[Instead Of Generating Either Unnecessary Alarm Or A False Sense Of Security Regarding These Fundamental Issues, The Best Course Is To Empower People With The Truth.]

Author: Dick Thornburgh Quotes

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Gala Darling Quotes

"Know that change is always challenged! When you decide that you want to make a change, it is the way of the universe to throw obstacles in our way. It is like we are being tested to see how serious we really are about what it is we have said! See it for what it is, dont get discouraged & always keep going!"

Jean Christophe Valtat Quotes

"He considered each and every second as if hed never encountered one before, as if the time it kept was a permanent surprise."

T S Eliot Quotes

"O Lord, deliver me from the man of excellent intention and impure heart: for the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked."

BB King Quotes

"The Blues? Its the mother of American music. Thats what is is - the source."

Randi Weingarten Quotes

"Mike Bloomberg may be a Republican these days. But he has been a Democrat for most of his adult life."

Emilie De Ravin Quotes

"I get recognised, but Im not the sort of person who frequents popular clubs. I try to keep out of that."

James Hillman Quotes

"The elder who is eliminating what time has done to the face, what life has done to the face, is making a statement for others to see: This is the way to be a good old person - it is to defeat this body that is doing things to you. Because you havent changed. Your bodys changing."

Robin McKinley Quotes

"But the world turns, and even legends change; and somewhere there is a border, and sometime, perhaps, someone will decide to cross it, however well guarded its thorns may be."

Selina Quotes

"Love is like the weather in Nevada--you dont know what the freak happens!"

Stephanie Roberts Quotes

"Baby, dont build a monument for me of your sadness. You wouldnt have wasted your tears when I was alive. Why make an ocean of them now when its over? The future you dreamed is a dream. Dream something else."

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Quotes About Cantor

"OS QUATRO CANTORESPobre Marat em tua casa cercadaestás adiantado um século de nósEnquanto tine a lâmpada lá forae tuas palavras se decompõeescorre-se em sanguetoda a verdade que aprendeste," - Author: Peter Weiss

Quotes About Bandit Way

"I felt bad because Little Big Tom came in while we were making the tape and was like over the moon because he thought we were interested in his music. We had to humor him and listen to him deliver around six hundred speeches about fusion and the Art Ensemble of Chicago and Chicano and Latino influences on pretentious jazzy pseudorock. I think it was probably the happiest Id ever seen him. And I also felt bad about the fact that after he left we kind of made fun of the funny way he said Latino, like he was the Frito Bandito or something. I felt bad, but I did it anyway, because Im only human. I was ashamed of myself and depressed afterward, though, which is human, too, I guess. Being human is an excuse for just about everything, but it also kind of sucks in a way." - Author: Frank Portman

Quotes About Truth

"Jimmi manages a laugh that makes my skin crawl. "Do you really think what you read in those books is true? Sure, some of it may be but have you ever actually paid attention to it? Its all false set upon us as truth. You cant coat something with lies and intend it to go away. Its asinine and lackluster at best." - Author: Celia Mcmahon

Quotes About Estado

"...el pesado traje de buzo es el cuerpo físico y el mar es el océano de la vida. Al nacer, el hombre se pone el traje de buzo, pero su espíritu está conectado siempre por una cuerda a la luz de arriba. El hombre desciende a las profundidades del mar de la tristeza y la mortalidad para buscar tesoros escondidos de sabiduría, pues la experiencia y la comprensión son perlas valiosísimas y para ganarlas el hombre debe soportar toda clase de cosas. Cuando encuentra el tesoro, lo izan al bote y, quitándose la pesada escafandra, respira el aire fresco y vuelve a sentirse LIBRE. Los sabios se dan cuenta de que este incidente que llamamos vida es solamente un viaje al fondo del mar, que hemos estado allí muchas veces y volveremos a bajar hasta que encontremos el tesoro..." - Author: Joel Whitton

Quotes About 18th Century

"Well, I certainly wouldnt want to live in the 18th century myself, or the 19th either, for that matter." - Author: Barbara Ehrenreich

Quotes About Election

"I will not seek reelection the United States Senate but will retire from public service in January 2013. There is no reason other than the fact than I think its time." - Author: Jon Kyl

Quotes About Not Understanding Love

"Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself. But if to love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires: to melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To know the pain of too much tenderness. To be wounded by your own understanding of love; and to bleed willingly and joyfully. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving; to rest at noon and meditate loves ecstasy; to return home at eventide with gratitude; and then to sleep with a prayer for the beloved in your heart and a song of praise upon your lips." - Author: Kahlil Gibran

Quotes About Socialism

"I address myself to the Communists, to those Communists who were prompted to join the Party by the progressive ideas of mankind and socialism, and not by selfish personal interests - let us represent our pure and just ideas by pure and just means." - Author: Janos Kadar

Quotes About Cryptic

"Of course ones sense of identification with the nation is inflected by all kinds of particulars, including ones class, race, gender, and sexual identification. … But [regarding] national character …, aside from references to a national aesthetic — literary, musical, and choreographic, there are two poles I reference: minimalist and maximalist. I love them both — the cryptic poems of Emily Dickinson folded up in tiny packets and hidden away in a box, the sparse, understated choreographies of Merce; but also the "trashy, profane and obscene" poems of Whitman and Ginsberg, [and] Martha Grahams expressionism. I am, myself, a minimalist. But I love distortion guitar and the wild exhibitionism of so many American artists. Also, these divisions are false. Emily Dickinson, in fact, can be as trashy and obscene as the best of them! Anyway, Dickinson and Whitman are at the heart of this narrative. They are the Dancing Queen and the Guitar Hero." - Author: Barbara Browning

Quotes About Tikkun Olam

"Americas egalitarian mandate reflects the liberality of the creator, and thus countermands, by divine witness, all feudal and aristocratic structures. It also parallels the Jewish concept of "repair the world", or Tikkun haolam, which holds that the human spirit is in partnership with God to help finish the work of creation." - Author: Forrest Church