[Is It Wrong To Trust In A Beautiful Lie If It Helps You Get Through Life?]

Author: Miriam Toews Quotes

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Waking Life Quotes

"most people are either sleep walking through their waking life or wake walking through their sleeping life. either way theyre not getting much out of it."

Robert J Courtine Quotes

"The onion is the truffle of the poor."

Liz Jensen Quotes

"Hangovers are a vivid form of vengeance. Last night my apartment became the venue for a small, introverted chardonnay festival. A melancholy choir of Bulgarians provided the entertainment, via a set of headphones that ended up irredeemably tangled beneath the bed. Part of me just watched. The other part was in charge."

Kit Reed Quotes

"I realized that both the military and religious orders depend on discipline to shape people - which routine does, in a lot of ways."

Eugene Carriere Quotes

"Nature alone can lead to the understanding of art, just as art brings us back to nature with greater awarness. It is the source of all beauty, since it is the source of all life."

Hofmann Quotes

"I hope that in due time the chemists will justify their proceedings by some large generalisations deduced from the infinity of results which they have collected. For me I am left hopelessly behind and I will acknowledge to you that through my bad memory organic chemistry is to me a sealed book. Some of those here, Hofmann for instance, consider all this however as scaffolding, which will disappear when the structure is built. I hope the structure will be worthy of the labour. I should expect a better and a quicker result from the study of the powers of matter, but then I have a predilection that way and am probably prejudiced in judgment."

Catherine Cookson Quotes

"You make your son out to be to be almost an idiot; well let me tell you something, Mrs Loan, if he were a complete idiot, drooling at the mouth, hed still be a better person then you."

Claire Merle Quotes

"Belief in a higher power was a form of psychosis."

Ben Nighthorse Campbell Quotes

"Indians were here first - its about time. Were way behind the African Americans and Hispanic Americans in getting politically involved, but were beginning to take a page out of their notebook."

Stacey Kade Quotes

"Three days isnt that long to go without human contact, unless everyone you touch turns your insides into a cold, shaky mess. Then it feels like forever...and touching Will Killian actually felt pretty good."

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Quotes About Cheerful Life

"We white folks cling to such an abiding sense of entitlement that when things go amiss, we cannot let go of this tortuously sunny, idiotically cheerful doppelganger of a world that we deserve in which life is swell." - Author: Lionel Shriver

Quotes About Fictional Love

"We have a fictional "I" that we try to love and protect. We spend most of our life playing this futile game. "What will happen? How will it go? Will I get something out of it?" I, I, I—its a mind game of illusion, and we are lost in it." - Author: Charlotte Joko Beck

Quotes About Siblings Bond

"This is our siblings of more famous BookWorld Personalities self-help group expalined Loser (Gatsby). Thats Sharon Eyre, the younger and wholly disreputable sister of Jane; Roger Yossarian, the draft dodger and coward; Rupert Bond, still a virgin and cant keep a secret; Tracy Capulet, who has slept her way round Verona twice; and Nancy Potter, who is a Muggle." - Author: Jasper Fforde

Quotes About Ellie Linton

"Those TV pictures had looked like scenes from hell. Flames leaping up into the night. Even so, cattle arent people. Just a few months later Jack had turned on the telly once again and called to Ellie to come and look, as people must have been calling out, all over the world, to whoever was in the next room, ‘Drop what youre doing and come and look at this." - Author: Graham Swift

Quotes About Chicken Crossing The Road

"I had been in France less than 48 hours before that obliging agent of yours had to stop me being run over by a French van full of French chickens because Id looked the wrong way before crossing the street. Which shows how cunning the Gestapo are. "This person Ive pulled from beneath the wheels of certain death was expecting traffic to travel on the left side of the road. Therefore she must be British, and is likely to have parachuted into Nazi-occupied France out of an Allied plane. I shall now arrest her as a spy." - Author: Elizabeth Wein

Quotes About Roller Blades

"Roller Boogie is a relic from - when else? - the 70s. This is a tape I made for the eight-grade dance. The tape still plays, even if the cogs are a little creaky and the sound quality is dismal. Its a ninety-minute TDK Compact Cassette, and like everything else made in the 70s, its beige. It takes me back to the fall of 1979, when I was a shy, spastic, corduroy-clad Catholic kid from the suburbs of Boston, grief-stricken over the 78 Red Sox. The words "douche" and "bag" have never coupled as passionately as they did in the person of my thirteen-yer-old self. My body, my brain, my elbows that stuck out like switchblades, my feet that got tangled in my bike spokes, but most of all my soul - these formed the waterbed where douchitude and bagness made love sweet love with all the feral intensity of Burt Reynolds and Rachel Ward in Sharkeys Machine." - Author: Rob Sheffield

Quotes About Goriot

"However gross a man may be, the minute he expresses a strong and genuine affection, some inner secretion alters his features, animates his gestures, and colors his voice. The stupidest man will often, under the stress of passion, achieve heights of eloquence, in thought if not in language, and seem to move in some luminous sphere. Goriots voice and gesture had at this moment the power of communication that characterizes the great actor. Are not our finer feelings the poems of the human will?" - Author: Honoré de Balzac

Quotes About Cuba

"HECUBA: I had a knife in my skirt, Achilles. When Talthybius bent over me, I could have killed him. I wanted to. I had the knife just for that reason. Yet, at the last minute I thought, hes some mothers son just as Hector was, and arent we women all sisters? If I killed him, I thought, wouldnt It be like killing family?Wouldnt it be making some other mother grieve? So I didnt kill him, but if I had, I might have saved Hectors child. Dead or damned, thats the choice we make. Either you men kill us and are honored for it, or we women kill you and are damned for it. Dead or damned. Women dont have to make choices like that in Hades. There is no love there, nothing to betray." - Author: Sheri S. Tepper

Quotes About Missing Each Other

"Oh, dont lie, Harry," she said impatiently. "Ron and Ginny say youve been hiding from everyone since you got back from St. Mungos.""They do, do they?" said Harry, glaring at Ron and Ginny. Ron looked down at his feet but Ginny seemed quite unabashed."Well, you have!" she said. "And you wont look at any of us!""Its you lot who wont look at me!" said Harry angrily."Maybe youre taking it in turns to look and keep missing each other," suggested Hermione, the corners of her mouth twitching." - Author: J.K. Rowling

Quotes About Change And Progress

"Wherever sufficiently numerous series of the remains of any given group, which has endured for a long space of time, are carefully examined, their morphological relations are never in discordance with the requirements of the doctrine of evolution, and often afford convincing evidence of it. At the same time, it has been shown that certain forms persist with very little change, from the oldest to the newest fossiliferous formations; and thus show that progressive development is a contingent, and not a necessary result, of the nature of living matter." - Author: Thomas Henry Huxley