[In The Fairy Tales There's Only One Big Bad Wolf And The Little Girl Takes Only One Trip Through The Dark Forest And Fights Only One Fight For Her Life Before The Story Ends In Happily And Ever After. But Life On The Calle Is Real, Not Make-believe, And Every Calle Girl Knows That Once The My-What-Big-Paws-You-Have Fall On Her Skin, Little Red Will Carry That Scent No Matter How Hard She Scrubs. From That Point On, Every Wolf In The Every Forest Of Her Very Real Life Will Recognize Her And They'll Do Their Biggest And Baddest To Get Into Her Basket Anytime She Drops Her Guard. So Be Prepared. We're Not Out Of The Woods Yet.]

Author: Tupelo Hassman Quotes

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"Theta loved pretty things more than air or food. She had a deep fondness for full red roses, pink shells, and starry sunsets."

William Beveridge Quotes

"Ignorance is an evil weed, which dictators may cultivate among their dupes, but which no democracy can afford among its citizens."

Rod Paige Quotes

"Character is one of most precious parts of you. You cant get involved in things that will damage your character."

Ivan Turgenev Quotes

"Time sometimes flies like a bird, sometimes crawls like a snail; but a man is happiest when he does not even notice whether it passes swiftly or slowly."

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"Brand-new research suggests that the faster you take weight off, the longer you keep it off. Now thats a reason for dieters everywhere to rejoice."

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"Time is an internationalist publication catering to internationalist readers who are not only interested in their own backyard."

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"Its my observation that gardeners and gardening for a very long time have had to take a back seat. Architects are very famous; theyve got huge projects. What goes on in and around them has been relegated to a very minor role."

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"Instead of allowing wealth and resources to change us, we must choose to allow God to change our way of thinking about wealth and resources"

Juana Ines De La Cruz Quotes

"... así estos malévolos, mientras más estudian, peores opiniones engendran; obstrúyeseles el entendimiento con lo mismo que había de alimentarse, y es que estudian mucho y digieren poco, sin proporcionarse al vaso limitado de sus entendimientos."

Ali McNamara Quotes

"Oh God, my stomach must have won a medal- its doing a lap of honour now."

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"Undoubtedly, Baron Arald thought with a deep sense of pride and satisfaction, this would go down as the weddiong of the year. Perhaps of the decade.Already, it had the hallmarks of a roaring success . The Bores Table was well attended with a group of eight people, currently vying to see who could be the most uninteresting, overbearing, and repetitive. Other guests glanced in their direction, giving silent thanks to the organizers who had seperated them from such dread-ful people.There had been inevitable tearful flouncing and shrill recriminations when a girlfriend of one of the younger warriors from Sir Rodneys Battleschool had caught her boyfriend kissing another girl in a darkened corridor. It wouldnt be a wedding reception without that, Arald thought." - Author: John Flanagan

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"At every moment you choose yourself. But do you choose *your* self? Body and soul contain a thousand possibilities out of which you can build many Is. But in one of them is there a congruence of the elector and the elected. Only one--which you will never find until you have excluded all those superficial and fleeting possibilities of being and doing with which you toy, out of curiosity or wonder or greed, and which hinder you from casting anchor in the experience of the mystery of life, and the consciousness of the talent entrusted to you which is your *I*." - Author: Dag Hammarskjöld

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"I think great songs appeal to people at any age. Kids love the Beatles, too. Kids love Tom T. Hall. Of course, Tom T. wrote some things that were specifically for kids. But I think kids recognize quality more than they get credit for sometimes." - Author: Jason Isbell

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"Cheap wine is defined by its price, and it depends on personal spending limits. So for me, any wine under $10 is cheap." - Author: Deborah Harkness

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"You need a team for war, not for negotiation." - Author: Amit Kalantri

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"How are things with you, sir?""Fine." He says it flat."Coffee black. BLT."Now my heart tells me this guy needs more in life, so I take a short. "You ever had a cheese burger with grilled onions and mushrooms on pumpernickel, sir?"That takes a minute to sink in.Then he slaps the counter, grinning. "Bring it on."I sense he needs more."You want a malt with that, by any chance?"He did, of course. "Chocolate," he says, beaming like a kid.Now hes loosening up.Its a privilege to touch humanity in such a fashion." - Author: Joan Bauer

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"I draw from my family and my friends and I feel like that small-town person. The achievements, the materialistic possessions have really become to mean less. They mean nothing." - Author: Sheryl Crow

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"I remember one winter, when I was about five or six, I spent three days with another boy, tracking a bobcat that had been sighted in another county fifty miles away, but which I was sure had come into our neighborhood." - Author: Terry Brooks