[Injustice Is A Scar In The Surface Of The Earth And Death To The Victim Soul.]

Author: Anayo Ezimuor Quotes

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Habib Kadhim Al Saqqaf Quotes

"The great secret in salam is it brings love, tranquility and peace to the person receiving the greeting."

Edward Rocklin Quotes

"Family comes first" is indeed a powerful principle, but so is the imperative for your own development. It is not a self-explanatory or self-applying principle, and it can collide with other principles."

Seth Meyers Quotes

"SNL after-parties are sort of like a time to celebrate your successes and drown your sorrows, depending on how the show went for you."

Tammy Baldwin Quotes

"I find it greatly disturbing that the Bush administration has used political and religious ideologies to influence national policy on science and medicine."

F E Smith Quotes

"The world continues to offer glittering prizes to those who have stout hearts and sharp swords."

Christine Celis Quotes

"Last night, I realized that it is possible for love to die in an instant. It felt sickening to lie with you in the same bed and have your arms wrapped tightly around me. It no longer felt right."

Amey Hegde Quotes

"True success consists of becoming all you can be, of fulfilling your highest potential."

Alan Arkin Quotes

"I know that if I cant move people, then I have no business being an actor."

Dick Wolf Quotes

"There are other options out there, after all, like read a book, go on the Internet, rent a movie."

Chris Stocking Quotes

"Gina was beautiful like a sunset. You see it and you think of how beautiful it is, and then its over and you move on. But Trista was beautiful like a song. The kind of song you play over and over and never get sick of hearing. The kind of song he wanted to write for her. But he knew he would never be able to string together the right combination of notes to show her how he really felt."

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Quotes About Wearing Shirts

"They werent wearing their handy-dandy Im an Evil Demon T-shirts; nevertheless, I could tell they were coming for me." - Author: Julie Kenner

Quotes About Zeppelins

"My gosh, if youre going away, we got a million things to talk about! All the things we wouldve talked about next month, the month after! Praying mantises, zeppelins, acrobats, sword swallowers!" - Author: Ray Bradbury

Quotes About Education Equality

"A democratic society must seek to give every young person, whether native-born or newcomer, the knowledge and skills to succeed as an adult. In a political system that relies on the participation of informed citizens, everyone should, at a minimum, learn to speak, read and write a common language. Those who would sustain our democratic life must understand its history. Tailoring childrens education to the color of their skin, their national origins, or their presumed ethnicity is in some fundamental sense contrary to our nations founding ideals of democracy, equality and opportunity." - Author: Diane Ravitch

Quotes About Doubt And Uncertainty

"With our limited senses and consciousness, we only glimpse a small portion of reality. Furthermore, everything in the universe is in a state of constant flux. Simple words and thoughts cannot capture this flux or complexity. The only solution for an enlightened person is to let the mind absorb itself in what it experiences, without having to form a judgment on what it all means. The mind must be able to feel doubt and uncertainty for as long as possible. As it remains in this state and probes deeply into the mysteries of the universe, ideas will come that are more dimensional and real than if we had jumped to conclusions and formed judgments early on." - Author: Robert Greene

Quotes About Love Infidelity

"If you say, I love you, then you have already fallen in love with language, which is already a form of break up and infidelity." - Author: Jean Baudrillard

Quotes About Errol Flynn

"Had a big trial. It was like an Errol Flynn movie." - Author: Jeannie Walker

Quotes About Living A Purposeful Life

"The interesting (and sometimes scary) thing about living a purposeful life is you begin to realize that, in a very real way, your life is not your own. Youre not here to just get all the good stuff for yourself — and maybe your loved ones — so you can live a happy, pleasure-filled existence. You are part of a larger organism, a larger system, and all the good that you receive, all the talent you possess, everything that you have, is not for your benefit only — but for the benefit of the whole system. And the more you surrender to this, the more the universe will pour its bounty through you so you can be a bigger giver." - Author: Derek Rydall

Quotes About Individuals And Groups

"The keystone of the Fascist doctrine is its conception of the State, of its essence, its functions, and its aims. For Fascism the State is absolute, individuals and groups relative." - Author: Benito Mussolini

Quotes About Neither

"She alone dares and wishes to know from within, where she, the outcast, has never ceased to hear the resonance of fore-language. She lets the other language speak—the language of 1,000 tongues which knows neither enclosure nor death. To life she refuses nothing. Her language does not contain, it carries; it does not hold back, it makes possible." - Author: Hélène Cixous

Quotes About Evolution And Religion

"Religion arose as an effort to explicate the inexplicable, control the uncontrollable, make bearable the unbearable. Belief in a higher power became the most powerful innovation in late human evolution. Tribes with religion had an advantage over those without. They had direction and purpose, motivation and a mission. The survival value of religion was so spectacular that the thirst for belief became embedded in the human genome." - Author: Douglas Preston