[Irony Is About Contradictions That Do Not Resolve Into Larger Wholes, Even Dialectically, About The Tension Of Holding Incompatible Things Together Because Both Or All Are Necessary And True. Irony Is About Humour An Serious Play. It Is Also A Rhetorical Strategy And A Political Method, One I Would Like To See More Honoured Within Socialist-feminism.]

Author: Donna J. Haraway Quotes

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Coreen T Sol Quotes

"The term bellwether refers to the practice of placing a bell around the neck of a castrated ram (a wether) leading his flock of sheep. While out of sight, the sound of the bell is a directive on the whereabouts of the flock. When earning season begins, the bellwether stock is that of the largest (typically industrial) companies who report their earnings. Analysts look to these reports as an indication of how subsequent reports will come in under or over expectations."

Abdullah Ibn Al Mubarak Quotes

"If you desire the path of sincerity, develop a love for obscurity. Flee from the clatter and clinks of fame. Be like the roots of a tree; it keeps the tree upright and gives it life, but it itself is hidden underneath the earth and eyes cannot see it."

Katherine Howe Quotes

"Everyone has wounds as want healing. Seems like they all find me."

Jack Whitehall Quotes

"Part of doing stand-up is to get things off your chest. Its a bit like being in a psychiatrists chair - but more enjoyable."

Charles Finch Quotes

"...men lived and died all the time by the peculiarities of their soul, which they could never expect one another to understand."

Michelle Smart Quotes

"While he gave Ella enormous credit for summing the situation so succinctly, part of him was still waiting for her to crumple on the floor in a heap. "Yes it does. But please, dont be frightened–""Oh pack it in," she snapped, re-lacing the top of her bodice. "Youre not marrying a wilting sunflower you know."

Quino Quotes

"Indudablemente, la primavera es lo más publicitario que tiene la vida."

Janna Hill Quotes

"fans are just friends and family I havent met... or wrote about yet"

Justin Steckbauer Quotes

"Be a light wherever you stand and whenever you stand. Whether in mental hospital or chat room, school or steak house. Be an example of truth, kindness, and justice. Be a reflection of the Savior."

Alois Brunner Quotes

"I have no bad conscience."

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Quotes About Sunning

"I know already that I will return to this day whenever I want to. I can bid it alive. Preserve it. There is a still point where the present, the now, winds around itself, and nothing is tangled. The river is not where it begins or ends, but right in the middle point, anchored by what has happened and what is to arrive. You can close your eyes and there will be a light snow falling in New York, and seconds later you are sunning upon a rock in Zacapa, and seconds later still you are surfing through the Bronx on the strength of your own desire. There is no way to find a word to fit around this feeling. Words resist it. Words give it a pattern it does not own. Words put it in time. They freeze what cannot be stopped. Try to describe the taste of a peach. Try to describe it. Feel the rush of sweetness: we make love." - Author: Colum McCann

Quotes About Malkom

"Those who betray me only do so once. ~Malkom Slaine (Demon From the Dark)" - Author: Kresley Cole

Quotes About Being Able To See

"Since Ive written many of my books from a less-than-sympathetic viewpoint, I think that being able to see things from all sides is a useful talent." - Author: Alex Flinn

Quotes About Representative Government

"Funding for the Special Operations Network comes directly from the government. Most work is centralized, but all of the SpecOps divisions have local representatives to keep a watchful eye on any provincial problems. They are administered by local commanders, who liaise with the national offices for information exchange, guidance and policy decisions. Like any other big government department, it looks good on paper but is an utter shambles. Petty infighting and political agendas, arrogance and sheer bloody-mindedness almost guarantees that the left hand doesnt know what the right is doing." - Author: Jasper Fforde

Quotes About Knowing When To Back Off

"A long hug when you really need it Sometimes we all get rattled. When bad news surprises you, painful memories flash back, or heavy moments turn your stomach to mush, its great to fall into a warm and comforting pair of big, wide open arms. Shaking with sobs, dripping with tears, you snort up your runny nose and smear snot across their shoulder as that hug relaxes you and comforts you and helps you get through everything, even for a minute, even for a moment. Maybe there are "Its going to be okay" whispers, some gentle back rubbing, or just the quiet silence of knowing that theyre not going to let go until you let go first. As their steady arms support you, and the pain washes over you, the hug gives you a warm glow in a shivery moment. So when you eventually pull back, smile that classic "Im sorry and thank you" smile, and swipe wet bangs off your forehead, you still might not feel great, but if youre lucky youll feel a little more AWESOME!" - Author: Neil Pasricha

Quotes About Levres

"Peau de temps après la mort de son frère, à laide dun rouge à levres couleur sang, Lucille avait écrit sur le miroir de notre salle de bains: <> Face à ce miroir, nous nous coiffons chaque matin, Manon et moi, cette menace tatouée sur le visage." - Author: Delphine de Vigan

Quotes About The Quran And Bible

"Widespread criticisms of jihad in Islam and the so-called sword verses in the Quran have unearthed for fair-minded Christians difficult questions about Christianitys own traditions of holy war and texts of terror. Like Hinduisms Mahabharata epic, the Bible devotes entire books to war and rumors thereof. Unlike the Quran, however, it contains hardly any rules for how to conduct a just war." - Author: Stephen R. Prothero

Quotes About Being The Best Person Possible

"Im the most communal person that exists and a very solitary person. So I think writing is a form of getting to the community and being alone, and its the best of both possible worlds." - Author: Ariel Dorfman

Quotes About Garbage

"Honestly even the artists I like make songs that I dont like, theyre not straight up garbage just, simply its not to my taste," - Author: Auliq Ice

Quotes About Always Being Yourself

"Commit to always being honest, if not with others then with yourself." - Author: Truth Devour