[In This World, There Are Two Times. There Is Mechanical Time And There Is Body Time.""They Do Not Keep Clocks In Their Houses. Instead, They Listen To Their Heartbeats. They Feel The Rhythms Of Their Moods And Desires.""Then There Are Those Who Think Their Bodies Don't Exist. They Live By Mechanical Time. They Rise At Seven O'clock In The Morning. They Eat Their Lunch At Noon And Their Supper At Six. They Arrive At Their Appointments On Time, Precisely By The Clock.]

Author: Alan Lightman Quotes

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"If theres no door, then Ill make one!"

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"Decisions without actions are pointless. Actions without decisions are reckless."

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"I think even before I knew I wanted to be a rapper, I wanted to be an entertainer. I was really into Michael Jackson as a kid."

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"Because, you see, he was not a person. He was a fish, which is what he had been all along. As a big fish, he could only eat smaller fish"

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"Music is the art of thinking with sounds."

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"I am most right because I realize I am most wrong"

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"Disaffection stalks around us."

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"Women have eyes in their hearts that see what men cannot."

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"A writer is very much like the captain on a star ship facing the unknown. When you face the blank page and you have no idea where youre going. It can be terrifying, but it can also be the adventure of a lifetime."

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"The more you densify a city, the more congestion will increase, however technology changes... cities so packed that they will no longer function... vertical sprawl."

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"We insist on being Someone, with a capital S. We get security from defining ourselves as worthless or worthy, superior or inferior. We waste precious time exaggerating or romanticizing or belittling ourselves with a complacent surety that yes, thats who we are. We mistake the openness of our being—the inherent wonder and surprise of each moment—for a solid, irrefutable self. Because of this misunderstanding, we suffer." - Author: Pema Chödrön

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