[In Other Words, I Tasted A Different Drug. A Drug Called Progress.]

Author: Cameron Conaway Quotes

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Brian Krans Quotes

"There I was, cold, isolated and desperate for something I knew I couldnt have. A solution. A remedy. Anything. ...I hated it. Alone and confused was the last place I wanted to be. Somehow I knew I deserved this."

Todd Haynes Quotes

"I think all my films can be enjoyed. In fact, theyve often surprised me with how theyre received."

YOdabas Quotes

"Whereever you go we will share the same sky"

Jen Calonita Quotes

"In Hollywood, were always looking for the next big thing that will help us feel fulfilled. As actors, were always trying to be someone else. Things like therapy help us learn how to be ourselves. Sometimes."

Eric Schlosser Quotes

"Widespread introduction of the process [of irradiating foods] has thus far been impeded, however, by a reluctance among consumers to eat things that have been exposed to radiation. According to current USDA regulations, irradiated meat must be identified with a special label and with a radura (the internationally recognized symbol of radiation). The Beef Industry Food Safety Council - whose members include the meatpacking and fast food giants - has asked the USDA to change its rules and make the labeling of irradiated meat completely voluntary. The meatpacking industry is also working hard to get rid of the word irradiation,; much preferring the phrase cold pasteurization....From a purely scientific point of view, irradiation may be safe and effective. But he [a slaughterhouse engineer] is concerned about the introduction of highly complex electromagnetic and nuclear technology into slaughterhouses with a largely illiterate, non-English-speaking workforce."

Paula Abdul Quotes

"Not only do I never lie, I never respond to lies, no matter how vicious, no matter how hurtful."

Janet Wallach Quotes

"Then, as now, archaelogists and writers ventured where others feared to tread."

Claire Scovell LaZebnik Quotes

"For a long time our son was a little boy with autism, which was a certain kind of challenge. Now that hes a teenager with autism - and a teenager who notices girls - were faced with something else altogether."

BKS Iyengar Quotes

"Breath is the vehicle of consciousness and so, by its slow measured observation and distribution, we learn to tug our attention away from external desires toward a judicious, intelligent awareness."

Michael Andretti Quotes

"If CART continues on, its just going to drag all of open-wheel racing down."

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Quotes About Televised

"Obviously, the Sixties was a time when everyone wanted to experiment, and then everything became very formulated and corporate, so artists tended to get pushed into a kind of pattern. Now, I think that has continued with the emergence of televised talent shows like X Factor." - Author: Steve Winwood

Quotes About Perfect Combination

"Tennis is a perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquillity." - Author: Billie Jean King

Quotes About Gatsbys Death

"...but it was death that changed. People are still people. Some good, some bad. Death changed, and we dont know what death really means anymore. Maybe that was the point. Maybe this is an object lesson about the arrogance of our assumptions. Hard to say. But the world? She didnt change. She healed. We stopped hurting her and she began to heal. You can see it all around. The whole world is a forest now. The air is fresher. More trees, more oxygen." - Author: Jonathan Maberry

Quotes About Kerl

"Tidak payah bersentuhan tangan, kerana mereka sudah bersentuhan hati. Tak payah berbalas kerlingan mata kerana mereka sudah pun berbalas-balas doa." - Author: Pahrol Mohamad Juoi

Quotes About Inner Strength And Courage

"Courage is a heart word. The root of the word courage is cor - the Latin word for heart. In one of its earliest forms, the word courage meant "To speak ones mind by telling all ones heart." Over time, this definition has changed, and today, we typically associate courage with heroic and brave deeds. But in my opinion, this definition fails to recognize the inner strength and level of commitment required for us to actually speak honestly and openly about who we are and about our experiences -- good and bad. Speaking from our hearts is what I think of as "ordinary courage." - Author: Brené Brown

Quotes About Theodor

"For a man who has compared himself to Theodore Roosevelt and the nations challenges to those of the Gilded Age, Obama put forward a tepid agenda." - Author: Ron Fournier

Quotes About Tramp Stamps

"I went to this tattoo parlor in the East Village and I got an outline of a violin on my lower back. They call them tramp stamps now." - Author: Katherine Moennig

Quotes About Antagonize

"If youre running for reelection in the House of Representatives race, you know, its very important to you that you be on fairly good terms with the local affiliates in the largest market in your area. I mean you dont want to antagonize them." - Author: Robert McChesney

Quotes About Missing Him Long Distance

"In the gay (Catholic) community, it would seem, the maxim is: love the sin and love the sinner, but hate anyone who calls it a sin or him a sinner." - Author: Richard John Neuhaus

Quotes About Community Development

"Social Ecology:The notion that man must dominate nature emerges directly from the domination of man by man… But it was not until organic community relation … dissolved into market relationships that the planet itself was reduced to a resource for exploitation. This centuries-long tendency finds its most exacerbating development in modern capitalism. Owing to its inherently competitive nature, bourgeois society not only pits humans against each other, it also pits the mass of humanity against the natural world. Just as men are converted into commodities, so every aspect of nature is converted into a commodity, a resource to be manufactured and merchandised wantonly. … The plundering of the human spirit by the market place is paralleled by the plundering of the earth by capital." - Author: Murray Bookchin