, Investors Should Pay More Attention To The Credit Markets Because It's The Energy By Which Everything Is Driven. It's The Oil In The Engine.]

Author: Rick Santelli Quotes

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Jade Onyx Quotes

"Papa, you were right. Love did come after security."

Samantha Bacchus Quotes

"Although your marrows look very good, its not them Im interested in.." (The Honesty Box) Love Potion"

Aidh Bin Abdullah Al Qarni Quotes

"Jika sebuah tali itu sudah sangat mengencang, itu tandanya akan putus. Jika malam sudah gelap gulita, itu tandanya bahwa kegelapan akan segera lenyap. Jika sebuah masalah itu sudah sangat menghimpit, itu tandanya akan ada jalan keluar."

Rajesh Khanna Quotes

"Lasik surgery has evolved. Remarkably, it has merged with cataract surgery to give birth to a new procedure called Prelex."

Frances Partridge Quotes

"I dont want my ‘part taken! I havent ‘got a part! I hate the stupid geometrical figures by which people try to understand the emotions of others, imposing hard straight lines - or ‘sides as they call them - onto tender curvaceous human beings who have none."

Michael Kazin Quotes

"The arrogance and brutality of empire are not repealed when they temporarily get deployed in a just cause."

Jim Hightower Quotes

"If you dont speak out now when it matters, when would it matter for you to speak out?"

Bree Loewen Quotes

"During my three seasons at Mount Rainier I learned a lot about mountain climbing and rescues, about politics and camaraderie in the mountains, and about what being a woman climber means. Now I know in all certainty when to bring my toothbrush and when to leave it at home, and, all things considered, that kind of confidence is hard to come by. The greatest skill I ever had, though, was the one I started with: being able to suffer for long periods of time and not die. In exchange, I got to see some amazing things."

Egba Terry Quotes

"Im scared of everything except you."

JJ Snow Quotes

"Crap this apology stuff is hard!"

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"Never bring the problem solving stage into the decision making stage. Otherwise, you surrender yourself to the problem rather than the solution." - Author: Robert H. Schuller

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"His bedroom was a reflection of Bryants mind, its untidy shelves filled with games and puzzles stacked in ancient boxes, statues and mementoes competing for space with books on every subject imaginable, from Sensation and Perception in the History of Experimental Psychology to Illustrated British Ballads and A History of Indian Philosophy. "What are you reading at the moment? asked May. "Batman," said Bryant. "The drawings are terribly good." - Author: Christopher Fowler

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"sweet potatoes in their jackets have a large comfort value built into them" - Author: Bryce Courtenay

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"--Seek far from noise and day some western cave, Where woods and streams with soft and pausing winds A lulling murmur weave?— [_30 Ianthe] doth not sleep The dreamless sleep of death:-Shelley, Percy Bysshe (2011-03-24). The Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley — Complete (Kindle Locations 317-319). . Kindle Edition." - Author: Percy Bysshe Shelley

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"Its happened many times before. Usually it results in an exceptional and gifted human. Some of the greatest figures in Earths history were actually the product of humans and the Loric, including Buddha, Aristotle, Julius Ceasar, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein... Aprodite, Apollo, Hermes, and Zeus were all real, and had one Loric parent" - Author: Pittacus Lore

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"I think its degrading of you, Flora, cried Mrs Smiling at breakfast. Do you truly mean that you dont ever want to work at anything?Her friend replied after some thought: Well, when I am fifty-three or so I would like to write a novel as good as "Persuasion", but with a modern setting, of course. For the next thirty years or so I shall be collecting material for it. If anyone asks me what I work at, I shall say "Collecting material." No one can object to that. Besides, I shall be.Mrs Smiling drank some coffee in silent disapproval.If you ask me, continued Flora, I think I have much in common with Miss Austen. She liked everything to be tidy and pleasant and comfortable around her, and so do I. You see Mary, - and here Flora began to grow earnest and to wave one finger about - unless everything is tidy and pleasant and comfortable all about one, people cannot even begin to enjoy life. I cannot endure messes." - Author: Stella Gibbons

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"The air soft as that of Seville in April, and so fragrant that it was delicious to breathe it." - Author: Christopher Columbus

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"But this is something you have to figure out on your own. Nobody can help you. Thats what loves all about, Kafka. Youre the one having those wonderful feelings. but you have to go it alone as you wander through the dark. Your mind and body have to bear it. All by yourself." - Author: Haruki Murakami

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"She didnt watch the dead, ancient bone-chess cities slide under, or the old canals filled with emptiness and dreams. Past dry rivers and dry lakes they flew, like a shadow of the moon, like a torch burning." - Author: Ray Bradbury

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"Collin, Im scared," I finally said. "Scared of what, my love?""Scared of all weve done, scared of that book and what it means, scared of hurting my best friend, scared of losing you…and most of all…Im…" I took a deep breath, and with immense conviction, I spoke the purest truth that I have ever spoken before. "Im scared of loving you!" - Author: Nicole Gulla