[Interacting With Other People Does Not Come Naturally To Me; It Is A Strain And Requires Effort, And Since It Does Not Come Naturally I Feel Like I Am Not Really Myself When I Make That Effort. I Feel Fairly Comfortable With My Family, But Even With Them I Sometimes Feel The Strain Of Not Being Alone.]

Author: Peter Cameron Quotes

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"I got a feeling I had loads when I was in primary school, cause I had red hair; you know, like Duracell."

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"The trail of lime trees outside our building is still a public loo. …where else are they supposed to go to the toilet in a city where public toilets are about as common as UFO sightings?" (pp.281-82)"

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"I started kite boarding when I was 13. My dad was a kite boarder, and I begged him to teach me until he finally agreed. He made me wait because it can be dangerous."

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"dont being religious,just love the lord."

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"I was a mathematics major and really into math."

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"I always said I was never gonna be an entertainer, Suicide was never supposed to be entertainment."

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