[In The End It's All Very Simple. Either We Give Ourselves To Silence Or We Don't.]

Author: Adyashanti Quotes

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Leigh Michaels Quotes

"back to the lodge. "Hes a bruising rider—we wouldnt"

Catherine Zeta Jones Quotes

"I wish I was born in that era: dancing with Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, going to work at the studio dressed in beautiful pants, head scarves, and sunglasses."

Andrew Louth Quotes

"Creation is not abandoned by God, it is not godless, for apart from God it would not be at all; it is not deprived of grace for it owes its existence to grace. Rather, creation is graced, it is holy; in creation God may be encountered."

Chilon Quotes

"Prefer a loss to a dishonest gain; the one brings pain at the moment, the other for all time."

Elaina J Davidson Quotes

"Dreams are real; dreams exert influence"

Kyra Lennon Quotes

"It wasnt fair. It wasnt fair that Id stumbled across the kind of man I used to find irresistible, or that hed managed to stare right inside my brain to locate my weaknesses. The thrill of being wanted while pretending not to be interested was a game Id played over and over during my youth. Id grown up since then. Id done more than my share of getting mixed up with men who were all ego and muscles, and he reminded me exactly why Id given them up. Unfortunately, my body hadnt got the memo yet."

Rollie Fingers Quotes

"When I got out of baseball, I got all the way out. I might watch a World Series game or something."

Edna Ferber Quotes

"Big doesnt necessarily mean better. Sunflowers arent better than violets."

Shey Stahl Quotes

"If someone asked you what color the sky is, what would you say?"

Sheri Bessi Quotes

"BE the light you already are."

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Quotes About Baby Feet

"It was this little troublemaker named Ralph Waldo Duffy. Ralph Waldo is the one who really ruined the pageant. He picked up the baby Jesus by the feet, and your mother stood up in front of God and everybody and yelled, Joseph, put Jesus down before I smack you. Even then she had the makings of a good mother." - Author: Pamela Todd

Quotes About Character And Adversity

"My fiction is almost always inspired by a characters need or desire to rise above him- or herself. No one is perfect and some of us have much adversity in our lives; it is those people who struggle to rise above their nature or background that I find the most interesting and heroic." - Author: Robert Crais

Quotes About Confused Feelings Love

"I asked him did he really love New York or was he just wearing the shirt. He smiled, like he was nervous. I could tell he didnt understand, which made me feel guilty for speaking English, for some reason. I pointed at his shirt. "Do? You? Really? Love? New York?" He said, "New York?" I said, "Your. Shirt." He looked at his shirt. I pointed at the N and said "New," and the Y and said "York." He looked confused or embarrassed, or surprised, or maybe even mad. I couldnt tell what he was feeling, because I couldnt speak the language of his feelings. "I not know was New York. In Chinese, ny mean you. Thought was I love you." It was then that I noticed the "I♥NY" poster on the wall, and the "I♥NY" flag over the door, and the "I♥NY" dishtowels, and the "I♥NY" lunchbox on the kitchen table. I asked him, "Well, then why do you love everybody so much?" - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer

Quotes About Quitting Bad Habits

"The demands that good people make are upon themselves;Those that bad people make are upon others." - Author: Confucius

Quotes About Love And Annoyance

"He said that people who loved [animals] to excess were capable of the worst cruelties toward human beings. He said that dogs were not loyal but servile, that cats were opportunists and traitors, that peacocks were heralds of death, that macaws were simply decorative annoyances, that rabbits fomented greed, that monkeys carried the fever of lust, and that roosters were damned because they had been complicit in the three denials of Christ." - Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

Quotes About Dying For Freedom

"If freedom isnt worth dying for, then...what is it really worth?" - Author: Timothy Pina

Quotes About Scientific Fossils

"With a snap of linen, she shot him a look. "Smote?" "Grammatically speaking, I think the word you want is ‘smote. " "Scientifically speaking, the word I want is ‘extinct. Ammonites are extinct. Theyre only known to us in fossils." "And bedsheets, apparently.""You know . . ." She huffed" - Author: Tessa Dare

Quotes About Hunting

"There is the inner life of thought which is our world of final reality. The world of memory, emotion, feeling, imagination, intelligence and natural common sense, and which goes on all the time consciously or unconsciously like the heartbeat.There is also the thinking process by which we break into that inner life and capture answers and evidence to support the answers out of it.And that process of raid, or persuasion, or ambush, or dogged hunting, or surrender, is the kind of thinking we have to learn, and if we dont somehow learn it, then our minds line us like the fish in the pond of a man who cant fish." - Author: Ted Hughes

Quotes About 168

"The preferred medications were those that forestalled corruption. We know as a result of more than three thousand years of experience that Myrrh and Aloes preserve corpses. (Lange, 1689) Are not these deteriorations of the bodies of the same nature as those that accompany the diseases of the humors?" - Author: Michel Foucault

Quotes About Rainy Sky

"Bound for your distant home"Bound for your distant homeyou were leaving alien lands.In an hour as sad as Ive knownI wept over your hands.My hands were numb and cold,still trying to restrainyou, whom my hurt toldnever to end this pain.But you snatched your lips awayfrom our bitterest kiss.You invoked another placethan the dismal exile of this.You said, ‘When we meet again,in the shadow of olive-trees,we shall kiss, in a love without pain,under cloudless infinities.But there, alas, where the skyshines with blue radiance,where olive-tree shadows lieon the waters glittering dance,your beauty, your suffering,are lost in eternity.But the sweet kiss of our meeting ......I wait for it: you owe it me ......." - Author: Alexander Pushkin