[In Spite Of The String Of Magazine Covers Announcing The Contrary, We All Know That Ten Simple Things Will Not Save The Earth. There Are, Rather, Three Thousand Impossible Things That All Of Us Must Do, And Changing Our Light Bulbs, While Necessary, Is The Barest Beginning. We Are Being Called Upon To Act Against A Prevailing Culture, To Undermine Our Own Entrenched Tendency To Accumulate And To Consume, And To Refuse To Define Our Individuality By Our Presumed Ability To Do Whatever We Want.]

Author: Lyanda Lynn Haupt Quotes

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Dominique Demers Quotes

"Quelque part au fond de moi, une petite voix me rappelle parfois quon nest pas né simplement pour mettre un pas devant lautre mais pour courir, chanter, voler. Jy ai toujours cru. Je ne parviendrai peut-être jamais à y renoncer tout à fait."

Inda Kusumawati Quotes

"Be silent in your anger, be silent in your sadness, be silent in your happiness till the time calms your mood"

Asia Mouzone Quotes

"Never silence your testimony. Its meant for someone else; not you."

Guy Spier Quotes

"From time to time, you have seminal personalities who really change the way the world sees itself - people like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela. Warren Buffett is that kind of person in the business world."

Tony Williams Quotes

"Ive studied all my musical life, but learning is only good if you do something constructive with it."

Ravi Trivedi Quotes

"Neither apology nor kindness can demolish the wall of hatred when built, by choice, on a base of self-centeredness & from the bricks of ego!"

Mark Boyer Quotes

"We all must do what we have to do to get where we need to be. Ultimately, you make that final decision yourself."

Bernard Of Cluny Quotes

"Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemos."

Patricia Cornwell Quotes

"He was pushing fifty, with a face life had chewed on, and long wisps of graying hair parted low on one side and combed over his balding pate."

Viktor E Frankl Quotes

"For the meaning of life differs from man to man, from day to day and from hour to hour. What matters, therefore, is not the meaning of life in general but rather the specific meaning of a persons life at a given moment."

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Quotes About Things That Seem Impossible

"Yet I never sought what is real, yearned for the real, but rather I have yearned for dreams more than solid things. I can say I love the textures of dreams. The way they hover and almost taste. The clouds and darkness that linger behind, mostly unseen. And the palette of dreams. You can almost taste the colours, they seem as words on the tip of the tongue, unsayable as pomegranate seeds, unsayable as thick cream, the darkness of such a thick cream. This is why I am obsessed with dreams. They know what we cannot. Night after night they try and tell us the impossible. Dreams are secret and closed, and also contain everything, gushing, splayed open. Dream suitcases, carpetbags, hold-alls. They influence us secretly and they draw me to travel to nowhere, to beautys passage, through halls of mirrors where I know I am not myself, I know I am sublime." - Author: Shawna Lemay

Quotes About Lethe

"Az első gondolatot mindig egy második követi, egyik rejtély szüli a másikat: vajon ugyanannyira élő-e mindenki más, mint ő maga? A nővére például számít-e önmagának, ugyanolyan fontos-e önmaga számára, mint Briony? Ceciliának lenni, az vajon ugyanolyan élettől pezsgő állapot-e, mint Brionynak lenni? Van-e nővérének is hullámtörés mögé rejtett titkos, igazi énje, és tölt-e vele időt, gondolkozik-e rajta, arca elé tartva egyik kinyújtott ujját? Van-e mindenkinek, apját, Bettyt, Hardmant is beleértve? Ha igen, akkor a világ, a társadalmi világ elviselhetetlenül bonyolult, kétmilliárd hang szól benne, és mindenkinek egyformán fontosak a gondolatai, mindenki egyformán ragaszkodhat foggal-körömmel az élethez, miközben egyedülállónak hiszi önmagát, pedig senki sem az. Az ember akár bele is fulladhat a jelentéktelenségbe." - Author: Ian McEwan

Quotes About Cultural Practices

"Double standards in domestic roles are deeply rooted in cultural attitudes and workplace practices. Working mothers are held to higher standards than working fathers and are often criticized for being insufficiently committed, either as parents or professionals. Those who seem willing to sacrifice family needs to workplace demands appear lacking as mothers. Those who take extended leave or reduced schedules appear lacking as leaders." - Author: Barbara Kellerman

Quotes About Teresa

"Yo creo que nadie ha definido hasta hoy un cuento de manera satisfactoria, cada escritor tiene su propia idea del cuento. En mi caso, el cuento es un relato en el que lo que interesa es una cierta tensi" - Author: Julio Cort

Quotes About Life In The 80s

"Jane remembers those years, though, as if they had been [a movie]--in part because her friends...always talked about everything as if it was over ("Remember last night?"), while holding out the possibility that whatever happened could be rerun. Neil didnt have that sense of things. He thought people shouldnt romanticize ordinary life. "Our struggles, our little struggles," he would whisper, in bed, at night. Sometimes he or she would click on some of the flashlights and consider the ceiling, with the radiant swirls around the bright nuclei, the shadows like opened oysters glistening in brine. (In the 80s, the champagne was always waiting.)" - Author: Ann Beattie

Quotes About Realistic Life

"I really love baseball. The guys and the game, and I love the challenge of describing things. The only thing I hate - and I know you have to be realistic and pay the bills in this life - is the loneliness on the road." - Author: Vin Scully

Quotes About Not Counting On Others

"If we didnt have strong feelings, how could we love or fight? When our flesh is cut, we bleed. When our heart is broken, we cry. Theres nothing wrong with that. It only becomes a problem when it gets in the way of what you have to do. You cant crumble when others are counting on you." - Author: Robert Liparulo

Quotes About Integridad

"Porque de tres cosas depende la belleza: en primer lugar, de la integridad o perfección, y por eso consideramos feo lo incompleto; luego, de la justa proporción, o sea de la consonancia; por último, de la claridad y la luz." - Author: Umberto Eco

Quotes About Brothels

"Are women human yet? If women were human, would we be a cash crop shipped from Thailand in containers into New Yorks brothels...? Would our genitals be sliced out to "cleanse" us...? When will women be human? When? ~ Half The Sky" - Author: Catherine Mackinnon

Quotes About Unwed Mothers

"60% of children are born to unwed mothers. I should start pulling out." - Author: Jarod Kintz