[Is It Wrong To Trust In A Beautiful Lie If It Helps You Get Through Life?]

Author: Miriam Toews Quotes

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Richard Holloway Quotes

"Truth is rarely simple and seldom obvious, which is why mature institutions recognise the importance of conflict and disagreement. Christianity was born in conflict, and it has been characterised by conflict ever since. The Churchs obsession with heresy is witness to this fact."

Nick McDonell Quotes

"The more I have written, the less it has been about exploring myself, and the more it has been about exploring the world around me."

Martin Heinrich Klaproth Quotes

"[Pechblende] einer eigenthümlichen, selbstständigen metallischen Substanz bestehe. Es fallen folglich auch deren bisherige Benennungen, als: Ресhblende Eisenpecherz, hinweg, welche nun durch einen neuen ausschliessend bezeichnenden Namen zu ersetzen sind. Ich habe dazu den Namen: Uranerz (Uranium) erwählt; zu einigem Andenken, dass die chemische Ausfindung dieses neuen Metallkörpers in die Epoche der astronomischen. Entdeckung des Planeten Uranus gefallen sei.[Pitchblende] consists of a peculiar, distinct, metallic substance. Therefore its former denominations, pitch-blende, pitch-iron-ore, &c. are no longer applicable, and must be supplied by another more appropriate name.—I have chosen that of uranite, (Uranium), as a kind of memorial, that the chemical discovery of this new metal happened in the period of the astronomical discovery of the new planet Uranus."

Amanda Gore Quotes

"We all know what needs to be done - its the doing it that is the challenge!"

Elizabeth Bard Quotes

"Thats the real reason why French women dont get fat: every day they make "petites" decisions that keep the larger weight loss struggle from ever having to begin."

Wennie Lin Quotes

"Your life is your choice, so make it worthwhile"

Mike Figgis Quotes

"I am intrigued enough to want to continue, and also to try and work with companies like Sony on modifying the cameras and making them more user-friendly and efficient."

AA Gill Quotes

"You either get the point of Africa or you dont. What draws me back year after year is that its like seeing the world with the lid off."

Jacques Audiard Quotes

"Cool? Am I cool? I dont know, but I hope my characters are cool, in the sense of iconic. Thats my job, at its very essence."

Anne Ursu Quotes

"Hazel could not explain that she had forgotten, that there was Jack and soul-sucking villains, and sometimes you are too scratchy to remember the things you are supposed to do, even if you do feel really bad about it later."

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Quotes About Rompers

"For me, my favorite trends of summer are lots of color, wedges, rompers and bright lipstick." - Author: Janel Parrish

Quotes About Dagny

"Oh, but I am quite resigned to taking second place in the shadow of my husband. I am humbly aware that the wife of a great man has to be contented with reflected glory - dont you think so Miss Taggart?" "No," said Dagny, "I dont." - Author: Ayn Rand

Quotes About Pieta

"El pasado es un lujo de propietario. ¿Dónde podría conservar yo el mío? Nadie se mete el pasado en el bolsillo; hay que tener una casa para acomodarlo. Mi cuerpo es lo único que poseo; un hombre solo, con su cuerpo, no puede detener los recuerdos; pasan a través de él. No debería quejarme: sólo he querido ser libre." - Author: Jean Paul Sartre

Quotes About Resistance To Change

"Resistance is thought transformed into feeling. Change the thought that creates the resistance, and there is no more resistance." - Author: Robert Conklin

Quotes About Honesty And Trust

"Protecting our kids from sexual abuse is not accomplished in a single conversation, but in ongoing conversations grounded in honesty and trust." - Author: Carolyn Byers Ruch

Quotes About Spa And Relaxation

"The langour of Youth - how unique and quintessential it is! How quickly, how irrecoverably, lost! The zest, the generous affections, the illusions, the despair, all the traditional attributes of Youth - all save this come and go with us through life...These things are a part of life itself; but languor - the relaxation of yet unwearied sinews, the mind sequestered and self-regarding, the sun standing still in the heavens and the earth throbbing to our own pulse - that belongs to Youth alone and dies with it." - Author: Evelyn Waugh

Quotes About Family Famous Authors

"I imagine people might look at me and think Oh, she has been single-mindedly working on her career all these years and those family issues have fallen by the wayside, but that is absolutely not the case." - Author: Savannah Guthrie

Quotes About Skills And Talent

"Vocational education programs have made a real difference in the lives of countless young people nationwide; they build self-confidence and leadership skills by allowing students to utilize their unique gifts and talents." - Author: Conrad Burns

Quotes About Loser Men

"The closer men came to perfecting for themselves a paradise, the more impatient they became with it, and with themselves as well. They made a garden of pleasure, and became progressively more miserable with it as it grew in richness and power and beauty; for then, perhaps, it was easier to see something was missing in the garden, some tree or shrub that would not grow. When the world was in darkness and wretchedness, it could believe in perfection and yearn for it. But when the world became bright with reason and riches, it began to sense the narrowness of the needles eye, and that rankled for a world no longer willing to believe or yearn." - Author: Walter M. Miller Jr.

Quotes About Treasured Moments

"...if she had known just a few months before, during more innocent times, that she would feel that way for the rest of her life....which is to say conflicted, she would have treasured those unaware, nonjudgmental, preadolescent moments more thoroughly. (Oh, to be eleven again!) Because once you know, once you really know how the world works, you cant unknow it." - Author: Jami Attenberg