[In This Drawing We Just Let Our Imagination Run Wild. We Visualized Superman Toys, Games, And A Radio Show - That Was Before TV - And Superman Movies. We Even Visualized Superman Billboards. And It's All Come True.]

Author: Joe Shuster Quotes

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David Heinemeier Hansson Quotes

"Forcing everyone into the office every day is an organizational SPoF (Single Point of Failure). If the office loses power or Internet or air conditioning, its no longer functional as a place to do work. If a company doesnt have any training or infrastructure to work around that, it means its going to be unavailable to its customers."

Woflgang Amadeus Mozart Quotes

"Music, even in situations of the greatest horror, should never be painful to the ear but should flatter and charm it, and thereby always remain music."

George F Will Quotes

"Chemical cheating will be decisively routed when fans become properly repelled by it. They will recoil in disgust when they understand that athletes who are chemically propelled to victory do not merely overvalue winning, they misunderstand why winning is properly valued."

Jesse Jackson Quotes

"America needs young people to be inspired to choose sacrifice over greed."

Sarah Hymas Quotes

"Early mapmakers kept their backs to the sea"

Byron Rufus Newton Quotes

"Vulgar of manner, overfed,Overdressed and underbred;Heartless, Godless, hells delight,Rude by day and lewd by night…Crazed with avarice, lust and rum,New York, thy names delirium."

Jonathan Marker Quotes

"A shot rang out from the rifle of an alerted Harvestman, and just as the sound reached Nathaniels ears, he felt the hot streak of a bullet pierce his left arm, spattering blood on the ground before him."

Nicholas Culpeper Quotes

"Waters are distilled out of Herbs, Flowers, Fruits, and Roots."

Tex Avery Quotes

"Lets make some funny pictures."

Serena Jade Quotes

"When we die...we fall asleep, and are immersed in a dream state.However,when we are born, the ideal is to come out of the dream state and into full-waking consciousness."-Serena Jade"

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Quotes About Colonial America

"Colonization would make of Germany a continental empire fit to rival the United States, another hardy frontier state based upon exterminatory colonialism and slave labor. The East was the Nazi Manifest Destiny. In Hitlers view, "in the East a similar process will repeat itself for a second time as in the conquest of America." As Hitler imagined the future, Germany would deal with the Slavs much as the North Americans had dealt with the Indians. The Volga River in Russia, he once proclaimed, will be Germanys Mississippi.9" - Author: Timothy Snyder

Quotes About Childrens Books

"My whole thing is, I collect what I know I want to read, and I have certain bookshelves in my bedroom that contain all the books I havent read yet." - Author: June Squibb

Quotes About Upper Management

"Most of the upper management of I.S. were undead. I always thought it was because the job was easier if you didnt have a soul." - Author: Kim Harrison

Quotes About Amsterdam

"Science has marched forward. But civilizations values remain rooted in philosophies, religious traditions, and ethical frameworks devised many centuries ago. Even our economic system, capitalism, is half a millennium old. The first stock exchange opened in 1602 in Amsterdam. By 1637, tulip mania had caused the first speculation bubble and crash. And not a lot has changed. Virtually every business stills uses the double-entry bookkeeping and accounting adopted in thirteenth –century Venice. So our daily dealings are still heavily influenced by ideas that were firmly set before anyone knew the world was round. In many ways, they reflect how we understood the world when we didnt understand the world at all." - Author: Carl Safina

Quotes About Family You Choose

"Blood is one thing, but thats not all that goes into family. The family you choose is the family that really matters. Theyre the ones wholl keep you standing." - Author: Seanan McGuire

Quotes About Cirque Du Freak

"I like the Cirque du Freak books - Tunnel of Blood by Darren Shan. Theyre set in England. Its about vampires." - Author: Jamie Waylett

Quotes About 21st Century

"What I enjoy doing is challenging stereotypes of what people believe a Tory must be. You dont have to say every Tory is in it for themselves - its pathetic caricaturing that has no place in the 21st century, and if we can challenge that stereotype, then great." - Author: Louise Mensch

Quotes About Graduation Funny

"They were sorting, or classifying. Its easy-anyone dressed funny is the enemy, especially if they reject your supremacy or do not acknowledge school as entertainment. If the enemy tries to look like you and act like you, only in more affordable clothes, that person is still the enemy, only of a more contemptible, less terrifying variety-" - Author: Hilary Thayer Hamann

Quotes About Summer Activities

"Conceive the condition of the human mind if all propositions whatsoever were self-evident except one, which was to become self-evident at the close of a summers day, but in the meantime might be the subject of question, of hypothesis, of debate. Art and philosophy, literature and science, would fasten like bees on that one proposition which had the honey of probability in it, and be the more eager because their enjoyment would end with sunset. Our impulses, our spiritual activities, no more adjust themselves to the idea of their future nullity, than the beating of our heart, or the irritability of our muscles." - Author: George Eliot

Quotes About Fangs

"Shiloh had become far too used to it; for all that she paid him no mind, the moment his sharp fangs pierced the skin on the inside of her thigh, her head lolled back against the seat and she closed her eyes. The feeling was still delectable even now." - Author: Elaine White