[In The Fairy Tales There's Only One Big Bad Wolf And The Little Girl Takes Only One Trip Through The Dark Forest And Fights Only One Fight For Her Life Before The Story Ends In Happily And Ever After. But Life On The Calle Is Real, Not Make-believe, And Every Calle Girl Knows That Once The My-What-Big-Paws-You-Have Fall On Her Skin, Little Red Will Carry That Scent No Matter How Hard She Scrubs. From That Point On, Every Wolf In The Every Forest Of Her Very Real Life Will Recognize Her And They'll Do Their Biggest And Baddest To Get Into Her Basket Anytime She Drops Her Guard. So Be Prepared. We're Not Out Of The Woods Yet.]

Author: Tupelo Hassman Quotes

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"Plane Ride - In our sport it is natural and necessary to set up goals to inspire us. We all want to achieve the next level, the break-thru performance. What we (all of us) must not forget is that the journey to these goals is the best part. The daily process of obtaining success takes up the majority of our time and effort throughout our lives. Remember to appreciate what youve done in the past and what you are doing in the present on your way to higher goals. This will allow you to always strive for something more without missing out on the fact that your path to success is as much a starting point as it is a finish line."

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"I am carved like David,every line of my body perfectly chiseled.Hunger is the blade that has made me smooth.I am a statue, yet I am only air at my center.I go to hug myself and-poof!-my arms go right through mefinding nothing to hold on to.My hands meet behind my own backin a stone handshake.This is not what you were expecting.Im so cold.Im so sharp.Ive been cut, now Ill cut you.Come closer.Yes, come closer to me.I am going to make you see what I see."

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"He was numb except for dreading the loss of numbness."

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