[Incluso La Peor De Las Situaciones, Si En Tal Nos Hallamos, Se Descompone En Elementos Simples Entre Los Cuales Habrá Algunos A Los Que Asirse, Como Las Ramas De Un Arbusto Que Creciese En La Costa, Para Oponer Resistencia A Los Remolinos Que Nos Tiran Hacia El Fondo. Esa Grieta, Ese Islote Y Esa Rama Nos Mantienen En La Superficie De La Existencia.]

Author: Ryszard Kapuściński Quotes

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"For all the things we say to our children for their own good, very little good ever comes of it."

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"Just because it makes no sense doesnt mean its not good advice."

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"If all the people who were called "crazy" started acting "normal", wed probably still be living in caves."

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"The easiest emotions for an author to evoke from readers are boredom and confusion."

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"I love memoirs and autobiographies in general."

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"English is only a weak second language, so that the third language--which at the moment is getting the most play, since French is what I speak, read, and hear almost 24/7--is trying to take over the no. 2 spot."

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"Im competitive - thats what defines me - and I love it."

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"Living for the satisfaction of only one part of my body (my mouth) [is] unholy."

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"The mirror is the worst judge of true beauty"

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"Being postmodern, however, is about being complicit rather than virtuous, it is about approaching categories like Good and Evil with a certain ironic skepticism."

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"I cant pretend this isnt important. I cant act like it doesnt exist. Its ironic, but true. There are a lot of things Im really good at keeping secret. But Ive learned Im not too good at that with you. I cant pull it off. I dont want to just hook up. I dont want a secret relationship.""Well, thats a relief," I said, grabbing for both of his hands and holding on for dear life.Doubt started giving way to recognition, but he needed to hear it. "Whys that?""Because Im really sick of secrets." - Author: Diana Peterfreund

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"We are taught to consume. And thats what we do. But if we realized that there really is no reason to consume, that its just a mind set, that its just an addiction, then we wouldnt be out there stepping on peoples hands climbing the corporate ladder of success." - Author: River Phoenix

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"La vecchiaia è un posto dove vivi di ricordi.Per questo, quando sei giovane, vivi creandotene di belli." - Author: Fabio Volo

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"The seeking of a mate shall be undertaken with due preparation and care. A life-bond should never be contemplated as a light thing--unlike a legal union or sanctified joining, the sealing of souls CANNOT be severed. When a mate is SOULBOUND to another--LIFEMATED, as some have come to regard it--a mystery is engaged. In one aspect mystical, the lifemating process is the most sublime endeavor that a Refarian may assume. Once formed, the bond must be ever cherished and nurtured by the process of lifelong rigor." - Author: Deidre Knight

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