[In The Hall Itself The Din Of The Music - For This Is The Real Way To Play A Jukebox And What It Was Originally For - Was So Tremendous That It Shattered Dean And Stan And Me For A Moment In The Realization That We Had Never Dared To Play Music As We Wanted, And This Was How Loud We Wanted.]

Author: Jack Kerouac Quotes

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Calvin OJohn Quotes

"A tear rolled down my cheekAnd more came downUntil tears rolled down like a stream.My eyes were blind with tears for you.They washed my eyes till I could see."

Kat Bastion Quotes

"Sometimes our emotions rule us. How we handle the consequences . . . defines us."

Maurice Merleau Ponty Quotes

"Our view of man will remain superficial so long as we fail to go back to that origin [of silence], so long as we fail to find, beneath the chatter of words, the primordial silence, and as long as we do not describe the action which breaks this silence. the spoken word is a gesture, and its meaning, a world."

Don Sherwood Quotes

"The 150th anniversary of Penn State will highlight what is important and good about this distinguished institution and the fine people and research that it produces."

Sue Mengers Quotes

"As an agent, I functioned like a guy. But the fact that I was a woman affected everything."

DuBose Heyward Quotes

"Cottontail knocked on the big front door and was admitted to the Palace. There she stood in her funny country clothes but none of the other four Easter Bunnies laughed, for they were wise and kind and knew better."

Shannon Delany Quotes

"Theyre monsters.""Thats what Edward thought.""Oh, yeah? He a friend of yours?""No, Miss Librarian. Just a main character in a wildly popular vampire series."

Mary Pickford Quotes

"You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call failure is not the falling down, but the staying down."

Jay Roach Quotes

"I hope were all kind of influencing each other now to keep the quality up on those things. They seem to be getting better and better and better as theres not only sort of a film geek audience, theres also a general interest in the overall film consuming population."

Touaxia Vang Quotes

"Love is like a piece of chocalate. It looks and tastes good, but its dark. What really matters is the inside."

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Quotes About Loeb

"It is spring, moonless night in the small town, starless and bible-black, the cobbledstreets silent and the hunched courters-and-rabbits wood limping invisible down to the sloeblack, slow, black, crowblack, fishingboat-bobbing sea." - Author: Dylan Thomas

Quotes About Iba

"Do I do as false prophets do and puff air into simulacra? Am I a Sorcerer--like Macbeths witches--mixing truth and lies in incandescent shapes? Or am I a kind of very minor scribe of a prophetic Book--telling such truth as in me lies, with aid of such fiction as I acknowledge mine, as Prospero acknowledged Caliban." - Author: A.S. Byatt

Quotes About Burlesque Opportunity

"To have an opportunity to make a movie like Cabin Fever, you have to get stuff thrown on you or you have to fall into a pit of water. It brings you that much closer to your mindset as a character." - Author: Rider Strong

Quotes About Darkness Within

"I am shadow so I dont have a face. I am utter darkness like the one that swells within your coldest depths. I am the ultimate judger. I am your final fate. I am the one that brings your darkness to the known." - Author: Eiry Nieves

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"Aaron Spelling went further than anyone has ever gone for television." - Author: Linda Evans

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"Hubble is very close to my heart, and going back to Hubble, because I was there once already in 1993, is really a great privilege for me." - Author: Claude Nicollier

Quotes About Segregation In Education

"The corporate reform movement has co-opted progressive themes and language in the service of radical purposes. Advocating the privatization of public education is deeply reactionary. Disabling or eliminating teachers unions removes the strongest voice in each state to advocate for public education and to fight crippling budget cuts. In every state, classroom teachers are experts in education; they know what their students need, and their collective voice should be part of any public decision about school improvement. Stripping teachers of their job protections limits academic freedom. Evaluating teachers by the test scores of their students undermines professionalism and encourages teaching to the test. Claiming to be in the forefront of a civil rights movement while ignoring poverty and segregation is reactionary and duplicitous." - Author: Diane Ravitch

Quotes About Popular Vote

"What was surprising--and would largely be forgotten as time went on--was how well Adams had done. Despite the malicious attacks on him, the furor over the Alien and Sedition Acts, unpopular taxes, betrayals by his own cabinet, the disarray of the Federalists, and the final treachery of Hamilton, he had, in fact, come very close to winning in the electoral count. With a difference of only 250 votes in New York City, Adams would have won an electoral count of 71 to 61. So another of the ironies of 1800 was that Jefferson, the apostle of agrarian America who loathed cities, owed his ultimate political triumph to New York." - Author: David McCullough

Quotes About Nature From Into The Wild

"Though we became experimental creatures of our own devising, its important to bear in mind that we had no inkling of this process, let alone its consequences, until only the last six or seven of our 100,000 generations. We have done it all sleepwalking. Nature let a few apes into the lab of evolution, switched on the lights, and left us there to mess about with an ever-growing supply of ingredients and processes. The effect on us and the world has accumulated ever since. Lets list a few steps between the earliest times and this: sharp stones, animal skins, useful bits of bone and wood, wild fire, tame fire, seeds for eating, seeds for planting, houses, villages, pottery, cities, metals, wheels, explosives. What strikes one most forcefully is the acceleration, the runaway progression of change - or to put it another way, the collapsing of time. From the first chipped stone to the first smelted iron took nearly 3 million years; from the first iron to the hydrogen bomb took only 3,000." - Author: Ronald Wright

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"...if you use a standard called "biological value" to rate protein sources... soy finishes far below eggs, milk, fish, beef and chicken. The food with the highest biological value ever measured is whey protein..." - Author: Lou Schuler