[Indeed, We Must Foster Cost-saving Competition. And That Means Joining The Marketplace Of Other Industrialized Countries - Not Just For The Manufacturers Who Sell Drugs, But For Consumers As Well.]

Author: Olympia Snowe Quotes

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Albie Sachs Quotes

"Severability is an important concept in the context of the relations between this Court and Parliament; like reading down, it is an instrument of judicial restraint which reduces the danger of producing an overbroad judicial reaction to overbroad legislation."

Matthew Kadow Quotes

"Acknowledge what i mean, and not what say"

Harvey Cox Quotes

"There has never been a better raconteur than Jesus of Nazareth."

Jessica Stroup Quotes

"I love Gossip Girl. I used to hang out with Blake Lively and Jessica Szohr. Im also addicted to Bravo and reality shows like Top Chef."

Alfred A Yuson Quotes

"‎The stars are like the trees. Each one reminds us that we should still the greed in our heart. Each tree, each star, teaches us the ways of peace."

Alf Landon Quotes

"Wherever I have gone in this country, I have found Americans."

Walter Kaufmann Quotes

"The good must be clearly good but not wholly clear. If it is wholly clear it is too easy to reject.What is wanted is an oversimplification, a reduction of a multitude of possibilities to only two. But if the recommended path were utterly devoid of mystery, it would cease to fascinate men….There would be nothing left to discuss and interpret, to lecture and write about, to admire and merely think about.The world exacts a price for calling teachers wise: it keeps discussing the paths they recommend, but few men follow them. The wise give men endless opportunities to discuss what is good."

Alice Mattison Quotes

"When a man I like touches my arm or my hair, I want to know if hell touch the center of me, and whatever I learned in school--I went to school for a long time--I seem to believe that my center can be reached best with the tip of a penis...."

Fraunhofer Quotes

"Look here, I have succeeded at last in fetching some gold from the sun.{After his banker questioned the value of investigating gold in the Fraunhofer lines of the sun and Kirchhoff handing him over a medal he was awarded for his investigations.}"

Frank Waters Quotes

"The vast sage desert undulates with almost imperceptible tides like the oceans."

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Quotes About Zarak

"Masanın üstündeki kitaplara saldırdı ve ilgili bulduğu ilk kitabı önsözünden yüksek sesle okumaya başladı. Anlamadığı cümlelerde durarak, benden açıklamalar istedi. Doğrusu, sadece bir öğrenci, hem de derslere ilgisiz bir öğrenci olduğum için, ona yararlı açıklamalarda bulunamadım. Birden kızarak kitabı kapadı: ‘Tanrım! Hep önsözlerde kalıyorum! Durmadan yakınırdı: ‘Biraz daha ilerleyebilsem, hiç olmazsa ‘Girişe kadar gelebilsem! Ellerime sarılırdı: ‘Bana yardım edin dostum! Bütün kitapların neden yazıldığını, yazanların kimlere teşekkür borçlu olduğunu, bu kitabı yazma düşüncesinin onlara na-sıl geldiğini, bu kitabın ne gibi bir boşluğu dolduracağını, hepsini biliyorum. Sonra ne oluyor? Anlatın bana." - Author: Oğuz Atay

Quotes About Beauty Marks

"The genius of Laplace was a perfect sledge hammer in bursting purely mathematical obstacles; but, like that useful instrument, it gave neither finish nor beauty to the results. In truth, in truism if the reader please, Laplace was neither Lagrange nor Euler, as every student is made to feel. The second is power and symmetry, the third power and simplicity; the first is power without either symmetry or simplicity. But, nevertheless, Laplace never attempted investigation of a subject without leaving upon it the marks of difficulties conquered: sometimes clumsily, sometimes indirectly, always without minuteness of design or arrangement of detail; but still, his end is obtained and the difficulty is conquered." - Author: Laplace

Quotes About Poezie

"Nu stiu daca Iubirea e Poezie, dar stiu cu siguranta ca e rima imperecheata. De suflete." - Author: Teodor Burnar

Quotes About Yazar

"ayrıca gerçek bir yazar asla yazarlığı bırakmaz,yazmasa da bırakmaz." - Author: Javier Cercas

Quotes About Resisting Help

"The chief means of resisting manipulation is humility – knowing who we really are and facing it. You can only serve by love. You can only love by choice. True love cannot be the result of decree, force or manipulation. Jesus always kept his strength to make loving choices. He calls us to make loving choices necessary to be the servant of all." "Humility permits me to own my feelings – and to admit them. Now Im free to say, ‘Im angry. Im free to admit what I am reacting to. I am free to ask if anger is what the person wanted to produce in me, and to ask for help in changing if my reaction is inappropriate." - Author: Gayle D. Erwin

Quotes About Encumber

"Ive always written in a free, unencumbered way." - Author: Joan Armatrading

Quotes About The Beginning And End Of Life

"If the beginning of wisdom is in realizing that one knows nothing, then the beginning of understanding is in realizing that all things exist in accord with a single truth: Large things are made of smaller things. Drops of ink are shaped into letters, letters form words, words form sentences, and sentences combine to express thought. So it is with the growth of plants that spring from seeds, as well as with walls built from many stones. So it is with mankind, as the customs and traditions of our progenitors blend together to form the foundation for our own cities, history, and way of life. Be they dead stone, living flesh, or rolling sea; be they idle times or events of world-shattering proportion, market days or desperate battles, to this law, all things hold: Large things are made from small things. Significance is cumulative--but not always obvious. --Gaius Secondus" - Author: Jim Butcher

Quotes About Folding Laundry

"Sammy performed the rapid series of operations - which combined elements of the folding of wet laundry, the shoveling of damp ashes, and the swallowing of a secret map on the point of capture by enemy troops - that passed, in his mothers kitchen, for eating." - Author: Michael Chabon

Quotes About Governments

"O gouvernment francais, I think it was not very clever of You to put this terrible doll in La Ferte; for when Governments are found dead there is always a little doll on top of them, pulling and tweaking with his little hands to get back at the microscopic knife which sticks firmly in the quiet meat of their hearts." - Author: E.E. Cummings

Quotes About Cant Move On

"When Dove moves up from a canter to a gallop, sometimes the only way I can tell the difference is because her hooves pound a four-time rhythm instead of a three. But when Corr moves into a gallop, its as if its a gait thats just been invented, something so much faster than all the others that it should be called something else...Each stride feels like it takes us a mile. Well run out of island before he runs out of speed. Were giants, on his back." - Author: Maggie Stiefvater