[In The Holy Solipsism Of The YoungNow I Can't Walk Thru A Citystreet W/out Eying Eachsingle Pedestrian. I Feelthier Vibe Thru Myskin, The Hair On My Neck--- It Rises.]

Author: Jim Morrison Quotes

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Buck Owens Quotes

"I found a sound that people really liked - I found this basic concept and all I did was change the lyrics and the melody a little bit. My songs, if you listen to them, theyre quite a lot alike, like Chuck Berry."

Niels Ferguson Quotes

"A friend of ours encountered this problem with his home-built computer long ago. He wrote a BIOS that used a magic value in a particular memory location to determine whether a reset was a cold reboot or a warm reboot. After a while the machine refused to boot after power-up because the memory had learned the magic value, and the boot process therefore treated every reset as a warm reboot. As this did not initialize the proper variables, the boot process failed.The solution in his case was to swap some memory chips around, scrambling the magic value that the SRAM had learned. For us, it was a lesson to remember: memory retains more data than you think."

Stephanie Draven Quotes

"Paranormal romance gives me the opportunity to explore love outside of its traditional boundaries. Common themes are hunger and uncontrollable desires, but I like to push further into wounds that cannot be healed and the way love can still find its way into the cracks of a fractured soul."

Stanley Victor Paskavich Quotes

"When you master love and make your life an ocean of emotion and your compassion your only fashion the things you see will set you free."

Brian Bowers Quotes

"Through creativity, we are seamlessly connected and sustained as we pullback the veil, revealing beneath our differences and distinctive characteristics,human expression and the human experience are universal. It is the greatnessof this experience that connects us together by infinite invisible threads strewnacross the globe. This is my responsibility, passion and desire as an artist—mysoul purpose."

Tommie Vaughn Quotes

"You only get one go at it... might as well Rock it."

Joseph Brodsky Quotes

"For a writer only one form of patriotism exists: his attitude toward language."

Peter F Hamilton Quotes

"Alien Affairs. Bad name I always thought, makes it sound like theyre shagging them rather than investigating them."

Les Back Quotes

"Perhaps the difference between a professor and a bus driver is that the professor can say stupid things with complete authority while the bus driver is not authorized to make brilliant insights."

Steve Winwood Quotes

"Its an often-asked question, Why did all these spotty white English boys suddenly start playing blues in the 60s? It was recognized as this kind of vibrant music and when I first started playing in a blues band I just wanted to bring it to a wider public who hadnt really heard it."

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Quotes About Fathers Being Heroes

"The thing about fathers is that they are human. But, they stay bent on being heroes to their children, readily willing to give themselves up to effect improbable rescues." - Author: Srini Chandra

Quotes About Love Trust And Respect

"Theyd lied to me and betrayed me, leaving jagged edges where all my trust had been, and I didnt like or respect or admire them any more, but still I loved them. I had no choice. I understood that, perfectly, standing in the white wilderness of snow. You cant kill love. You cant even kill it with hate. You can kill in-love, and loving, and even loveliness. You can kill them all, or numb them into dense, leaden regret, but you cant kill love itself. Love is the passionate search for a truth other than your own; and once you feel it, honestly and completely, love is forever. Every act of love, every moment of the heart reaching out, is a part of the universal good: its a part of God, or what we call God, and it can never die." - Author: Gregory David Roberts

Quotes About Spacing Out

"Anyhow, I took every stitch of clothing off and got out of bed. And I got down on my knees on the floor in the white moonlight. The heat was off and the room must have been cold, but I didnt feel cold. There was some kind of special something in the moonlight and it was wrapping my body in a thin, skintight film. At least thats how I felt. I just stayed there naked for a while, spacing out, but then I took turns holding different parts of my body out to be bathed in the moonlight. I dont know, it just seemed like the most natural thing to do. The moonlight was so absolutely, incredibly beautiful that I couldnt not do it. My head and shoulders and arms and breasts and tummy and bottom and, you know, around there: one after another, I dipped them in the moonlight, like taking a bath." - Author: Haruki Murakami

Quotes About Kobo

"U ovo vreme razbarušenog turističkog povratka prirodi kada građani vide život na selu onako kako je Ruso video dobrog divljaka, više nego ikada solidaran sam sa a) Maksom Žakobom, koji je odgovarajući na poziv da provede kraj nedelje na selu, zapanjeno i prestravljeno rekao : Selo, ono mesto gde se kokoške šetaju presne?" - Author: Julio Cortázar

Quotes About Peanut Butter

"I was watching Booknotes on CSPAN the other day and got caught up in an interview with a literary critic from the New York Times.The interviewer asked the critic why he thought the Harry Potter series was selling so many copies. "Wish fulfillment," the critic answered. He said the lead character in the book could wave a wand and make things happen, and this is one of the primary fantasies of the human heart. I think this is true. I call it "Clawing for Eden."But the Bible says Eden is gone, and as much as we want to believe we can fix our lives in about as many steps as it takes to make a peanut-butter sandwich, I dont believe we can." - Author: Donald Miller

Quotes About Dance And Nature

"Put your arms around my waist,Hold me close for a kiss and savour the taste,I love you now I love you true,Can I drown please in your eyes so blue?Lets hang our hearts on a crescent moon,And skinny-dip in starlit lakes to loves sweet tune,Lets dance on boithrins grassy line,And waltz Neath the canopied leaves of nature fine.Lets sit afore fires on a winters nightLet me read you poetry aloud by candlelight,Lets lay under the skylight and tell constellations apart,And Ill remind you of the place you have in my heart." - Author: Michelle Geaney

Quotes About Temple Bell

"…(my father) would say nothing,And I could not find a silenceAmong the one hundred Chinese silencesThat would fit the one he createdEven though I was the one Who had just made up the businessOf the one hundred Chinese silences-The Silence of the Night Boat. And the Silence of the Lotus, Cousin to the Silence of the Temple BellOnly deeper and softer…" - Author: Billy Collins

Quotes About Apartheid Life

"All of my life had been spent in the shadow of apartheid. And when South Africa went through its extraordinary change in 1994, it was like having spent a lifetime in a boxing ring with an opponent and suddenly finding yourself in that boxing ring with nobody else and realising youve to take the gloves off and get out, and reinvent yourself." - Author: Athol Fugard

Quotes About Gay

"Whether black or white, male or female, active or reserve, gay, bisexual, or straight, we are all Marines. What we share in common goes deeper than any superficial differences." - Author: S.J.D. Peterson

Quotes About Cigarette Smoking

"Its a great paradox and a great injustice that writers write because we fear death and want to leave something indestructable in our wake, and at the same time, are drawn to things that kill: whiskey and cigarette, unprotected sex and deep fried burritos.Its true that you can get away with drinking and smoking and sunbathing when youre in your teens and twenties, and its true that rock stars are free to die at twenty-nine, but a lit star needs a long life." - Author: Ariel Gore