[In Self-defence, You Know, All Life Eventually Accommodates Itself To Its Environment, And Human Life Is No Exception.]

Author: Jacob A. Riis Quotes

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Clifford Odets Quotes

"One night some short weeks ago, for the first time in her not always happy life, Marilyn Monroes soul sat down alone to a quiet supper from which it did not rise."

Brad Falchuk Quotes

"I love it when characters surprise you, just like real people. When I write a scene I just try to make the characters behave in a way that feels natural to them. Sometimes that means they make a left turn and do something unexpected. Those are always the best scenes in my opinion."

Julie Highmore Quotes

"Once more, he was immersing himself in books, reaching the end of long articles, even going back over paragraphs to make sure hed grasped things. How much more satisfying it was than all that skimming, all that jumping around. At present, he was working his way, deliciously, through a book on Mendel, the father of genetics. A man who might not have spend seven years watching peas, if hed had the internet."

Naomi Stadlen Quotes

"Babies of around one year old are often active by day and wake frequently at night, for no obvious reason. Then a mother can feel desparate for sleep yet equally desparate to comfort her baby when he needs her at night. I have spoken to many mothers who have sacrificed their own sleep, waking up numerous times every night because their babies cried for them. It seems terrible that these hardworking women think of themselves as failures as a result. Surely a mother who has chosen to sacrifice her sleep deserves respect and admiration for her generous mothering."

Mondo Frazier Quotes

"In 2008, Barack Obama was the electoral equivalent of the Hula Hoop; a political Pet Rock; a craze, a fad, an irrational gadget. The latest have-to-have, must-vote-for candidate."

Mthavalover Quotes

"life is what u make it,if you want yours to be a cake just go ahead and bake it"

Victor WIlliamson Quotes

"Being a one of a kind means we are automatically the best in the world at what we do."

Anna Quotes

"To express gratitude is to put into words a beautiful sense of wholeness. Recognizing the people, the experiences, and the extraordinary gifts of life which feed our souls."

Meta Golding Quotes

"I love to cook. Id have a dinner party, and someone would be like, Can you do this at my house? So my catering partner and I - we were both struggling actresses at the time - thought, instead of getting a waitressing job, lets do what we love. We always said if things pick up, our acting careers come first."

Allen Lane Quotes

"We believed in the existence in this country of a vast reading public for intelligent books at a low price and staked everything on it."

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Quotes About Losing Feelings Tumblr

"The point is, feelings can change - and often do - abruptly. Its one of the riskiest aspects of falling for someone, especially during these tumultuous years when were young and restless." - Author: Jody Gehrman

Quotes About Love Sex And The City

"The meaning and worth of love, as a feeling, is that it really forces us, with all our being, to acknowledge for ANOTHER the same absolute central significance which, because of the power of our egoism, we are conscious of only in our own selves. Love is important not as one of our feelings, but as the transfer of all our interest in life from ourselves to another, as the shifting of the very centre of our personal life. This is characteristic of every kind of love, but predominantly of sexual love; it is distinguished from other kinds of love by greater intensity, by a more engrossing character, and by the possibility of a more complete overall reciprocity. Only this love can lead to the real and indissoluble union of two lives into one; only of it do the words of Holy Writ say: They shall be one flesh, i.e., shall become one real being." - Author: Vladimir S. Soloviev

Quotes About Giving Back To The World

"Thus it was up to God, to Him alonein His own ways - by one or both, I say - to give man back his whole life and perfection.But since a deed done is more prized the moreit manifests within itself the markof the loving heart and goodness of the doer,the Everlasting Love, whose seal is plainon all the wax of the world was pleased to movein all His ways to raise you up again.There was not, nor will be, from the first dayto the last night, an act so gloriousand so magnificent, on either way.For God, in giving Himself that man might beable to raise himself, gave even morethan if he had forgiven him in mercy.All other means would have been short, I say,of perfect justice, but that Gods own Sonhumbled Himself to take on mortal clay.-Paradiso, Canto VII" - Author: Dante Alighieri

Quotes About Exasperation

"What do you want, MacGuffin, a duel?""No." Julian held out both hands, one palm flat, the other held over it in a fist. "Rock, paper, scissors. Two out of three."Ty rolled his eyes and held out his fist, apparently willing to play. Julian hit his palm three times, and Ty kept time with his fist in the air. But when Julian threw a paper, Ty reached into his jacket with his other hand and pulled his gun, aiming it at Julian."Ty!" Zane said in exasperation from the front seat."Glock, paper, scissors. I win.""You are an ass," Julian muttered." - Author: Abigail Roux

Quotes About Green Light In Great Gatsby

"Ive worked with just as many talented women as I have talented men, and I feel fortunate enough to have that great balance." - Author: M. Ward

Quotes About Syllables

"He was making it obvious that something was wrong—that Adams presence was throwing him off."Uh, Marquis. We were going to food." Because that was a verb. "I mean, get food.""Hes gone.""Yes."Monosyllables. Monosyllables were good." - Author: Santino Hassell

Quotes About Security In America

"Our constituents paid into Social Security, and they want it paid back to them when they retire. Cutting Social Security benefits that Americans have earned should always be a last resort." - Author: Dennis Cardoza

Quotes About Cotton Fields

"I had never, ever drunk beer in high school, and by the time I got to Tech we were having these parties out in the cotton fields and getting so drunk. I was the champion beer drinker; suddenly I was pouring it down my throat... Insane! Insane!" - Author: Bob Livingston

Quotes About Vaguely

"The moral and social aspiration proper to American life is, of course, the aspiration vaguely described by the word democratic; and the actual achievement of the American nation points towards an adequate and fruitful definition of the democratic ideal." - Author: Herbert Croly

Quotes About Getting Back Together Again

"Seems like nothings getting safer or better," I said. "Seems like everythings getting worse." "Maybe thats whats gotta happen," Willa Mae said. "Maybe everythings gotta break lose and fall apart before we can put it back together again right." - Author: Margaret McMullan