[Incidentally, I Spent Some Time On The Purell Website, Where You Can Find A List Of Ninety-nine Places Germs Lurk (in-flight Magazines, Movie Tickets, Gas-pump Keypads, Hotel Room A/c Controls, And On And On). It's Hilarious And Terrifying. The Only Place They Don't Mention Is The Purell Dispensers Themselves. You Know They're Coated With Germs. It's One Of Health's Cruelest Catch-22s.]

Author: A.J. Jacobs Quotes

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"Hello... is this Mrs. Fritzi Bevins?Yes, it is.From Pulaski, Wisconsin?Yes.Uh... you dont know me, but I recently received some papers. From Texas. And, well... I think I might be your daughter?There was a long silence on the other end, and then after a moment, the woman in a softer voice said, Hiya, pal. Ive been waiting for this call for a long time."

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