[In Russia We Only Had Two TV Channels. Channel One Was Propaganda. Channel Two Consisted Of A KGB Officer Telling You: Turn Back At Once To Channel One.]

Author: Yakov Smirnoff Quotes

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"Im also fascinated by the interplay between personal history and the larger forces that form the context for our lives."

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"I grew up surrounded by these tough, ballsy, strong women. They were also adoring women, but they were the kind of women who would argue over what kind of pants you were wearing or the color of your nail polish."

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"The are just things in this world better to be left unknown."

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"Each organism, no matter how simple or complex, has around it a sacred bubble of space, a bit of mobile territoriality which only a few other organisms are allowed to penetrate and then only for short periods of time."

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"Id have to say Balis my favorite place that Ive visited."

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"It is fortunate that each generation does not comprehend its own ignorance. We are thus enabled to call our ancestors barbarous."

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"Knowledge is not a passion from without the mind, but an active exertion of the inward strength, vigor and power of the mind, displaying itself from within."

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"Were a symphony--our limbs and lips and skin making up the instruments, working together to create a beautiful piece of music."

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"I wanted to show a normal young girl whose only difference was that she behaved in the way a boy might, without any sense of guilt on a moral or sexual level."

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"Her expression almost never changed. Made it hard to tell what she was thinking. But also made her seem separate from the rest of the world. It was like she lived so deep in the ocean even lightcouldnt reach her. Like a fish that couldnt see the dark lonely depths, because it was always dreaming about sunlight."

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"The candle of liberty has always been kept lit by a vigilant few." - Author: Russell Pearce

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"Science has proof without any certainty. Creationists have certainty without any proof." - Author: Ashley Montagu

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"Bringing more large sporting events to Africa would help the continent develop sports policies and at the same time optimize its peoples chances of achieving competitive success." - Author: Richard Attias

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"DedicationTo anyone who has ever found comfort in oblivion." - Author: Courtney Cole

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"After four movies, three concerts, and two-and-a-half museums, you sleep with him. It seems the right number of cultural events." - Author: Lorrie Moore

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"Its a big step, moving to a new city, especially a city as extreme as New York. Its not the same as London...""I know," I nod. "You have to get your nails done." - Author: Sophie Kinsella

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"It was relatively easy to write The Cave of Lost Souls, though, because it came to me one night in a dream. I remember waking up and having this idea for a complete story - from start to finish - in my head, so I jotted it down, then later began writing the thing." - Author: Paul Kane

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"When it came to Gideon, I was more than willing to be devoured." - Author: Sylvia Day

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"Yet, with all that, no one dared to interfere. Burke had exhausted all his eloquence in trying to induce the British Government to fight the revolutionary government of France, but Mr. Pitt, with characteristic prudence, did not feel that this country was fit yet to embark on another arduous and costly war. It was for Austria to take the initiative; Austria, whose fairest daughter was even now a dethroned queen, imprisoned and insulted by a howling mob; surely twas not—so argued Mr. Fox—for the whole of England to take up arms, because one set of Frenchmen chose to murder another." - Author: Emmuska Orczy

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"If I had a necklace made out of tiny suns, Id only wear it at night when you could really see it. Sadly, I dont have a necklace like that. The closest thing I have is a necklace made out of those glow in the dark stars you stick to bedroom ceilings. But I only wear that on special occasions, like bedtime." - Author: Jarod Kintz