[In Reality, Though, Most Of The Time We Don't Choose The Best Option—we Choose The First Reasonable Option, A Strategy Known As Satisficing.]

Author: Steve Krug Quotes

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Accion Poetica Quotes

"Leer da sueños."

Edward T Hall Quotes

"The reason man does not experience his true cultural self is that until he experiences another self as valid he has little basis for validating his own self."

Jaroslav Seifert Quotes

"Můj Bože, co ědí ti lidé v ložích,ta spala s tímhle, ten jí dal za to kožich,a jeden herec, kus to darebáka,povinné školou na halšerky láká"

Anton U Brown Quotes

"Christianity, the grown-up child of Judaism, time to time got free from the leash of the Jews but it was always brought back under their secret control. The secret Jewish influence on the Christian Church never was more powerful and more effective than in our day. This is the time of the last revolutionary activity of the subversive Jews, which - according to their plan - has to culminate in taking over all the world under their control. The Judaic twins, Christianity and Communism have only a temporary role in the Jewish plan; the twins have to prepare the way to the universal one-world of the chosen-people. Thus will be the real Kingdom of Heaven, the Rabbinical One-World, the Messianic Age, established on the Earth, eternal peace and eternal happines for the "Jews", as they dream it, eternal slavery, hopeless as the grave, for all the other nations on the Earth."

Johnson OConnor Quotes

"Every girl who aspires ultimately to outfit her own home should assemble a library on architectural styles and on furniture both traditional and modern. As few brides can buy expensively illustrated volumes and household equipment simultaneously, a girl should begin asking parents for books early in life, probably while still in the primary grades..."

Michael M Honda Quotes

"In America, the dreamers, the disabled and the disadvantaged are not left to defend themselves, alone in their struggles."

M Clifford Quotes

"To breathe is to live, but to write unimpeded is to breathe eternal."

Michael Nuccio Quotes

"I wish I was 18 again, not that I dont like the age Im at right now, but at 18yrs old I knew everything!"

Stanley Christopher Quotes

"I will always be in love with you. It is my lifelong curse."

Yesenia Barkley Quotes

"In your experiment on life and love, I was the price you paid...and the one whom you hurt...I was your lab rat and you injected me with rejection o see how youd fair, but the winds blew not in your favor so in my lament and despair youve returned to shore to find me there in pieces scattered in the sand"

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Quotes About Coziness

"When I removed into the country, it was to occupy an old-fashioned farm-house, which had no piazza - a deficiency the more regretted, because not only did I like piazzas, as somehow combining the coziness of in-doors with the freedom of out-doors, and it is so pleasant to inspect your thermometer there, but the country round about was such a picture, that in berry time no boy climbs hill or crosses vale without coming upon easels planted in every nook, and sunburnt painters painting there." - Author: Herman Melville

Quotes About Baptism For Scrapbooking

"But I believe that there are marriages where you can have your pool table and she can have her scrapbooking room or garden or whatever it is. But when everyone has what they want, its not funny. Theres no conflict." - Author: Brad Garrett

Quotes About Glimpse

"Because I lay with him… Ive caught a glimpse of heaven. Or I understand what I need. Or I have the courage to be myself." - Author: K.Z. Snow

Quotes About Tet Offensive

"Ive made this statement many times: If I would have to do it over again, I would have made known the forthcoming Tet Offensive." - Author: William Westmoreland

Quotes About Edgar And Catherine

"and you love Edgar, and Edgar loves you. All seems smooth and easy: where is the obstacle?""Here! and here!" replied Catherine, striking one hand on her forehead, and another on her breast: "in whichever place the soul lives. In my soul and in my heart, Im convinced Im wrong!" - Author: Emily Brontë

Quotes About Giver

"Boys are universal giver, women remains universal receiver." - Author: Santosh Kalwar

Quotes About Courage In The Old Man And The Sea

"What seems solid to us is actually only a loose net held together by gravity. Everything in the Universe denies nothing. To suggest an ending is the one absurdity" -The Man in Black from Stephen Kings The Gunslinger" - Author: Stephen King

Quotes About Leslie

"Woolf drew on her memories of her holidays in Cornwall for To the Lighthouse, which was conceived in part as an elegy on her parents. Her father was a vigorous walker and an Alpinist of some renown, a member of the Alpine Club and editor of the Alpine Journal from 1868 to 1872; he was the first person to climb the Schreckhorn in the Alps and he wrote on Alpine pleasures in The Playground of Europe (1871). By the time he married Julia Duckworth in 1878, however, a more sedentary Leslie Stephen was the established editor of the Cornhill Magazine, from which he later resigned to take up the editorship of the Dictionary of National Biography in 1882, the year of Woolf s birth. Stephen laboured on this monumental Victorian enterprise until 1990, editing single-handed the first twenty-six volumes and writing well over 300 biographical entries. He also published numerous volumes of criticism, the most important of which were on eighteenth-century thought and literature." - Author: Jane Goldman

Quotes About Reconnecting With Old Friends

"We distract ourselves with details. Its a way of coping." - Author: Andrew Taylor

Quotes About Small Steps

"When he [Colin] reached the center of the field, he paused to catch his breath and scan the area for telltale tufts of wool. When the lamb failed to appear, he cupped his hands around his mouth and tried again. "Dinner!"This time, his call earned an answer. Several answers. In fact, the ground shook with the collective bestial response. He spied several large, dark forms lumbering toward him through the twilight dusk. He blinked, trying to make them out. These werent sheep. No, they were...Cows. Large cows. Remarkably fast and menacing cows. A small herd of them, all thundering straight for him where he stood in the center of the field.Colin took a few steps backward. "Wait," he said, holding up his hands. "I didnt mean you." - Author: Tessa Dare